Facts About Mint Sandstone

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Mint sandstone is very popular among builders and homeowners because it has a rustic charm that makes it very attractive. You will find stunning patterns on the background which is formed by fossil mark. It is very tough and hard. It can be used both at office and home because of its strength and firm structure. It is mostly used for roofing, wall-cladding, flooring, etc. This sandstone is weather resistant. It has various finishing like – honed, natural, polished, calibrated, etc. As per client’s requirement it can be honed and cut by the experts. The mint sandstone Indian exporter produces stunning products for both interiors and exteriors.

Mint sandstone is also called Himalayan Sandstone or Tinted Mint. It is mixed of buff colors and greenish yellow. It can blend with the surrounding of any color because of its natural shades. Each piece of the stone has a unique texture, color and thickness. The texture of the surface also varies, some have a smooth surface while others have irregular layers. Mint sandstone Indian exporter exports durable and efficient products to many countries.

This product has a stunning look in every application because of their varied colors. It is perfect for every environment and gives a natural warmth to the décor.

Mint sandstone is used a lot in exterior claddings as it is resistant to thermal and acidic properties. As the saline winds don’t affect much so it is also used popularly in the exteriors of buildings close to seashore. You can create an excellent focal point in your garden with mint sandstone circle stones. This sandstone is perfect for exterior patios, courtyards, etc.

Get premium quality products from mint sandstone Indian exporter at an affordable price. You can create a stunning space by installing flagstones in a circle or make the patio attractive with slabs made up of Indian sandstone. To get a uniform pattern you can use a single color otherwise, choose multiple color stones of equal quantity to make the space look bright and interesting.

Mint sandstone Indian exporter can supply any stone depending on your requirement. They have several tools that quantifies exactly as per the client’s need. Give a beautiful makeover to your garden with eye-catchy sandstone paving.

Stonemart India is a natural stone company in India that manufactures attractive stone products and no child labor is used in the manufacturing or processing of products. Mint sandstone paving is one of the many stone products that we offer.

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