Buy Stone Bird Baths from the largest manufacturer in India!


Stonemart India – The name synonym to Goodwill is sufficient to prompt you to read further, especially if you are a garden lover. This time, Stonemart is coming up with the biggest range of stone bird baths which it was earlier exporting only. But now, you can buy these stone bird baths in India by ordering at Stonemart.

Are stone bird baths expensive in India?

No, absolutely not!

To your surprise, Stonemart India is letting you buy these 100% natural stone bird baths for as less as within INR 15,000/-

You think even the amount of INR 15000 is expensive? No, here is the reason.

These are all made of natural stone and hence are heavy. Their weight varies from 20 kg to 70 kg and sometime even heavier (if any custom, or big size stone bird bath is ordered). For transporting this weight, anywhere in India, an amount of INR 3500 is spent. Other than that, any product ordered from Stonemart is packed in wooden pallets. When you pack the top and bottom of bird bath in 2 separate pallets, an amount of INR 2000 is spent.

But still, you get peace of mind that your product is arriving safe with 100% satisfaction.

Yes, along with perfect packing and transport, every product ordered at Stonemart is 100% insured and in the price, 20% of value is charged for insurance. This way, there is not a single chance that you face disappointment.

Let us now talk about the bird baths you can order at Stonemart!

#1 Birdbaths with sprinklers

These types of stone bird baths work as bird bath and fountains too. With water continuously bubbling on the top, birds can enjoy taking a dip in the water and soaking their beak in the flowing water. Thus, you get a chance to see bird bathing and quenching their thirst together.

#2 Pedestal Bird baths

If you do not have a proper height (example if you wish to put these bird baths in balcony) then you may require pedestal bird baths. Since they are available in height, you can place them not just in your balcony, rather on terrace and garden.

#3 Stone Bird Baths without stand

If you wish to place bird baths on the boundary wall of your house or garden, then you may opt for Stone bird baths that are available without stand. They are light weight and can be easily shifted as and when you need.

#4 Stone bird baths with carving

Sometimes the urge is to gift something really beautiful to your garden. In that case, you can go for stone bird baths that are available with carving. These are out of natural stone with a fine touch of carving from skilled artists from Stonemart India.

#5 Stone Bird bath with plinth

To add more excitement and include round shape in your imagination, stone bird baths with plinth are manufactured at Stonemart. You can enjoy beauty, stability and birds enjoying bathing all together.

So, what are you waiting for?

Order Stone Bird baths from Stonemart India today.

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