Buy stone waterfall/artificial waterfall in India from Stone Mart

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Order customized stone waterfall for your garden/hotel/resort anywhere in India

The decorative pieces having continual system of flowing water are stone waterfalls. The waterfall, when designed perfectly, gives wonderful look in the region. Stone Mart offers stone waterfall in several shapes, patterns and sizes depending on the preference and needs of the customers. Customized stone waterfalls are provided by Stone Mart that blends with your surroundings giving an aesthetic look to the place.

Order online and get  stone waterfall constructed at your place by top waterfall manufacturers in India

Stone Mart is based in Jaipur and the team of professionals visits the site all over India and completes the waterfall project based on the size and shape specifications provided by the customers. All the important components are taken care of by the team while designing the stone waterfall such as submersible pump (that helps water in rising up), basin (the section in which water falls), cascading fountain slope (passage for water falling) etc. while designing the waterfall.

The place, surroundings, size specifications etc. are identified in the starting phase of the project so that the design and other things could be decided accordingly. Stone waterfall is the best option to give a pleasing and aesthetic look to the outdoor space and it is there to stay since it is non-rustic and humid air or water does not affect it. Electric supply is used to drive the rock waterfall fountains outdoor and therefore when requirement is not there, it could be turned off as well.

Natural stone outdoor fountains are commonly preferred in backyards, gardens etc. and they serve as a point of attraction in the outdoor areas. One can enjoy the pleasing water splashing sound that acts as refreshment in itself creating a pacifying effect. The sounds are more resonating if the waterfall is tall.

Natural rock fountains outdoor are also believed to have Feng Shui importance and therefore it is preferred by people to place it in a particular place in the region. High level of experience, talent and skill is required to make stone waterfall and team of Stone Mart stands best in all these respects. We have added extra mark of grace and opulence to several places with our exclusive range of stone waterfalls. We also create waterfalls as per the specific needs of the customers’ i.e. customized stonegarden fountains.

The plain landscapes are added with magnificence from rock waterfall fountains outdoor by Stone Mart. It is also helpful in calming the environment while curbing the unwanted noises with soothing sound of waterfall. It is a sight to enjoy, a place to fill your senses with excitement, a source of refreshment and much more. Get your very own stone waterfall from Stone Mart for garden/hotel/resort etc.

The service is available all over India. Our team visits the place where the natural stone outdoor fountain is to be made and complete the project based on the mentioned specifications. If you are also looking to make your outdoor reflect your personality with a soothing effect then a stone waterfall is the perfect choice. Contact us now to get natural stone outdoor fountains  based on your desired specifications. Mail us at or contact us at 9413348979 and get the desired stone waterfall from experts.

Kandla grey sandstone patio paving, slabs, Stair Stepping, Stones Supplier in India

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 8 feet x 5 feet x 4 cm slabs cutting from Kandla Grey Block- Stone Mart

Kandla Grey Sandstone Specifications by Stone Mart to clear all your doubts

Q1. Is it possible to have Kandla Grey in Thickness?

Yes, for sure! You can have as much thickness as possible. Being hard, this sandstone is best for patio, garden, interior and exterior.

Q2. Can you get smooth surface on Kandla Grey slabs?

Definitely! Rather you can say it is among those kind of stones that have really smooth surface. and that is the reason why natural cleft finish is considered best for Kandla Grey slabs.

kandla-grey-sandstone 60x30x2.5-3.5cm-by-Stone-Mart-India

Q3. Is there any rusting problem with Kandla Grey sandstone?

In more than 10 years of experience, sometimes we got to know from our clients in Sweden that they got some problem in rust in Kandla Grey. However, while going through the reason we came to know the rust problem caused is because of the labors sharpening their tools on the stone slabs which afterwards get black after getting in contact with water. Now we know the reason, so can say… there’s no rusting problem with Kandla Grey Sandstone in India.

Q4. Do Kandla Grey Sandstone turn Brown afterwards?

Yes, Budhpura Grey or Kandla Grey Sandstone turns brown afterwards but that happens when the stone is not from mines as that is quite soft in nature. At Stone Mart India we extract sandstone direct from the mines and so that stone is consistent through out.

Q5. Is Kandla Grey or Budhpura Grey frost resistant?

