Why Even your Most Lush-green Farmhouse is Incomplete without Natural Stone Birdbath?

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Farmhouse is a place meant for the individuals who wish to have their own private moments with their loved ones by staying closer to nature. Farmhouses are often constructed and developed in the secluded areas far away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city lives. It is an undeniable fact that the investment done in the development of the farmhouse shall never go in vain. There are some smart and effective measures that farmhouse owners can take in terms of farmhouse decor. One of the most popular and aesthetic means of farmhouse decoration is the installation of one or more natural stone birdbaths.

Red Stone Fountain Cum Birdbath

Birdbaths come in different shapes, designs and sizes and we can order them from a reliable natural stone birdbath manufacturer and supplier serving online. The best part is that we can get the product customized as per the requirements of the farmhouse garden. When we speak about customizing the product, it can be based upon the birds residing around the farmhouse. The designing of the birdbaths is done primarily as per the space and direction of the installation, the type of birds residing or arriving in and around the farmhouse, and the capacity of the water that you would like for storage. 

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Birdbaths are persistently renowned to add majestic beauty and a whimsy look to our yards. The birdbaths are made shallow from the center, enabling the birds to have proper footing on them. The central portion of the surface also prevent the interference from the predators and provide them a safe haven once they reach your farmhouse after a long-distance travel.

Stylish Birdbath

There are customized birdbaths for farmhouse, where it comes with an inbuilt fountain to give the premises a more lavish and enriched look. These birdbath fountains come with automatic water channels to keep the water flowing, preventing the accumulation of algae and dirt. As they are prepared with the help of naturally excavated sandstone and marble, they turn out to be highly durable and demand least possible maintenance. They are extremely easy to install and can be done even without professional intervention when the ordered product is delivered to the concerned destination.

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Birdbaths not only create a mini paradise for the birds frequently visiting the areas surrounding your farmhouse, but also provide them sufficient water to drink and stay hydrated amid extremely heated weather. They can bathe, preen and keep themselves cool before a long distance fly-back in the evening. The arrangement of a backyard birdbath is extremely popular in recent trends for the regions that are located in arid areas with frequent arrival of droughts and scarcity of natural water bodies.

Stone Urli Cum Birdbath For Entrance

If you are keen to help the birds arriving at your farmhouse, then offering them food in natural stone bird feeder is also not a bad idea at all. You can always order them at the best prices online along with the most premium quality birdbath. Visit birdbath to come across the most authentic collection of garden birdbath and choose the best one(s) as per your liking and requirements.

Choosing the Right Type of Marble Fountain for Garden Decor

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The natural marble stone fountains remain in high demand in all the seasons across all geographic points in the world. It is primarily because the naturally resistive quality of marble stone makes the garden decor items more conducive to different weather conditions prevailing across all continents of the world. But yes, the quality of the marble ought to be top-notch to match these assertive characteristics, as well as being causative to different architectural style needs. When it comes to the creation of marble fountains, then Makrana pure white marble and black marquina marble extracted from the natural sites in India guarantees the unparalleled quality, toughness, and longevity.

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The Selection of the Right Type of Marble Fountain for Garden Decor

What kind of marble fountain can turn out to be the most suited option for my garden? Should I go for white marble fountain for garden, or black marble fountain for garden? Well, there are marble fountains available in different other colours and textures as well! First of all, it is imperative to learn about the requirement of marble fountain in your garden in terms of material, shape and size to match the prerogatives of the area meant to set-up the installation. 

4 Step Fountain For Indoor

The following are the 3 key factors that can help you reach the right decision before pressing the order button –

