Jaisalmer Yellow Limestone or Golden Yellow is a luminous limestone which is sawn from the blocks and it can be given a touch of polished finish. It is naturally augmented with all the properties of limestone. This yellow limestone can be used in various interior-exterior applications. It is globally popular for its tempting warm yellow color and finishes. This limestone can be ordered in various forms such as tiles, slabs and so on. Golden Yellow Limestone gives an exquisite touch to any circumambient area with its rich colors, density and stiffness. This makes it a perfect choice for counter tops, flooring, vanities and many outdoor applications. It is widely accepted in landscaping, paving, flooring and wall cladding. This limestone is also used at a large scale in creating distinctive articles owing to the comfort in working.

The slabs made from Jaisalmer Yellow Limestone are accessible in various vivid to medium to light colored shades of golden color with alluring yellow specks on it. This limestone has a glossy look. The polished slabs cut out from yellow stone can be used to construct buildings, monuments, architectures and it can also be used flooring of hospitals, airports, shopping malls, residential buildings, railway stations and paths. This limestone is very hard in nature and resists water, hence preventing excretion of water and ensuring durability. This stone is extensively supplied worldwide due to it golden lustre and coarseness.

This limestone is quite popular in European countries. Its properties such as stiffness, endurance and ability to cope up with harsh weather conditions make it befitting choice for indoor-outdoor utilizations. Being ideal for flooring, exterior wall cladding and paving, this limestone is extensively applied in sea-side buildings.

This limestone is also known for its scratch, mould, moisture and heat resistant properties. These yellow limestone slabs augment the beauty of your interior with its gleaming appeal. This limestone is also thermal and acid resistant. The moisture encumbered saline winds have very minute effect on Jaisalmer Yellow Limestone. The faint yellow color of this limestone adds a lively touch to the large buildings and for grand landscaping projects.

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