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Abhaya Mudra Stone Buddha Statue

If you wish to give your garden an unbelievable look, then there’s no better option than adding Buddha Stone statues. Yes, stone statues are considered best option to add grace to your garden. They are best not just for exterior but interiors as well.

2 Feet Lifecycle Buddha stone statue in Bhumisparsa Mudra

Advantages of Buddha Statues in your garden/ rooftop/ terrace/ Balcony or home.

In nature, you should not even think of placing statues out of resin or any other material than natural stone.

Durability- Buddha garden statues lasts for ages. Since they are made out of natural stone, you don’t need any kind of maintenance.

Available in all sizes- You can have Buddha statues from 1.5 feets to 6 feets or even more as per your requirement. An optimum size 3 feet Buddha Statue is perfect for your garden and terrace alike.


Option to select Buddha Statue online- Stonemart is now offering an option to select Buddha statue online and maintains ready stock. Other than that, you can even opt for customization option.

Delivery to doorstep- Unlike any other company, Stonemart allows you to order even a single Buddha Stone Statue and provides door delivery. It is applicable for any order within India and rest of the world. Being an export company, Stonemart India accepts orders from all around the world.

Brings peace- If you wish to buy Buddha Statue ( Big or Small) it is indeed a good option as it brings peace and happiness all around. You just can’t imagine anything more soothing than seeing the smiling Buddha face at the start of your day.

Abhaya Mudra Stone Buddha Statue
Buddha Stone Statue in Abhaya Mudra

What is the price of Buddha Statues in Stone?

Keeping in view of the intense work, you have to pay a very reasonable price to buy Buddha Stone Statues online. These are the prices for Stone Buddha Statues-

Small Buddha Stone Statue price- INR 2000 to INR 3500 for statues up to 10 cm

1.5 feet Stone Buddha Statue price- INR 18,000

2 Feet Stone Buddha statue price- INR 25000- 30,000

3 Feet Stone Buddha Statue Price- INR 70,000- 1,00,000

4 Feet Stone Buddha Statue price- INR 1,50,000

5 Feet Stone Buddha Statue Price- INR 2,50,000 and so on

These are general prices, though the exact price depends on the workmanship, amount of work involved and size.

Why to buy Buddha Statues from Stonemart only?

As stated earlier, these statues are heavy, exclusive and require special packing which is often overlooked by most of the stone statue manufacturing companies. However, Stonemart being a professional, ISO certified, export company dealing with manufacturing and supply of natural stones, landscaping products, garden decor articles, knows how to deliver even a single statue with perfection.

Before you proceed, have a look at Buddha Statues available with us. For any query, you can mail at or call/ Whatsapp +91-9413348979.

Order Buddha statues online now before the stock lasts.

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