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  1. Shape: When you end up your search in one of the pre-eminent sites of marble fountain in India, then you find that there is an exclusive range of rich shapes and structures at your disposal. It can be in the form of marble ball fountain, marble tiered fountain, marble statuary fountain, white marble Buddha fountain, black marble Buddha fountain, marble stone panel fountain, designer grandessa fountain, marble fountain cum birdbath for garden and much more. These are some of the most popular fountains that frequently remain in demand among the most demanding buyers. There are lot many additional options as well, that can be customised as per building styles required for different order choices.
  2. Materials: As we are speaking about marble garden fountains that belong for outdoor use, it is imperative for the end product to be made from high quality natural stone materials only. It is essential that they can reflect the rich colours and textures through the high quality of natural outdoor lights, and stay all-weather resistant against extreme heat, snow, rain, or storm. The best part is that when you are dealing with a legitimate garden marble fountain supplier India, then the quality standard of the material used will assured to be a genuine one.
  3. Size: Most of the buyers prefer to go with moderate to big size marble fountains for their gardens. It is primarily because of the availability of decent area coverage, as well as to offer a majestic and noble look to their garden from quite a distance. But that does not mean that small marble fountains cannot offer an enchanting look to your garden. It is strongly suggestive to consult the expert provided by your garden marble fountain manufacturer India and avail optimal recommendation as per the size of the premises.
2-Tier Grandessa Stone Fountain For Outdoor

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Indeed, there can be many other factors that you might require to consider while making your decision on the final purchase of the garden fountain. You can also go for the references of the customers while reaching onto a better decision.

How can We Help?

We can help you get answers to all the questions and queries floating on the mind, before confirming the order for favourite marble fountain for garden. We welcome you to reach us with free mind at fountains and explore the finest collection of marble fountains for garden decor ever accessible to the online world. Reach out now and perform the most prudent shopping for your treasured piece of yard at the smartest price tag ever!

The Smartest and Easiest Way to Choose the Right Large Stone Ball Fountain

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The natural stone fountains are known for their elegant and rich styles. One can choose different kinds based upon the shape and size of the given premises. There are certain types of stone water fountains, that people often order for large size indoor premises, corporate premises, private gardens, villas, public parks, etc. These fountains can be made from different forms of materials, but the most popular and durable option comes with the products created from natural stones.

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One of the most popular variants of the ball fountain that frequently remains in demand for decorative needs across the globe is the large stone ball fountain. The size, style and features of the stone fountain revolve around its large size. Some of the biggest blocks of natural stone used to prepare such fountains can go up to 350 cm to 400 cm, while the ones in moderate size can do well with 200 cm size.

The ball fountains, also termed as sphere ball fountains require a high degree of polish and gloss treatment on the surface. It is not only important to deliver it a rich and flabbergasting look, but also to make it more durable through weather resistant and algae-proof protection features. These fountains come in a wide range of colours, including orange, white, black, etc. and prepared with the help of sandstone, natural marble, granite, travertine, etc. For instance, the products are prepared through rainbow sandstone, Indian black granite, Indian blue granite, Indian brown granite, Makrana marble, white marble, Beige marble, etc. Therefore, it provides a widespread range of options when it comes to the selection of the most popular choice.

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Ball Fountain For Home And Balcony

So, how come the selection of the right large stone ball fountain can be made? Firstly, always consult an expert manufacturer and supplier about the stone fountain material and colour. Then, make a thorough comparison with the backdrop of your garden and the colour of plants, flowers, and bushes. Besides, the shape and style of the fountain should remain ideally suited to the shape and size of the garden. At which place and in which direction you are planning to set-up the fountain is also very important. It is strongly recommended to consult a company that is handling the entire supply chain at its own level, including the extraction of the natural stone to the delivery of the final product at the given address. If the company can display its widespread range of products (along with brief information) through its online store, then it would be even better.

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When you come across the consultation and advisory of a legitimate supplier, then the chances of ending up with a cheap import become next to impossible. There will be a service representative addressing all sorts of doubts and recommend you the most suited product(s) at the best price.

Carved Stone Sphere Fountain

Whether your preferred choice is revolving around a designer ball fountain for home, or large stone ball fountain for garden, you can visit our fountains page to get all the answers before making the smartest deal. They are the leaders in global stone fountain manufacturing and supply. And who knows? Your shopping spree on the biggest store for natural stone fountains leads you to bring home a far better product than you ever thought of initially.

Top 5 Most Useful DIY Garden Decor Tips to Get your Own Little Paradise

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The garden of our home is one of the few places where we can be able to connect our inner self with the nature. If you have a garden, that means you are lucky! Spending your free time there, feeling the breath of fresh air, and cherishing some light moments of the past with your beloved ones. What else do you need? Yes, having a barbecue party on the weekend is also not a bad idea at all!

