Buy Buddha statues online for garden or home from Stonemart

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If you wish to give your garden an unbelievable look, then there’s no better option than adding Buddha Stone statues. Yes, stone statues are considered best option to add grace to your garden. They are best not just for exterior but interiors as well.

2 Feet Lifecycle Buddha stone statue in Bhumisparsa Mudra

Advantages of Buddha Statues in your garden/ rooftop/ terrace/ Balcony or home.

In nature, you should not even think of placing statues out of resin or any other material than natural stone.

Durability- Buddha garden statues lasts for ages. Since they are made out of natural stone, you don’t need any kind of maintenance.

Available in all sizes- You can have Buddha statues from 1.5 feets to 6 feets or even more as per your requirement. An optimum size 3 feet Buddha Statue is perfect for your garden and terrace alike.


Option to select Buddha Statue online- Stonemart is now offering an option to select Buddha statue online and maintains ready stock. Other than that, you can even opt for customization option.

Delivery to doorstep- Unlike any other company, Stonemart allows you to order even a single Buddha Stone Statue and provides door delivery. It is applicable for any order within India and rest of the world. Being an export company, Stonemart India accepts orders from all around the world.

Brings peace- If you wish to buy Buddha Statue ( Big or Small) it is indeed a good option as it brings peace and happiness all around. You just can’t imagine anything more soothing than seeing the smiling Buddha face at the start of your day.

Abhaya Mudra Stone Buddha Statue
Buddha Stone Statue in Abhaya Mudra

What is the price of Buddha Statues in Stone?

Keeping in view of the intense work, you have to pay a very reasonable price to buy Buddha Stone Statues online. These are the prices for Stone Buddha Statues-

Small Buddha Stone Statue price- INR 2000 to INR 3500 for statues up to 10 cm

1.5 feet Stone Buddha Statue price- INR 18,000

2 Feet Stone Buddha statue price- INR 25000- 30,000

3 Feet Stone Buddha Statue Price- INR 70,000- 1,00,000

4 Feet Stone Buddha Statue price- INR 1,50,000

5 Feet Stone Buddha Statue Price- INR 2,50,000 and so on

These are general prices, though the exact price depends on the workmanship, amount of work involved and size.

Why to buy Buddha Statues from Stonemart only?

As stated earlier, these statues are heavy, exclusive and require special packing which is often overlooked by most of the stone statue manufacturing companies. However, Stonemart being a professional, ISO certified, export company dealing with manufacturing and supply of natural stones, landscaping products, garden decor articles, knows how to deliver even a single statue with perfection.

Before you proceed, have a look at Buddha Statues available with us. For any query, you can mail at or call/ Whatsapp +91-9413348979.

Order Buddha statues online now before the stock lasts.

Excellent Guide On Sandstone Cobbles

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Indian sandstone cobbles also known as setts are stunning and highly durable. Cutting pave stones can be avoided by using sandstone cobbles and it can be used to fill spaces. These are ideal for paths, courtyards and patios. Sandstone exporter in India exports variety of sandstone cobbles.

Stone Cobbles:

Give your home a natural look and feel with natural stone cobbles. These stones are highly durable and strong. Cobble stones are available in variety of styles, colors and sizes. You can get these from the professionals of sandstone exporter in India.

Lime Black Cobbles:

These cobbles are hugely used in landscaping projects. These cobbles are made up of black limestone. These are applicable in public walkways, parking, driveways, etc.

Natural Cobbles for Roads:

Because of the durability, these cobbles have high demand for making roads. These are used for making public roads, private roads, driveways, pathways, etc.

Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles:

These are mostly used for making pathways and other similar applications. Most sandstone exporter in India export these cobbles in various colors like brown, green, grey, etc.

These can be used as an alternative for path, patio or driveways. They are durable and weather resistant.

Brown Sandstone Cobbles:

These stunning cobbles are used in making platforms, flooring, parking, etc. These cobbles are processed by experts using quality raw materials. It gives a modern look and can be easily installed.