Yes, Kandla Grey sandstone is frost resistant and that makes it perfect for landscaping projects, kerbs, stair stepping, window cills, wall cladding, paving and so on.

Kandla Grey Stair Stepping 100x35x15 by Stone Mart India

In what finishes Kandla Grey is available?

Kandla Grey sandstone is available in all finishes like natural cleft, sawn with bottom calibrated, honed, tumbled, sand blasted, water blasted, brushed and polished. Stone Mart specializes in all finishes and you can buy sandblasted kandla grey with big sizes as it is known for complicated natural stone project works.

Kandla grey sandstone paving by Stone Mart India

Where to buy kandla grey sandstone paving in India?

Now the most important question from where to buy kandla grey sandstone slabs or pavings, crazy slabs, wall stones, wall covering, kerb stones or stair stepping for patio, landscaping, garden, interior or exterior in India? The answer to this question lies with Stone Mart India. Being a top Kandla Grey sandstone manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, Stone Mart is known for its professional approach and reliability. If you are dealing with Stone Mart, you are not required to hire any inspection agency as the company follows a complete transparent approach. Here you will get images with measurements to know if your work is going on as per your requirement or not. Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Stone Mart is among the top kandla grey sandstone manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India.

Kandla Grey Saw Cut 60x60x3 cmwith edges caliberated by Stone Mart India

So, what are you waiting for? Order Kandla Grey sandstone in India from Stone Mart India with perfect quality at highly competitive or affordable prices. Mail or call +91-9413348979.

Outdoor water fountain price in India- Guide by Stone Mart

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If you a garden or lover, then accessories like water fountains are must. Unlike past, now the craze for garden decor is increasing in India and now more and more people look for garden fountains or outdoor fountains for their house. But now the question arises is it easy to afford garden fountains? What is the price of outdoor water fountain in India? How to buy garden fountains? Finally from where to buy fountains. The answer to all these questions can be obtained in this highly informative post.

What kind of fountains are suitable for outdoor or garden?

Jodhpur Pink Sandstone 2 Plate Fountain

First of all, it is important to know what kind of fountains are good for your garden. In this regard, first of all it is important to note that artificial resin fountains or Chinese fountains are not at all suitable for garden or outdoors. They are light weight and can be easily carried away. Moreover, they are not at all durable and can be easily destroyed by sunlight or rain. Therefore, it is good to go for stone fountains that are not just 100% natural but heavy enough to offer stability. Moreover, they are not affected by Sun, wind or rain. Also in terms of weight, they are manufactured in such a manner that they can be easily transported.

What is the price of outdoor fountains in India?

stone fountain for garden by Stonemart

Coming to the price of outdoor fountains, it is good to know these fountains are easily affordable. If you look at the collection of reputable landscaping companies in India, like Stone Mart India, then you will find their range of fountain starts with INR 5000/- only. Not just that, you can have big garden fountains for INR 35-45000/- That can be termed as a good price for outdoor fountains in India. Also here, you need to keep in mind that although you may find Buddha fountain or fountain with highly attractive lights and all in this price on Google, but they are all artificial, made out of resin or plastic and not at all durable. What you will get at Stone Mart is approximately 100-500 Kg heavy, made out of hard rock and chieseled by hand. Also, it offers door delivery to maximum locations all across India, so you are not required to worry for this aspect. So the general price for a good outdoor fountain in India lies between 25 to 35,000 only.

Rainbow Sandstone Bottle Fountain - Stonemart

Where to find a reliable fountain manufacturer in India?

Finding a reliable fountain manufacturer in India is indeed a very tedious task. However, Stone Mart is a name that requires no introduction. Here with reliability you can expect cheap prices of fountains. Yes, you can get outdoor water fountains cheap at price that is hard to believe. You may inquire by dropping a mail at or call +91-9413348979 for details. Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Stone Mart India is offering garden fountains all across India.

Shop for stone garden fountains in India

You must be puzzled thinking if there are fountains for sale near me, well the answer is yes. With the help of online option, it is possible to shop for stone fountains in India, both big and small and that too with home delivery option. Even the big outdoor fountains can be transported in wooden pallets to allow you get them safely at your place. You can get modern stone fountains from Stone Mart India at a click of a mouse.