Maintaining your own garden may appear to be a tough task from the surface, but it is not as difficult as it appears to be. There are certain tips of garden decor with the help of which you can take some DIY measures to transform your garden into a little paradise on Earth. It would require only some smart investment from your end and very little maintenance at all.

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  • Pebbles: Surrounding your pathway with beautiful sandstone, polished pebbles can decorate your garden to a whole new level. Garden decor pebbles are available for purchase in different varieties. Some of the popular ones include Rainbow Sandstone, Forest Brown, Snow White, Classic Grey, Black Granite, Agra Red, Jaisalmer Yellow, Teak Sandstone, and Multi-color River Pebbles.
  • Water Features: Adding water features to your garden could enhance the looks of garden. It is easy to create water streams made from natural stone slabs, as well as multi-layer watercourse with a micro-pond underneath.
3 Feet Rock Fountain - Stonemart
  • Stepping Stones: One of the most popular ways to decorate the pathways of your garden is to do with garden stepping stones of different textures and colors. Imagine yourself in a beautifully decorated garden through the pathways created by these stepping stones with your beloved one walking hand-in-hand. Some of the most popular varieties of stepping stones include Kandla Grey, Modak Sandstone, Mint Sandstone, etc. The best part is that you can arrange them on the pathways yourself without any professional intervention, once you receive the order.
Kandla Grey Stepping Stone
  • Stone Lamps: The stone lamps for gardens are known for giving an exquisite look to the yards, especially during the evening and night times. The natural stone lamps come in some of the most astonishing designs and cover would offer protection to the lights from the surrounds and the weather. These lamps are easy to install and can be set without professional assistance.
2 Feet Buddha Statue With Japanese Lamp - Stonemart
  • Stone Benches: Nothing matches the feelings of admiring the beauty of your garden by sitting on your favorite stone bench with a breath of fresh air going across and beautiful birds chirping in the backyard. The designer stone benches for garden can be ordered from a reliable natural stone garden decor manufacturer and supplier. Some of the most popular ones in recommendation include Rainbow Sandstone, Teakwood Sandstone, Mint Sandstone, Kota Limestone, Natural Slate Garden Bench, Rainbow Bench with Balustrade, etc.
Rainbow Stone Bench

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Natural stone garden decor is a reasonable, durable, and enthralling way of transforming your small private space into an Eden on Earth. Reach Stonemart to come across authentic, finest collection of natural stone DIY garden decoration items at unbelievable prices.

Things to Take Care While Ordering Buddha Statues Online

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Your decision to purchase a stone carved Buddha statue might be dependent on various factors. Some people bring the Buddha statue home due to vastu reasons, or as an ornamental sculpture, while others to bring peace and tranquillity to their lives.

In the modern times, the accessibility to online stores have made shopping convenient for the customers in any part of the world. They can simply explore the videos and images, enlarge the photos to observe the texture designs and polished surface in detail. They can choose the most desired items, make the payment through a secured portal, and wait for a safe and secured delivery at the provided address.

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The whole process of ordering the Buddha stone statue for home online can turn out to be quick and hassle-free if you end up on the landing page of the most trusted manufacturer and supplier online. But there are a few things that you can take care at your own level to make sure that you do not get cheated in either one way or the other. Let us look at those points one by one –

3 Feet Marble Buddha Statue In Abhaya Mudra - Stonemart
  • Fully Cast, Not Hollow: Whichever Buddha stone statue that you are ordering is ought to be naturally strong, fully cast, and robust. Never go for the sculptures that are hollow from inside. If it is heavy and extracted out of the natural stone, then it will turn out to be weather-resistant and more durable in nature.
  • Hand-carved: The hand-carved Gautam Buddha statue is more quality-oriented and trustworthy in comparison of the stone statues that are carved out of artificial machines. The usage of machines somehow leaves invisible dents and cracks that adversely affect the life of the statue. Only order from the destinations that are specialised in the work from generation to generation. For example, when you are ordering Buddha statue online India, then make sure that it is prepared in the Indian state of Odisha.
  • Free of Impurities: The durability of the Buddha statue purchased is directly proportional to the quality of the natural stone used. It is strongly recommended to order a stone statue that is made from 100% natural stone and does not carry any sort of catalyst or by-product mixed whatsoever.
  • No Cheap Imports: Never make purchase from an online or offline store that offers you the statue made from resin, ceramic, wood, or plastic. You can find several deals online where what you import from outside turns out to be utterly different from what had been displayed online. Confirm your order after ensuring that the site does feature strong customer ratings and reviews.
  • Safe Dispatch: After confirming the Buddha statue for sale, please make sure that it gets delivered in a wooden crate with a bubble wrap to ensure proper safety of the order at the time of delivery. Please contact and confirm from your supplier about the same in advance, while making the order.