Kandla Grey Tumbled Cobbles:

These cobbles have a natural finish. These can be used for roads, driveways, pathways, hardscaping areas and porch.

Golden Sandstone Cobbles:

These cobbles are available in beautiful texture. They have a perfect finish and are light in weight. These are mostly used for pool side, pavements and outhouses.

Stonemart India is a leading sandstone exporter in India. We manufacture and export natural stone products in varied designs at industry leading prices. Get excellent quality stepping stones, spheres, cobbles, pebbles, monoliths, birdbaths, buddha statues, stone artifacts and stone articles.

Gwalior Mint Stone Cladding

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Sandstone is mainly a sedimentary rock and it is made up of rock grains and sand-size minerals. You will find sandstone in various colors, most common ones are red, gray, yellow, brown, tan and white. Sandstone is commonly used in paving and building material as it is strong and weather resistant. It is available in various color, shade and texture hence, it is a popular choice for artifacts, wall cladding, garden feature, stairs, etc.

Indian sandstone is very popular because of its variation in color and texture. By giving various finishes to sandstone with the help of professionals of natural stone exporter in India, you can make your interiors and exteriors look classy and attractive. Products made from sandstone includes stone table, benches, paving, columns, cladding, boulders, gazebo, animals, birds, bird bath, statues, patio packs, etc.

It is available in different standard dimensions and can be cut to make blocks, tiles, slabs, pebbles, cobbles, palisades, gravels and bricks. Their edges are cut in machine, sawn and natural cut. These are available by natural stone exporter in India in various finishes like honed, polished, chiseled, sandblasted, etc. Sandstone slab dimension varies from 90 cm to 250 cm length and 60 cm to 120 cm width, sandstone tile varies from 30 cm to 90 cm in length and 30 cm to 60 cm in width.

Common colors of sandstone products are pink landscaping stone, camel dust sandstone, autumn brown sandstone cubes, beige sandstone slabs, pink stone pavers, Jaisalmer yellow tiles, Gwalior mint stone, Kandla grey sandstone, Modak sandstone, Indian rainbow sandstone, etc.

A thin layer of stone that is used on walls of both interior and exterior of a building to give a textured look is cladding. It makes the building look entirely of stone. Garden space can also be made attractive with mint stone cladding.

Mint stone cladding is used to create stunning patterns on wall. Unique feature can be created in both interior and exterior walls. It is favorite among most builders, homeowners and architects. You can make your living area bold and bright with mint stone cladding on walls. These claddings are affordable and can be easily installed by the experts of natural stone exporter in India.

Wall cladding are available in various color and texture. You can easily get it from natural stone exporter in India. You can make your house look dreamy with cladding.

Stonemart India is a natural stone exporter in India that manufactures and exports stone statues, bird baths, fountains, animals, birds, monoliths, gazebo, cladding, etc. We offer excellent products at a cost-effective price. Get in touch for best products and services.

Mint Sandstone In India

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The natural Indian sandstone paving slabs made of fossil mint makes the garden and patio look bright and clear with its shades of golden to orange and cream. These paving slabs are highly reliable, attractive and beautiful. You can easily get these light color sandstone from mint sandstone Indian exporter in cobblestone, natural and honed types. You can also get tumbled walling block. These slabs look magnificent and can suit any surrounding, be it traditional or modern. It is available in various color, thickness, size and types.

You can give a makeover to your driveway, lawn, boundary or graveled area with these amazing fossil mint. It makes the area look clean, tidy and attractive.

With the pastel shades from green to blue and pink to gold, you can get a spearmint feel. It makes the interior and exterior look fresh.

To get a bright and radiating patio or pathway, the fossil mint tumbled calibrated patio paving slab is used which is offered by mint sandstone Indian exporter in light shades of gold, white, cream and yellow. This spearmint colored stone area is eye-catchy and looks royal. Give your paving and driveway an antique look with weathered tumbled finish. You can get these slabs in different sizes.

If you are willing to have a unique paved patio, get mint honed patio paving slab from the professionals of mint sandstone Indian exporter which is available in subtle shades of color and looks great both when it wet and dry.