Stone fountains for interiors- are there choices available?

Yes, indeed! At Stone Mart you can get fountains for interiors, living room, garden area, terrace, balcony and so on. There are good choices available and it is even easy to install them. All the fountains are fitted with water pump and so you just need to plug in.

So, if you are looking for fountain supplier in India to offer you quality sandstone fountains, then go for Stone Mart India. Mail us at or call +91-9413348979 to order garden fountains.

Different finishes of Sandstone in India from Stone Mart

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The rock formed when the grains of quartz and sand are pressed together tightly is known as Sandstone and by variety of materials like iron, silica, lime etc. it is cemented. Its permeability, density and use is determined by the grain strength, size, compactness and kind of the cementing material. The leading sandstone supplier and exporter in India, Stone Mart offers wide range of options in sandstone such as Modak sandstone, Kandla Grey sandstone, Dholpur Pink sandstone, Agra Red sandstone, Raj Green sandstone, Mint Fossil sandstone, Mandana red sandstone, Mint yellow sandstone, Rainbow sandstone, Buff brown sandstone, Dholpur chocolate sandstone, Jodhpur red sandstone, Lalitpur yellow sandstone, Lalitpur grey sandstone etc. There are a wide variety of surface finishes available in sandstone that fits for different purpose. Some of the highly preferred sandstone finishes are:

Handcut sandstone paving:

Hand cut is the basic finish in sandstone where the stone is cut in the desired shape. The hand-cut finish offers natural stone that is ideal for the outdoor applications and wall cladding. The stone is rough in surface and therefore prevents slipping even when water is there. When used for cladding, it provides unique look to the interiors.


The honed finish sandstone has smooth surface. This means that the stone has been ground to a flat, smooth and consistent surface. The honed sandstone is most commonly used for interior floor and wall dressing as well as in kitchen counter-tops and bench tops.

Brush polished:

In contact with the stone surface, metal or plastic brushes are placed and hence the name. The stone surface gets a work look and its softest parts are taken away.

Bottom calibrated:

Calibrated sandstone finish is similar to the non-calibrated finish and the difference lies in the thickness. The calibrated stone finish is made by reducing the thickness of the stone. The bottom part of the stone is calibrated so that it could easily stick to the wall which is not easy with the smooth stone finish.

Machine/ Sawn cut:

With the help of diamond disc teeth, the sawn cut or machine cut finish is created in sandstone. The resultant stone somewhat has irregular surface and is rough with small undulations and furrows. The sandstone gets matte tone and becomes lighter with sawn cut finish. The sawn cut sandstone is ideal for steps, driveways, paving, pathways and patios etc.


This is the finish in which the stone is made smoother by wearing the sharp ends. In the process, more resistant and smaller stones are introduces with the natural stone in a drum like machine by which the tile is completely uniformed. Soft edges and surfaces are generated by tumbled finish. This finish prevents cutting since the sharp edges are made smooth and soft.


In this finish, the silica sand is blasted repeatedly through the air gun against the material. Very small craters are generated by sandblasted finish by which the color of the stone is highlighted and it produces smooth abrasion.


The abrasive treatments are applied repeatedly on the stone making it polished and results in a shiny surface. The porosity of the resultant surface is almost zero and the resistance is improved. The natural stone properties and color is highlighted by the polished finish.

Stone Mart, the leading sandstone manufacturer and supplier in India is there offering premium quality sandstone articles in the desired finish at best prices!!! Buy sandstone articles from the natural stone exporter in India.

Buy pebbles for your garden in India at the cheapest price from Stone Mart India

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Are you looking for a landscaping company in India to help you give a new look to your garden? Are you tired of searching for something unique like sandstone pebbles, slate poles, cobbles, kerbstones etc? If any of your answer is yes, then Stone Mart India is here to help you get rid of all your worries.

Being the most reliable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of natural stones in India, it is known for taking up complicated projects for interiors and exteriors. Located in Jaipur, Stone Mart is also a renowned name in landscaping and offers stone pebbles in India, garden articles, garden accessories, benches and even gazebo for the farmhouses.