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2 Feet Meditation Buddha Statue

We hope the points that we discussed above would have helped you to make better decisions related to the purchase for the time being. Reach Buddha statues to come across the finest collection of Buddha statues with 100% authentic, quality assurance and legitimate prices. Order now!

Redeem Yourself from the Dilemmas of Life with the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha

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The objective of purchasing the Buddha statue for home might vary from person to person. Some individuals bring it home for transforming their lives through meditation, while others to eliminate negativity and vastu doshas from the premises. There is a range of Buddha statues available for purchase from the legitimate online stores assuring impurity-free, authentic natural stone items to fetch the maximum benefits from their divine presence.

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How Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha Inspires the Sacred Gautam Buddha Statue?

The noble eightfold path proposed by Lord Siddhardha helps us enlighten the path that takes us towards redemption. When we closely observe the textures and features engraved over the surface of the statues, then we would find that they reveal a lot of secrets about successfully living an ideal form of life. Buddha statue for home vastu representing the eightfold path can help you disperse the clouds of uncertainties, dilemmas and fears in life and look beyond materialistic and mortal existence.

2 Feet Meditation Buddha Stone Statue - Stonemart

As per the Buddhist scriptures, the purpose of understanding the eightfold path in life is to establish a connection with the reality. It is basically an eight-step path to awakening taught by the Buddha to his pupils to end the materialistic causes functioning as barriers, and eventually put an end to suffering.

The eight-step path present the actions and help to make sure that the lives of the individuals are in concord with the dharma. These Buddhist practices are often described as “skilful”, “wise”, “resolute” and “right”.

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  1. The Right View: Getting an insight about how the reality and the suffering are intertwined with each other.
  1. The Right Resolve: Aspiring to always function with the correct intention, and not bring harm to any sentient being.
  1. The Right Speech: The practice of abstaining from the act of lying or addressing someone with an abusive or divisive speech.
  1. The Right Action: Always think before act, and always keep the interests of others at a higher stake than oneself. Never commit the acts of taking someone’s life, stealing someone’s goods, or getting engaged in the acts of sexual misconduct.
  1. The Right Livelihood: Settings ethical and high moral standards of living. Always remain honest in personal life as well as business practices and make integrity the founding stone for every set of affairs associated with the life.
  1. The Right Efforts: The desired outcome of results is somehow directly linked to the amount of efforts invested upon them. It teaches us to renounce all sorts of unskilful habits and bring forth the purity of words and thoughts deeds.
  1. The Right Mindfulness: Being mindful and respectful towards one’s mind, body, feelings, and mental qualities.
  1. The Right Concentration: The concept of practising skilful meditation to bring in control all the senses to successfully practice all the seven above mentioned aspects.
2 Feet Dual Finish Marble Buddha Statue For Interior Decor By Stonemart

These eight steps are regarded in three forms: the right resolve and the right view are associated to our development of the wisdom; the right action, the right speech and the right livelihood belong to the ethical conduct; whereas the right mindfulness, the right effort, and the right concentration to the meditation.

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The right Buddha statue for sale can help you assimilate the qualities of the right path at the right time. Whether we are talking about small stone Buddha statue for home or big Buddha statue for garden, accessing 100% authentic, natural stone product shall always remain the priority. Reach Buddha statues to learn how our best-in-class collection can help you out in the same regard.

