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Deoli Green Slate is popularly known by its other names Zeera Green Slate or Chloritic Micaceous Slate. It carries a small rippon pattern on its surface. This slate is made up of Mica in little scales and has a shiny surface. These slates vary in the chemical composition and are available in a wide range for the industrial usage. Deoli Green stone has a lot of color variation because it is composed of various colored sediments.

Deoli green slate stone tiles are hard, durable and smooth in nature. They are popular for their heat, scratch, moisture and mould resistance properties. It is also known for its excellent finishing and stiffness. These natural slates will enhance the aesthetics of your interior décor with their glorious appeal. These slate are one of the most widely popular slate tiles and have been used in many prestigious projects.

Its color is principally gold and silver but can also drift towards grays, oranges and metallic greens. This slate is best suited for indoor utilization only. The rich and vibrant colors make Deoli Green Slate Slabs/Tiles a perfect choice for interior applications. Deoli Green Slate stands among the family of slate that shows a 3D look upon polishing/honing. After the polishing, it will create an illusion of natural texture in spite of surface being smooth in touch. Due to the presence of mica this slate stone carries a natural luster that is simply beautiful and unmatched. The greenish slate has black/reddish spots which actually are garnet. Due to this feature when the slate is polished these spots are bisected and hence giving the exclusivity of being a polished surface to the surroundings.

The slate slabs made from Deoli Green are available in various shades of green such as dense to medium to light with eye-catching golden or silver specks on it. These slates are hand split and gives very glistening look. The Zeera Green slates find an extensive use in island top, kitchen top, vanity top, countertops and table tops etc.

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