If you have a small garden and find it hard to have even grass because of the shades, then the best option is to cover the land with pebbles made out of sandstone like Snow White pebbles, Beige sandstone pebbles, rainbow sandstone pebbles, teak sandstone pebbles, classic grey pebbles, forest brown pebbles, bidasar green pebbles, Agra red pebbles and so on. This is going to give great look to your garden and is also very cheap and you can do that without calling for any landscaping expert.

You can order pebbles at wholesale price in India from any part and get the same at your doorstep. If you are in Jaipur, then you can get pebbles really cheap as you can take the same from Stone Mart itself.

In case you have a nice garden with grass like carpet grass or mandavari, and you wish to make it unique then you can add few stone articles, stone fountain, stone animals and birds like stone ducks, stone mushrooms, and cobbles. Yes sandstone cobbles are must for every garden as they help in giving a systematic look to any garden. Also it makes a boundary line between grass and flowering plants to make your garden look great. Here also you can buy sandstone cobbles in India like mint cobbles, kandla grey cobbles, modak cobbles, raj green cobbles, dessert brown cobbles, Raj green cobbles, Kadappa black cobbles at really cheap and wholesale price from Stone Mart India.

Also, there are a number of unique concepts with Stone Mart that can give great look to your garden. For instance, you can have slate poles that appear to be wood or stone palisades to give great look to your garden. Not just that, if you are a plant lover and love bonsai plants and wish to make your bonsai special then you can order sandstone bonsai planters ( yes not ceramic bonsai planters that are commonly available) from this landscaping company in Jaipur, India. This will help you make your plants feel special.

So, if you are a nature lover and wish to know great landscaping ideas or stone articles then give a call at +91-9413348979 or mail at and get the best deals. Good luck!

Order Mint Sandstone for Germany with special sizes from Stone Mart India

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Mint sandstone or yellow sandstone is product that is undoubtedly the most selling product for Germany. Stone Mart India is selling sandstone catering to German market with special sizes. Yes, not just the Roman Bond, you can buy mint sandstone, modak sandstone, Kandla grey in natural, sawn or any finish you require.

At Stone Mart India, we understand quality expectations and that is the reason offer sandstone as per exact requirements only. We follow a transparent approach wherein the client is well informed of all the stages of work completion. Yes, it’s like hiring your own inspection agency to keep a check on your order. We offer images of all stages of work like raw material, semi finished, finished and even the images at the time of packing and stuffing at container. This helps us in maintaining the quality standards and winning confidence of the clients.

Here in this blog we are sharing mint sandstone size 150x25x15cm for one of our clients in Germany. This is the final product with really smooth surface, no broken edges, thickness with exact specification.

At Stone Mart India, to keep our clients informed we offer images at every time of production. Also measurements are shown to ensure the product is manufactured as per the requirement of client. These images explain what we want to say:

The above image clearly shows the length of the material. It also shows smooth surface, clear edges and color of mint. Below are more images showing thickness and height of the material. This is how we work and what makes us the best sandstone manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India.

Finally the image of mint sandstone project work showing thickness between 14 to 16 cm.

So, if you are looking for reliable and professional natural stone company in India that offers sandstone specifically as per Germany market, then Stone Mart India is here to serve you.Founded by Mr. Swadesh Rohilla who worked for couple of years for a German natural stone company, he has the exact overview of quality expectations, professional approach, strict delivery time and high packing standards.During his tenure he was the one to take care of stone inspection and keeps a check on every stage of production. That is the reason why material is well packed, stuffed after proper fumigation and reaches to destination without any issues within the stipulated time frame.

If you are looking for a reliable sandstone manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India who has a deep knowledge of German market, then Stone Mart India is here to help you out. You may call +91-9413348979 or mail at to get instant prices and products as per your requirements.

Mint Sandstone Supplier, Exporter In Jaipur, India Offering Wall Covering, Paving

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The popularity of mint sandstone is not hidden and that is the reason why it is often termed as hot cake in International market. It is one such sandstone from Gwalior, India ( even a bit different available in Kota region, Rajasthan) that is popular in European as well as non European countries.

