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Nataraja Stone Statue
Stone Statue Of Dancing Lady

Finding beautiful stone statues for garden in India is now easy with Stonemart. Now find stone statues manufacturers in India and their statues being delivered to your doorstep using online source.

Yes, Stonemart, India has made it simple to order stone statues for garden in India. With the vast collection of handmade natural stone statues, it’s simple to order stone statues online. The collection includes stone sculpture of all sizes including 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches and so on. Not just that, since, the company is among the top 10 stone statues manufacturers in India, you can order customized statue.


Black Marble Buddha Stone StatueStone statues for sale near me

If you are taking assistance of Google to look for stone statues for sale near me, then you will definitely find Stonemartindia. Yes, with over 14 years of trust, this company has made it possible to order even a single stone product including statue. The delivery is possible anywhere in India and abroad too. Yes, so matters not, you wish to buy stone statue in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai or in UK, Dubai, USA, Australia it’s possible.  

3-Feet-Buddha-Stone-Statue-In-Vitarka-Mudra - StonemartGarden statues online India prices

Handcrafted statues unlike resin or fiber statues take time to prepare. Since they are manufactured out of stone block, chiseled by hands and hammer, they take time. This given an impression that their price would be high, but it’s a misconception. At least when you are buying from Stone Mart, you can expect garden statues at highly affordable prices.

If you wish to know garden statues online India prices, then the price of 24 inches would be approx. INR 31,000/-, 3 feet garden statues would cost approx. 60,000 -75,000/- and so on. Buddha statues, Ganesha statues, stone statues of deity, Hindu religious statues all can be ordered without hassles. The time to get custom garden statue is 1 month. This is inclusive of delivery time.

Nataraja Stone StatueStone statues for sale in India

The biggest source for stone statues for sale in India is Stonemartindia. With the huge collection to choose from, you will find statues in almost all price ranges and sizes too. Ranging from small 60 cm Buddha stone statue to 60 inches (5 feet), you will get all kind of stone statues for sale in India. Though it’s not a marketplace, still it offers stone statues at wholesale prices. The reason behind affordable price of outdoor garden statues is that it is a stone manufacturing company and offers statues direct to clients. This eradicates the middle man profit. Due to this reason only, you get stone statues for sale in India at highly affordable prices.

2 feet lifecycle Bhumisparsha BuddhaOrder stone statues online India

When you order stone statues online in India from Stonemart, with other things you need to take care of the parameter of weight. All stone statues are manufactured out of stone block and hence they have weight. For instance a 24 inch stone statue would weigh 25-30 kg. Similarly, 3 feet stone statue weighs approx 100-120 kg. While ordering stone statues online, you must keep this factor in mind.

Ganesh Seated Stone StatueIs it safe to order stone statues online in India?

Stonemart delivers garden statues at doorstep with 100% guarantee of ‘no chipping’. It is because of the best packing with styropor, 12 inches foam, and wooden pallet. Additionally, all stone products including stone statues are 100% insured, hence there remains no doubt. Thus, it can be said it is 100% safe and you can expect the safe delivery of stone statue to your home.

2-Feet-Sitting-Dharmachakra-Mudra-Buddha-Statue-Interior-ExteriorHow to order stone statues in India?

It’s really simple to order garden sculptures or stone statues in India. All you are required to do is to visit and look for garden section, where you will get stone statues section. Also please note to explore the complete garden section as there are separate pages for Buddha stone statues and Stone statues. If you have any query, you can even check at whatsapp for support – +91-9413348979. This helps you to clear all your doubts and you can order stone statues online India with ease. What are you waiting for? Mail at and get stone statues at your doorstep.

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