These slabs are available in various size and thickness.

Make your bedroom, dining room and living area look stunning and refreshing with attractive fossil mint tumbled walling block that is available in blend of green, gold, pastel blue and pink. It goes well with any background. You can choose any thickness as per your requirement.

With the fossil mint circle paving slab, you make any area of your house look magnificent with the shades of yellow, pink and blue slabs. It looks like a rainbow when wet and has a royal spearmint tone finish when it is dry. This can make your garden look classy and stylish.
If you want your patio look unique and impressive both when it is dry and wet, you can use mint honed patio paving slab. You can get it from mint sandstone Indian exporter in a subtle pastel cream shade. 

Get stunning and affordable natural stone products for your home and office from Stonemart. They have a variety of collection to choose from. Their products are of superior quality and is available in various color, texture and design.

Order Export Quality Natural Stone Paving From India

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The paving which is provided by natural stone can’t be compare with any other stone.  The natural refreshing beauty of this natural stone helps to enhance the beauty of your garden, outdoor space and landscape.

A wide range of natural stone for paving is available, with different kinds of shape and sizes. With the use of natural stone many interesting and new things can be created like stunning grand patio or sparingly which uses in the garden. These natural stones come up with varieties of range which consist of different colors, textures and designs by which you can achieve a creative look for your garden. If we talk about modern landscaping material then sleek natural slate is the best, whereas Indian limestone and sandstone serve a perfect mixture for the traditional properties.

If you are looking to give a natural and refreshing look to your indoor space, then our natural granite paving serves you best for this purpose. A beautiful or unique look of the surrounding like garden, indoor space and outdoor space can be provided by these natural stones.

We feel proud in insuring you that the qualities of these natural stones which are provided by us are of best and high-level quality. No issues will be faced by you regarding its durability as these stones are having excellent durability. If you are considering these stones based on finish, then you will find that these stones are having perfect quality finish.

In the beginning, it is difficult for you to decide between our products, so because of this reason we are offering you three samples which are free of charge. By these samples you can easily decide and make up your mind for which stone and color you want to go for.

If still you are having any questions related to our natural stone paving then please feel free to contact us, we are available 24*7 for you. You can contact us on this number 7879645637 or can have a live chat with us on our website where you find this feature.

What are natural stone pavers made from?

Varieties of ranges are available in these natural stones like limestone, sandstone, slate, granite and quartzite. The beauty of these natural stones is famous across the world. The natural stones consist of different kinds of colors and texture which are so traditional in their looks and rank on the top position amongst the other stones.

Our smooth natural sandstones are very much popular for giving the perfect look to your apartment. Similarly, limestones and sandstones give perfect look to your period properties.

Natural stones have very good strength and durability as these products are known for one-time investment. If you are looking for the stone which is having finest quality, then you should go for Stonemart. Minimum or no maintenance is required with these types of stones.

Facts About Mint Sandstone

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Mint sandstone is very popular among builders and homeowners because it has a rustic charm that makes it very attractive. You will find stunning patterns on the background which is formed by fossil mark. It is very tough and hard. It can be used both at office and home because of its strength and firm structure. It is mostly used for roofing, wall-cladding, flooring, etc. This sandstone is weather resistant. It has various finishing like – honed, natural, polished, calibrated, etc. As per client’s requirement it can be honed and cut by the experts. The mint sandstone Indian exporter produces stunning products for both interiors and exteriors.

Mint sandstone is also called Himalayan Sandstone or Tinted Mint. It is mixed of buff colors and greenish yellow. It can blend with the surrounding of any color because of its natural shades. Each piece of the stone has a unique texture, color and thickness. The texture of the surface also varies, some have a smooth surface while others have irregular layers. Mint sandstone Indian exporter exports durable and efficient products to many countries.

This product has a stunning look in every application because of their varied colors. It is perfect for every environment and gives a natural warmth to the décor.

Mint sandstone is used a lot in exterior claddings as it is resistant to thermal and acidic properties. As the saline winds don’t affect much so it is also used popularly in the exteriors of buildings close to seashore. You can create an excellent focal point in your garden with mint sandstone circle stones. This sandstone is perfect for exterior patios, courtyards, etc.

