Order Mint Sandstone for Germany with special sizes from Stone Mart India

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Mint sandstone or yellow sandstone is product that is undoubtedly the most selling product for Germany. Stone Mart India is selling sandstone catering to German market with special sizes. Yes, not just the Roman Bond, you can buy mint sandstone, modak sandstone, Kandla grey in natural, sawn or any finish you require.

At Stone Mart India, we understand quality expectations and that is the reason offer sandstone as per exact requirements only. We follow a transparent approach wherein the client is well informed of all the stages of work completion. Yes, it’s like hiring your own inspection agency to keep a check on your order. We offer images of all stages of work like raw material, semi finished, finished and even the images at the time of packing and stuffing at container. This helps us in maintaining the quality standards and winning confidence of the clients.

Here in this blog we are sharing mint sandstone size 150x25x15cm for one of our clients in Germany. This is the final product with really smooth surface, no broken edges, thickness with exact specification.

At Stone Mart India, to keep our clients informed we offer images at every time of production. Also measurements are shown to ensure the product is manufactured as per the requirement of client. These images explain what we want to say:

The above image clearly shows the length of the material. It also shows smooth surface, clear edges and color of mint. Below are more images showing thickness and height of the material. This is how we work and what makes us the best sandstone manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India.

Finally the image of mint sandstone project work showing thickness between 14 to 16 cm.

So, if you are looking for reliable and professional natural stone company in India that offers sandstone specifically as per Germany market, then Stone Mart India is here to serve you.Founded by Mr. Swadesh Rohilla who worked for couple of years for a German natural stone company, he has the exact overview of quality expectations, professional approach, strict delivery time and high packing standards.During his tenure he was the one to take care of stone inspection and keeps a check on every stage of production. That is the reason why material is well packed, stuffed after proper fumigation and reaches to destination without any issues within the stipulated time frame.

If you are looking for a reliable sandstone manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India who has a deep knowledge of German market, then Stone Mart India is here to help you out. You may call +91-9413348979 or mail at info@stonemartindia.com to get instant prices and products as per your requirements.

Mint Sandstone Supplier, Exporter In Jaipur, India Offering Wall Covering, Paving

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The popularity of mint sandstone is not hidden and that is the reason why it is often termed as hot cake in International market. It is one such sandstone from Gwalior, India ( even a bit different available in Kota region, Rajasthan) that is popular in European as well as non European countries.

Mint Wall Covering 20 x 40 x 10 cm by Stone Mart India

The best part with mint sandstone is that it is available in proper thickness and is considered best in all forms including natural, tumbled, sawn, calibrated, polished, brushed and even antique finish. Mint paving is undoubtedly best for exteriors and same is the same with mint tiles ( top sawn and bottom calibrated). Not just that, mint sandstone crazy, stair stepping, washboards, cobbles, palisades,  and even wall covering are equally important when it comes to interior and exterior application. Mint fossils, though not available in such beautiful texture as before still is considered the preferred choice when a person opts for natural form of mint sandstone.

Mint Sandstone Cobbles 8 x 8 x 6-8 cm

Mint sandstone is particularly light yellow in color and its variation can be found in white and green ( tint) mint as well. It is really good and can be categorized as a proper stone type when it comes to frost resistance properties as well.

Mint Sandstone 100 x 35 x 4 cm From Stone Mart India

So, if you are looking for quality sandstone from India and desperately looking for a professional mint sandstone supplier and exporter in India, then Stone Mart India feels pleasure in submitting its profile for the same. With professional approach and transparent policy ( like above taking pictures of work in progress, finished products before dispatch and giving to the client), the company works on ethical code of conduct with reliability as the first and the foremost principle.

Mint Sandstone Roman Bond With Measurement By Stone Mart India

At Stone Mart India, you don’t need to hire any quality inspection agency or inspector, since that task is done by the company itself. Yes, we offer images of products at every stage from raw material, semi worked and finished product. We even offer packaging pics with stuffing pics to see, if the container is properly fumigated with proper quantity of Methyl Bromide to avoid any claim thereafter.

Mint cobbles with measurements

So, if you are in search of a professional sandstone supplier in Jaipur, India, then Stone Mart India is here to help you out. With years of experience, we understand what matters most is professional approach, transparency, reliability and being competitive. Yes, we offer most competitive prices with superior quality and that makes us the best natural stone company in Jaipur, India. You can end your search for the leading natural stone supplier and exporter of sandstone at Stone Mart that is known for highly sophisticated natural stone project work.  Mail us your requirements at info@stonemartindia.com or call +91-9413348979

Safe Packaging and Shipment: Factors ensuring preservation of quality till delivery.

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When people look for something to décor their house or garden and beautify their surroundings, they check the things on the basis of their preferences and quality parameters and then finalize them. After this, the most important role is of safe packaging and shipment that ensures that the product reach to the end customer in the same condition as it has been checked and finalized by the customer. For the maintenance of the natural stone product’s desired quality, the role of shipment and safe packaging becomes domineering. It is here Stone Mart wins the race and gets the recognition of being the most reliable sandstone exporter in India.

This is the factor that makes Stone Mart, the leading Natural Stone  Exporter in India stand on the top in this field as till the product reaches to its destination or is installed at the location, we ensure its safety and quality parameters management. The leading natural stone exporter in India, Stone Mart confirms all these factors and for this, we had the infrastructure well maintained for the shipment as well as packaging of the products.

On the site, sustainable and tough wooden frames are prepared. The products of natural stone are fastened inside this tightly for the purpose of avoiding any type of jerk or movement. Further, for the prevention of any type of corner/edge chipping or scratch, sheets of plastic and foam and Styrofoam are placed in between the tiles. Along with this, for the purpose of even loading and unloading of the packed product, specialized machinery is deployed by Stone Mart. For the long period transportation that includes sea, land and even both in some cases, each of the product is packed tightly to make it fit.

Utmost care is taken at the time of both loading inside the container as well as unloading of the product at the site and at the desired location specified by the customer respectively. This is to ensure that the product quality is maintained and the customer receives what he has selected.

For us, delivery of the product at the place of customer is of utmost importance and of our division of quality control and customer service, it is counted as an integral part. The production, well-timed processing, shipment and quality checks of the final product is overseen by the dedicated team of Stone Mart so as to ensure that within the committed time frame, the desired product could be received by the customer.

After each and every deal, all we wish for is a satisfied and happy customer as with our existing customers, a long term relationship is authorized by this and they trust our services. This is how a safe and secure packaging and shipment is ensured by Stone Mart for the delivery of the premium quality product as desired and finalized by the customers. This is a part of the business ethics of Stone Mart and is also one of the reason for which the customers rely on our services and are associated with us. Efficient packaging and shipment is the reason why we are able to deliver premium quality product to the customer preventing damage or breakage of any kind.