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Among all the natural stones, granite is one of the most attractive stone because of its interesting colors and various patterns. Granite gives a royal and sophisticated look with its fascinating color. This is the reason why it is a popular choice of most builders. There is a huge demand for granite products in most natural stone company in India. The natural stone exporter in India exports granite to many other countries.

According to the experts of natural stone exporter in India, the granites are classified into two categories depending on its color – darker granite colors and neutral granite colors. Both the categories of granite are used for different purpose. These granite colors can also be mixed considering the design and requirement of client.

Granites are popularly used in kitchen and bathroom counters. Most natural stone exporter in India produces granite products of various color and design. The following are the different color and usage of granites –

Lighter Colors of Granite –

These granites have various applications. The experts of natural stone company in India manufactures products of all these colors.


This color has a range from light beige to dark beige. It provides great flexibility in decoration.


White is the color of sophistication. It gives a simple yet sophisticated look to the homes. As per natural stone exporter in India, it is mostly used in modern homes.


Gray colored granites look best with glass and light cabins. It highlights the area and makes it look the center of attention.


Yellow granites are quite popular. It can be used to brighten up the house and give a warm feeling.

Darker Colors of Granite –

Darker color granites make the house look exceptional. The natural stone exporter in India manufactures granite products of all colors.


According to the experts of natural stone company in India, it makes the house look magnificent. You can use this color of granite if you want to give a natural look.


Gold color granite will make the room look extravagant. It is one of the best-sellers of USA. It goes well with almost every home décor.


This color is easily available. Give a classic look to your room with brown color granite.


It is widely used in kitchen. Give your kitchen a modern look with black color granite.


Red is the color of romance and excitement. It is one of the oldest used granites and is also present in Egyptian pyramids. It is mostly used for decorative purpose.


The experts of natural stone company in India believes that it is mostly popular among modern designers because of its attractive vein patterns.


It looks like red granite and has versatile uses just like brown granite. It goes well with kitchen appliances and hence mostly used in kitchen countertops.

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