Facts and Features About Natural Stone Tiles From Natural Stone Exporter

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In the world of natural stone tiles from best natural stone exporter, there are plentiful items with varying shapes, sizes, patterns, textures, shades, etc. Not all the items are suitable for any project work. Each natural stone tile from quality sandstone supplier in India has its own features and offers some sort of distinct purposed satisfaction with respect to the other tiles. Well, if you are hunting for picking up the most suitable and best tile for your home or office project then you must go through the below facts before making a deal.       

Factual Information

There are many options in flooring tiles so that it meets the desires and needs of each customer. By picking a perfect gorgeous natural stone flooring tiles from best natural stone exporter for your home or office, you will get satisfied and happy for a lifetime experience.

The designs and shades of polished natural stones from best natural stone exporter are mesmerizing. People reaching quality sandstone supplier in India are always benefitted. A thorough knowledge of factory outlets and manufacturing details of natural stone is duly provided by best natural stone exporter in India. Mix and match idea related with natural stone interior or exterior appliance is explained by quality sandstone supplier in India.    

Technical Necessities


A crucial concern, while deciding on selecting natural stone tiles from quality natural stone supplier in India, is the strength of tiles which will eventually figure out the durability and application. The strength and stiffness of a tile is rated as per the PEI scale which usually ranges from 1 to 5. A PEI rating only helps to determine the hardness and nothing else. Tiles, having PEI rating as 1, are still stiff and solid to touch but not as thick as PEI of 5.

The Tiles with PEI rating as 1 are best suited for wall applications. Though they are weak but with beautiful appeal.

The tiles with PEI rating as 2 are appropriate for very light weighted traffic area. These tiles are not fit for entryways, walkways or kitchen areas.

The tiles with PEI rating 3 are fit for residential and commercial utilization. These tiles are best for the office areas, interior walls, hallways, etc.

The tiles with PEI rating 4 are most prominent tiles for usual traffic areas. As these tiles are durable, they are suitable for schools, homes, business showrooms etc. any indoor or outdoor application.

The tiles with PEI rating 5 are the most durable tiles providing benefits in the industrial floors with heavy amount of traffic.

Slip Resistance

Best Natural stone exporter offers some suggestions related to natural stones tile features to its clients. Simply by making a judgment based on PEI rating is not enough. You must even go through other specifications such as research on slip resistance of tile. It is sensible to pick up very high slip resistance tiles for the commercial fixings.

In order to estimate slip resistance of tile, you need 2 rating systems.

Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF)

This is an old and traditional way to evaluate slip resistance of tiles. Sometimes, this measurement proves to be inaccurate as it determines the slip resistance of tile when it is stationary (standing still). Due to inaccuracy, quality sandstone supplier in India prefers the other method which is given below.

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF)

This is the latest and popular method as the accuracy in measurement is high. This method is estimated in the technique which is more obviously stands for a human stride. For selecting tiles for wet fields such as bathrooms and pools, this method is fundamentally significant.

Best natural stone exporter gives tips and advices to its consumers regarding all the characteristics and properties of natural stone collection. The catalogue offered by quality sandstone supplier in India can satisfy the hunger of any shopaholic customer. Contact Stonemart India for stunning and affordable products.

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