Get premium quality products from mint sandstone Indian exporter at an affordable price. You can create a stunning space by installing flagstones in a circle or make the patio attractive with slabs made up of Indian sandstone. To get a uniform pattern you can use a single color otherwise, choose multiple color stones of equal quantity to make the space look bright and interesting.

Mint sandstone Indian exporter can supply any stone depending on your requirement. They have several tools that quantifies exactly as per the client’s need. Give a beautiful makeover to your garden with eye-catchy sandstone paving.

Stonemart India is a natural stone company in India that manufactures attractive stone products and no child labor is used in the manufacturing or processing of products. Mint sandstone paving is one of the many stone products that we offer.

Facts and Features About Natural Stone Tiles From Natural Stone Exporter

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In the world of natural stone tiles from best natural stone exporter, there are plentiful items with varying shapes, sizes, patterns, textures, shades, etc. Not all the items are suitable for any project work. Each natural stone tile from quality sandstone supplier in India has its own features and offers some sort of distinct purposed satisfaction with respect to the other tiles. Well, if you are hunting for picking up the most suitable and best tile for your home or office project then you must go through the below facts before making a deal.       

Factual Information

There are many options in flooring tiles so that it meets the desires and needs of each customer. By picking a perfect gorgeous natural stone flooring tiles from best natural stone exporter for your home or office, you will get satisfied and happy for a lifetime experience.

The designs and shades of polished natural stones from best natural stone exporter are mesmerizing. People reaching quality sandstone supplier in India are always benefitted. A thorough knowledge of factory outlets and manufacturing details of natural stone is duly provided by best natural stone exporter in India. Mix and match idea related with natural stone interior or exterior appliance is explained by quality sandstone supplier in India.    

Technical Necessities


A crucial concern, while deciding on selecting natural stone tiles from quality natural stone supplier in India, is the strength of tiles which will eventually figure out the durability and application. The strength and stiffness of a tile is rated as per the PEI scale which usually ranges from 1 to 5. A PEI rating only helps to determine the hardness and nothing else. Tiles, having PEI rating as 1, are still stiff and solid to touch but not as thick as PEI of 5.

The Tiles with PEI rating as 1 are best suited for wall applications. Though they are weak but with beautiful appeal.

The tiles with PEI rating as 2 are appropriate for very light weighted traffic area. These tiles are not fit for entryways, walkways or kitchen areas.

The tiles with PEI rating 3 are fit for residential and commercial utilization. These tiles are best for the office areas, interior walls, hallways, etc.

The tiles with PEI rating 4 are most prominent tiles for usual traffic areas. As these tiles are durable, they are suitable for schools, homes, business showrooms etc. any indoor or outdoor application.

The tiles with PEI rating 5 are the most durable tiles providing benefits in the industrial floors with heavy amount of traffic.

Slip Resistance

Best Natural stone exporter offers some suggestions related to natural stones tile features to its clients. Simply by making a judgment based on PEI rating is not enough. You must even go through other specifications such as research on slip resistance of tile. It is sensible to pick up very high slip resistance tiles for the commercial fixings.

In order to estimate slip resistance of tile, you need 2 rating systems.

Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF)

This is an old and traditional way to evaluate slip resistance of tiles. Sometimes, this measurement proves to be inaccurate as it determines the slip resistance of tile when it is stationary (standing still). Due to inaccuracy, quality sandstone supplier in India prefers the other method which is given below.

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF)

This is the latest and popular method as the accuracy in measurement is high. This method is estimated in the technique which is more obviously stands for a human stride. For selecting tiles for wet fields such as bathrooms and pools, this method is fundamentally significant.

Best natural stone exporter gives tips and advices to its consumers regarding all the characteristics and properties of natural stone collection. The catalogue offered by quality sandstone supplier in India can satisfy the hunger of any shopaholic customer. Contact Stonemart India for stunning and affordable products.