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism Reflective in Modern Art Buddha Statues

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Buddhism is one of the major religions of the Indian subcontinent, which influenced its followers for over 2,500 years. The teachings of the Buddha are solely aimed to emancipate the sentient beings from the sufferings of the mortal world. The teachings of Siddhartha Gautama revolve around some of the core pillars of Buddhism. The teachings revolve around the Four Noble Truths, the Three Universal Truths, and the Noble Eightfold Path.

When we look at the creation of ancient to modern art Buddha statues, then we would find that their architecture, expressions, and postures are inspired by these noble truths. That is the reason why, before you bring the next Buddha stone statue for home, it is suggestive to learn about their significance in terms of these four noble truths.

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2 Feet White Marble Buddha Statue
  • The First Noble Truth: The first truth reflects the realities of the life. The suffering is inevitable till the time a person resides in this mortal world. Here, the person is not only required to overcome physical but mental sufferings as well. These sufferings function within a cycle and there is always a beginning and an end to it. It is important for the individual to realise this truth and work to overcome the reasons behind the suffering.
  • The Second Noble Truth: The second truth ascertains the reason behind the suffering. Here, according to the Buddha, desire and ignorance are two of the key reasons behind most of the sufferings. The desire for materialistic needs and the lack of capacity to focus and insight mentally, the mind of the individual stays underdeveloped. The vices like envy, greed, anger, and hatred result in the rise of ignorance. Controlling them shall remain one of the key steps to uplift an individual from the vicious cycle of desire and ignorance.
  • The Third Noble Truth: In this penultimate truth, one can overcome suffering by reaching the stage where there is no existence of suffering at all. As per the Buddha, there are two ways to overcome these sufferings. One is to wait for the end of life in this world, and the second is attaining salvation through Nirvana. Once the enlightenment is achieved by the mortal, he or she can eliminate the factors from the life that eventually result in suffering.
  • The Fourth Noble Truth: The ultimate noble truth from the Buddha suggests the ways through which one person might end the suffering in his or her life. The Buddha lectures his disciples to follow the noble eightfold paths that are somehow integral to different stages of our lives. The exploration of this truth helps in the creation of an atmosphere where one can move closer to the righteous Buddhist path.
Lifecycle Buddha Statue By Stonemart

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We are going to discuss about this eightfold path of the Buddha in one of the upcoming pieces of blogs. There, we are going to tell you how the selection of the right Buddha stone statue can pave the path to explore the truth about redemption in life.

In the modern collection of stone carved Buddha statues, the exploration of the four noble truths can be done by different mudras of the lord. These include dhyana mudra, bhumisparsha mudra, dharmachakra mudra, vitarka mudra, abhaya mudra, etc. Visit Buddha statues to come across an exquisite collection of Buddha statues for sale as per the ancient lessons on the noble truth revealed by the lord. Get in touch with our service representative online to learn more!

The Artistic Legacy of Odisha- The Birthplace of Stone Carved Buddha Statues

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The Indian State of Odisha is widely venerated and acknowledged around the world due to its stunning artistic heritage, exquisite temples, rich landscapes, and a diverse array of wildlife. The state is home to some of the aesthetic jewels of Indian art and architecture. Some of the most spiritually respected sites include Lord Jagannatha Temple, Lingraj Temple, Mukteshwara Temple, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, and not to mention, the majestic Sun Temple of Konark.

When it comes to the world-renowned artistic traditions of the state, then it features the most gifted artisans in the field of Pattachitra mural paintings, wood carving art of Puri for divine annual Ratha Yatra and artistic stone carving of the Buddha statues. The state of Odisha is the leading suppliers of stone carved Buddha statues to not only India, but across the globe due to the sheer magnitude of the design that is engraved and embossed on the natural stone surface inch-by-inch. It is the artistic marvel of the native sculptors of Odisha that brings the statues of the great lord to life, a seldom feat achieved by even the most gifted artisans in any other part of the world.

3 Feet Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue

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How the Industry of Natural Stone Buddha Changed the Lives of these Artisans Forever?

The native artisans of Odisha are known for dedicating their lives for generations to this pious act of bringing the most venerated poses of the Buddha to life. Earlier, these artisans were neglected in terms of the price for the master work they truly deserved. Besides, the artists carving Buddha statues for sale tend to sustain it as a seasonal business, with lack of proper cutting and grinding tools and manufacturing set-up. The state had also been known for enduring some of the highest cases of respiratory infections across the country due to extreme silica exposure.