Mint Wall Covering 20 x 40 x 10 cm by Stone Mart India

The best part with mint sandstone is that it is available in proper thickness and is considered best in all forms including natural, tumbled, sawn, calibrated, polished, brushed and even antique finish. Mint paving is undoubtedly best for exteriors and same is the same with mint tiles ( top sawn and bottom calibrated). Not just that, mint sandstone crazy, stair stepping, washboards, cobbles, palisades,  and even wall covering are equally important when it comes to interior and exterior application. Mint fossils, though not available in such beautiful texture as before still is considered the preferred choice when a person opts for natural form of mint sandstone.

Mint Sandstone Cobbles 8 x 8 x 6-8 cm

Mint sandstone is particularly light yellow in color and its variation can be found in white and green ( tint) mint as well. It is really good and can be categorized as a proper stone type when it comes to frost resistance properties as well.

Mint Sandstone 100 x 35 x 4 cm From Stone Mart India

So, if you are looking for quality sandstone from India and desperately looking for a professional mint sandstone supplier and exporter in India, then Stone Mart India feels pleasure in submitting its profile for the same. With professional approach and transparent policy ( like above taking pictures of work in progress, finished products before dispatch and giving to the client), the company works on ethical code of conduct with reliability as the first and the foremost principle.

Mint Sandstone Roman Bond With Measurement By Stone Mart India

At Stone Mart India, you don’t need to hire any quality inspection agency or inspector, since that task is done by the company itself. Yes, we offer images of products at every stage from raw material, semi worked and finished product. We even offer packaging pics with stuffing pics to see, if the container is properly fumigated with proper quantity of Methyl Bromide to avoid any claim thereafter.

Mint cobbles with measurements

So, if you are in search of a professional sandstone supplier in Jaipur, India, then Stone Mart India is here to help you out. With years of experience, we understand what matters most is professional approach, transparency, reliability and being competitive. Yes, we offer most competitive prices with superior quality and that makes us the best natural stone company in Jaipur, India. You can end your search for the leading natural stone supplier and exporter of sandstone at Stone Mart that is known for highly sophisticated natural stone project work.  Mail us your requirements at or call +91-9413348979

Safe Packaging and Shipment: Factors ensuring preservation of quality till delivery.

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When people look for something to décor their house or garden and beautify their surroundings, they check the things on the basis of their preferences and quality parameters and then finalize them. After this, the most important role is of safe packaging and shipment that ensures that the product reach to the end customer in the same condition as it has been checked and finalized by the customer. For the maintenance of the natural stone product’s desired quality, the role of shipment and safe packaging becomes domineering. It is here Stone Mart wins the race and gets the recognition of being the most reliable sandstone exporter in India.

This is the factor that makes Stone Mart, the leading Natural Stone  Exporter in India stand on the top in this field as till the product reaches to its destination or is installed at the location, we ensure its safety and quality parameters management. The leading natural stone exporter in India, Stone Mart confirms all these factors and for this, we had the infrastructure well maintained for the shipment as well as packaging of the products.

On the site, sustainable and tough wooden frames are prepared. The products of natural stone are fastened inside this tightly for the purpose of avoiding any type of jerk or movement. Further, for the prevention of any type of corner/edge chipping or scratch, sheets of plastic and foam and Styrofoam are placed in between the tiles. Along with this, for the purpose of even loading and unloading of the packed product, specialized machinery is deployed by Stone Mart. For the long period transportation that includes sea, land and even both in some cases, each of the product is packed tightly to make it fit.

Utmost care is taken at the time of both loading inside the container as well as unloading of the product at the site and at the desired location specified by the customer respectively. This is to ensure that the product quality is maintained and the customer receives what he has selected.

For us, delivery of the product at the place of customer is of utmost importance and of our division of quality control and customer service, it is counted as an integral part. The production, well-timed processing, shipment and quality checks of the final product is overseen by the dedicated team of Stone Mart so as to ensure that within the committed time frame, the desired product could be received by the customer.

After each and every deal, all we wish for is a satisfied and happy customer as with our existing customers, a long term relationship is authorized by this and they trust our services. This is how a safe and secure packaging and shipment is ensured by Stone Mart for the delivery of the premium quality product as desired and finalized by the customers. This is a part of the business ethics of Stone Mart and is also one of the reason for which the customers rely on our services and are associated with us. Efficient packaging and shipment is the reason why we are able to deliver premium quality product to the customer preventing damage or breakage of any kind.