Forms of Buddha and Where to Place Them

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The statue of Buddha is widely regarded as symbolic and an epitome of enlightenment, inner peace, and spiritual balance. The statues, murals and paintings of the lord can become the powerhouse of energy channelised the way it has been intended. All we are required to do is place the embodiment of the lord at the right place in the right direction to tenfold the positive impact.

3 Feet Handmade Black Buddha Statue


Buddhism is one of the leading religions not only in the Indian subcontinent but does have a significant influence across the globe. After its inception in India, Buddhism spread its teachings across Thailand, Japan, Burma, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Tibet. The religion has evolved over the centuries and its teachings are best depicted through various mudras, gestures, and styles of representation. In the modern world, the sources of these beautiful mudras are the Buddha statues and murals available for purchase in different shapes and sizes.

Do you know that even the shape and size of the Buddha statue purchased do define the magnitude of the results achieved? Even the purity of the composite materials used in the creation of the statue or mural define the sanctity of the purchased product. That is the reason why, we always recommend the potential buyers to only explore the legitimate stores offering the authentic pieces of artefacts. Here, in this blog, we are going to learn about different forms of Buddha and what are the ideal spots at your premise where we can place them to derive maximum results.

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Why Buddha Statue for Home Vastu is the Source of Salvation from the Complexities of the World?

People explore Gautam Buddha statue due to their own vested needs. Some bring it in to invite fortune, some to ignite an aura of motivation, while others simply in their quest for inner peace. It is quite interesting to learn that the term ‘Buddha’ is not merely a name but a title earnest to the one understanding the deepest secrets and meanings of life. It triggers the human mind on the spiritual path to purify both the body and the soul against all forms of negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, fear, greed, and hatred. It helps the mind to get familiar with the realities of the materialistic world and channelise the human soul to the vortex of redemption.

2.5 Feet Black Thinking Buddha

The following are some of the pivotal reasons due to which you can give order for one or more forms of Buddha from the most trusted store online –

  • Buddha statue for sale can be ordered for meditative purposes
  • As a powerful medium to neutralise or eliminate vaastu doshas
  • As a gift item for the beloved ones
  • As a souvenir token or corporate gift item while conducting a formal event or meeting
  • Or as a collector of precious antiques or artefacts

When we order Buddha statue from its authorized outlet online, we can prevent ourselves against fraudulent, inferior quality deals. The Buddha statue stone would be of 100% original, premium standards in equivalence (or even exceeding) to the international quality.

Different Forms of Buddha and Where to Place Them

The following table is an attempt to help you gain a crystal-clear familiarity with the significance of Buddha in all shapes and sizes –

S. No.Buddha FormHow Does it Look?  Where to Put?
01Protection or blessing BuddhaMeditating Buddha with one hand raised in blessing gesture to shield against fear, negativity, and danger.  Keep it facing the main entrance of the home.
02Nirvana or Reclining BuddhaA poignant pose featuring Buddha in an inclined posture with the right hand supporting the base of the head.  This Buddha stone statue must face West and ought to recline to the right.
03Meditating/ Dhyana BuddhaSitting posture with both the legs folded and palms of both the hands tilted skywards. The eyes of the Buddha are fully or partially closed.  Keep it in a quiet corner of the house or pooja room with an aura of candles or incense sticks.
04Bhumisparsha BuddhaThe statue with fingers of the right hand touching the ground to summon the Goddess Earth to witness his enlightenment.  The statue must be kept facing east, from where the Sun rises.
05Praying BuddhaUsually, a small size Buddha praying with both hands folded. Represent faith and devotion.Keep it anywhere, but never below the eye-level.    
06Outdoor/ Garden BuddhaMost popular Buddha statue for garden India, both Buddha statue 3 feet and Buddha statue 2 feet fall under this category. The size might even exceed for a large size garden.A place outdoor, especially in the close vicinity of a water-body. The statue can also be kept near a flowering plant to generate the vibes of spiritual growth and rejuvenation.  
07Buddha BustBasically, the head of Buddha signifying self-knowledge.No hard and fast rules for placement, but ideally kept adjacent to the bed or study table. Surely avoid places like laundry rooms, storerooms, and bathrooms, as they might considered to be insulting.  
08Buddha Art MuralsPreferable when we do not have space to keep a statue and wish to decorate an open space on the wall.  Living rooms, main corridor, or entrance.
09Laughing BuddhaA jolly Buddhist monk with a robust body, bald head, and pot belly. Meant for good luck and fortune.Keep it on eye-level or above eye-level surface. It can be kept on shelves or desks on the corner areas.  
10Standing Laughing BuddhaDepicting Buddha in his later years, this small stone Buddha stone statue is extremely popular in the western world. His happy face and large belly is an ideal symbol for abundance.  Keep the statue at the place where the personal wealth corner resides. Otherwise, it can be kept in the south-east sector of the home or north wall of the office, respectively.
11Laughing Buddha with ChildrenPopular marble Buddha statue online India, it is known to bring joy for children at home.It can be kept in the west sector of your home or garden.  
12Travelling Laughing BuddhaMonk featuring cotton-sack over one shoulder and other hand holding the wealth ball, it offers blessings for protection during travels.  It is a Buddha stone statue for home as well as personal vehicle dashboard while travelling.
13Abhayamudra BuddhaNormally a big Buddha statue for home featuring the lord with an upper-hand gesture with the palm facing out. It gives reassurance and divine protection.  Could be kept at any place inside or outside your home, especially near an area that recently suffered illness or death.
14Dharma Chakra BuddhaOne of the common mudras available for 5 feet Buddha Statue online, it positions the thumb and index finger of the right hand to form a circle, with remaining three fingers to stay extended.  Ideal for educational institutes or gardens and preferably kept in the north-east sector of the premises.
15Vitarka BuddhaThe mudra of teaching or discussion, accessible in different sizes, including 3 feet Buddha statue online and 4 feet Buddha statue online.  Ideally kept in the study rooms at home, meeting/ conference rooms at office and spacious areas of public libraries.
Carved Buddha Stone Statue

Some Useful Tips to Reckon With –

  • Never place the statue of the lord Buddha directly on the floor.
  • In case of a stone carved Buddha statue with articulately embossed designs, clean the edges and corners timely. Never use hard cleaners and rinse the surface gently to leave no scratches.
  • Never place a statue of Buddha in lavatory or bathroom.

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It is fully anticipated that the details shared above would have enlightened you with the new information. It has been assimilated and shared to help you make a desired choice the next time, while pressing the order button. Your needs and choices might vary from small, medium to the Buddha statue big size online, but rest assured, the size and design can always be customised on request.

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