But the things rapidly changed after the advent of the most respected leader of the natural stone industry in the form of StoneMart India. Here, the gem of talent composed in these artisans was not only identified, and nurtured, but duly rewarded as well. The company is credited to not only give excellent livelihood and consistent work to the Odishi artists, but also take care of their health by supplying them with reliable silica-proof equipments and gears. The manpower of the state is well-equipped with the finest manufacturing set-up and assembly line at par with the international standards. With the special efforts of StoneMart India, the great legacy of Gautam Buddha statue manufacturing of the state is now unanimously recognised, acclaimed, and demanded in all parts of the globe.

Buddha Statue For Interior Decor

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How can you Help to Preserve the Rich Heritage of this Beautiful Indian State?

Indeed, you can help by ordering 100% authentic Buddha statue stone products from the authorised online store of the company that genuinely care for its native Odishi sculptors. The most comprehensive range of Buddha stone statue can be visited at Buddha statue at the prices that are extremely fair and transparent.

So, no more faux imports, and no more accessibility issues! Get Buddha stone statues online in all shapes and sizes right under one roof to not only secure bread and butter for the most accomplished artists of the soil, but also help protect centuries old aesthetic heritage.

Gifting Buddha Statue as a Birthday Gift to Someone Special

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The significance of Buddha statues tends to differ as per their significance in different cultures. When we look at the culture of gifting Buddha stone statue from the perspective of Thai culture, then we would find that it is one of the most common and popular gifts presented to someone on his or her birthday.

Here, there is a culture of offering different forms of Buddha with respect to the day on which someone is born. These days, the culture has been practised not only in Thailand but also in different other parts of the world.

It would be interesting for all of us to learn about this unique cultural practice and what is the significance of the Buddha statue to a person with respect to each day. But prior to that, it is noteworthy that the concept of gifting Buddha is slightly different in case of an individual being born on a Wednesday. There would be two different forms of Buddha, one for the individuals born between 6:00 am to 5.59 pm and another one, for the ones born between 7.00 pm to 5.59 am.

1 Feet Buddha Face Statue

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The Type of Buddha to be Gifted as per the Characteristics of a Person

Monday– The ideal statue to gift is “pacifying the relatives” Buddha, natively known as Pang Ham Yati and commonly termed as the Buddha in his abhaya mudra. It is meant for a person who is serious by nature and has a good memory and fond of travelling. Such a person is prone to be functioning in a skilled occupation. 

Tuesday– The ideal Buddha statue for sale that you can order for a person born on Tuesday is a Reclining Buddha. It is rightly meant for a person who is serious by nature and do feature the characteristics of being brave and active.

Wednesday– It is advisable to gift Receiving Buddha (for morning) and The Blessed One Buddha (for evening) in the time duration that we have mentioned above. An individual born on Wednesday morning is polite, artistic, and emotional by nature. Born on a Wednesday evening? The person is indeed hard-working and honest.

Thursday– It is suggestive to gift Meditating (dhyana) Buddha to one such person as he or she is peaceful, honest, and calm in terms of the personality traits.

Friday– We recommend you gift a Contemplating Buddha stone carved statue, as the individual would be friendly, fun-loving and ambitious by nature.

Saturday– Our ideal suggestion is to go for Protection Buddha, as the person born on this day tend to be relatively logical, composed and slightly recluse by nature.

Sunday– Restraint Buddha is the most popular Gautam Buddha statue ideally gifted to the person born on this day. The person born on Sunday is considered to be wise, respectable, adored by family and friends.

Standing Buddha Statues By Stonemart

Order 100% Genuine Buddha Stone Statue Gifts from a Panoramic Collection Range Online

No one can deny the fact that a Buddha stone statue for home is something a lot more than a mere dust-catching object. When you realise the true meaning behind the different poses of Buddha, you can understand how much they can influence the lives of the people based on their day and time of birth. Visit Buddha statues to come across the widest range of Buddha statues online and gift your beloved one a life-transforming symbol of divinity and spirituality.