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Granite worktops can turn your house into an attractive and beautiful place. According to most natural stone company in India, the granite worktops can be used in kitchen, bathrooms and many other places at your home. Experts from natural stone exporter in India advises choosing a good quality worktop.

The professionals of natural stone company in India say that there are many advantages of using granite worktops. These can be easily maintained, don’t get scratches easily and are resistant to burns from pans. Most natural stone exporter in India manufacture granites of various colors and designs.

Granite is a rock and is formed by lava when they are cooled and hardened under the surface of earth. The main ingredient of granite are mica, quartz, feldspar and plagioclase feldspar. The color, design and texture of the granite depends on the area where it is formed.

After diamond, the hardest stone is granite. Granites are very durable and can last for a lifetime. It is preferred by most in kitchens and bathrooms as they get wiped easily.

Granites have been used in palaces too. They give a royal look. Granite worktops are used in both residential and commercial areas. It is used by most natural stone company in India for making tiles, bar tops, floors, fireplaces, headstones, gravestones, bathroom surface, splash back, fountains, etc.

The professionals of natural stone exporter in India manufacture countertops of various colors. Granites are available in brown, black, tan, pearl, gold, white, green, steel grey, mahogany and tortoiseshell color. Many countries manufacture specific color of granite. Black granites are mined in India, Australia, Sweden and South Africa. Red granite is mined in China and Brazil, Grey granite is mined in state of Georgia in the US. Gold granites are mined in South America and Brazil. Blue granite is mined in Brazil and Coastal Africa. Italy Brazil and China mines White granite. Green granite is found in India and Norway.

It is easy to take care of granite. You just need mild soap and water. Take a soft cloth and dry the worktop. Avoid using metal pads and chlorine-based cleaners. Most natural stone exporter in India advises to use a topical sealant to keep the granite worktops clean and fresh for several years.

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