Natural Limestone For Your Garden And Home

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Flooring is one of the challenges for all house owners according to experts of natural stone company in India. But limestone makes it easy. Limestone is very popular as it is elegant and durable.

Romans Loved Using Limestone:

Limestone was extensively used during ancient times. The Pyramids in Egypt were made with limestone. Limestones were also used in the construction of churches and castles. The world’s largest Amphitheatre, Colosseum is made up of travertine which is another form of limestone.

Limestone is Durable and Can be Easily Installed:

In patio flooring and home garden, limestone is popularly used. Limestone tiles can be easily installed by the experts of natural stone exporter in India. According to the natural stone company in India limestone can be used in the outdoors too as they are durable and very resistant. It can survive for several years. Most natural stone exporter in India manufacture magnificent limestone products that have attractive texture and color. Liquid limestone paving has been innovated recently and is appreciated by most owners.

The professionals of natural stone exporter in India use limestone in liquid form to make patio flooring and garden paths. Its maintenance cost is very low. It is used by the experts of most natural stone exporter in India for flooring as it is cooler than other natural stones because of its high thermal resistance. It has solid construction and is highly stable. It does not shift like most tile flooring does. While installing, the professionals of natural stone company in India cut the control lines into limestone to prevent it from cracking. It can be easily retouched by professionals during cracks.

Limestone Around the Home:

Limestone is not only installed in outdoors by the experts of natural stone company in India, but it is also popularly used at homes and offices. They look royal and elegant in kitchen countertops and bathroom flooring.

Limestone Floor Maintenance:

According to the professionals of natural stone exporter in India, you must use high quality material. Always purchase top quality products from experienced professionals. To protect limestone indoors, it must be properly sealed to protect it from moisture. Limestone used outdoors do not need sealing, but it requires regular maintenance for long-lasting finish.

Stonemart India is a natural stone company in India that manufactures and exports stunning natural stone products at an affordable rate. Get attractive bird bath, fountain, cobbles, pebbles, monoliths, stone bird, stone animal, buddha statue, etc. for your home and office.

Affordable And Attractive Kitchen Worktops Of Granite

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Granite worktops can turn your house into an attractive and beautiful place. According to most natural stone company in India, the granite worktops can be used in kitchen, bathrooms and many other places at your home. Experts from natural stone exporter in India advises choosing a good quality worktop.

The professionals of natural stone company in India say that there are many advantages of using granite worktops. These can be easily maintained, don’t get scratches easily and are resistant to burns from pans. Most natural stone exporter in India manufacture granites of various colors and designs.

Granite is a rock and is formed by lava when they are cooled and hardened under the surface of earth. The main ingredient of granite are mica, quartz, feldspar and plagioclase feldspar. The color, design and texture of the granite depends on the area where it is formed.

After diamond, the hardest stone is granite. Granites are very durable and can last for a lifetime. It is preferred by most in kitchens and bathrooms as they get wiped easily.

Granites have been used in palaces too. They give a royal look. Granite worktops are used in both residential and commercial areas. It is used by most natural stone company in India for making tiles, bar tops, floors, fireplaces, headstones, gravestones, bathroom surface, splash back, fountains, etc.

The professionals of natural stone exporter in India manufacture countertops of various colors. Granites are available in brown, black, tan, pearl, gold, white, green, steel grey, mahogany and tortoiseshell color. Many countries manufacture specific color of granite. Black granites are mined in India, Australia, Sweden and South Africa. Red granite is mined in China and Brazil, Grey granite is mined in state of Georgia in the US. Gold granites are mined in South America and Brazil. Blue granite is mined in Brazil and Coastal Africa. Italy Brazil and China mines White granite. Green granite is found in India and Norway.

It is easy to take care of granite. You just need mild soap and water. Take a soft cloth and dry the worktop. Avoid using metal pads and chlorine-based cleaners. Most natural stone exporter in India advises to use a topical sealant to keep the granite worktops clean and fresh for several years.

Stonemart India is a natural stone company in India that manufactures and exports high quality natural stone products at an affordable rate. Contact us and get stunning products for your home and office.