Home Décor Stone Articles In India From Stone Mart India

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It was really the thing of past when natural stone articles were considered expensive and used for decorative purpose only overseas. Today India seems to be a good market for a number of home decor stone articles.

Let’s have a look at few most preferred stone articles in India that were earlier only popular in UK, USA, Australia and Germany but now widely used in India:

  1. Statues and sculptures: Stone statues and sculptures are in huge demand in India, particularly Buddha Stone Statues that are used in Gardens and interiors as well.
Buddha Stone Statues
Huge Buddha Statue in Gwalior Mint Sandstone from Stonemart India

2. Monoliths for Gardens, Terrace gardens and Balcony: Stone monoliths have the property of resembling like wood and are available with beautiful irregular textures and shapes. Placing 3 monoliths in a garden is very popular in India, though earlier they were only used widely in UK.

Stone Monoliths for Gardens by Stonemart India

3. Stone Animals: Stone animals like lion, horse, wolf are popular these days. Other than animals, birds like Eagle, ducks in stones are liked very much too. Similarly, tortoise, crocodiles in stones are used in garden decor too.

Stone Lion in white mint from Stonemart
Lion in white mint sandstone from Stonemart

4. Stone Fountains: We have included stone fountains at below order not because they are less popular but just because they were popular even in the past in India.

stone fountain for garden by Stonemart

5. Stone Artifacts for garden: Just like above, stone artifacts from Stone Mart are also considered very popular these days, particularly in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Bengaluru.

Stone artifacts from Stonemart