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Sandstone is mainly a sedimentary rock and it is made up of rock grains and sand-size minerals. You will find sandstone in various colors, most common ones are red, gray, yellow, brown, tan and white. Sandstone is commonly used in paving and building material as it is strong and weather resistant. It is available in various color, shade and texture hence, it is a popular choice for artifacts, wall cladding, garden feature, stairs, etc.

Indian sandstone is very popular because of its variation in color and texture. By giving various finishes to sandstone with the help of professionals of natural stone exporter in India, you can make your interiors and exteriors look classy and attractive. Products made from sandstone includes stone table, benches, paving, columns, cladding, boulders, gazebo, animals, birds, bird bath, statues, patio packs, etc.

It is available in different standard dimensions and can be cut to make blocks, tiles, slabs, pebbles, cobbles, palisades, gravels and bricks. Their edges are cut in machine, sawn and natural cut. These are available by natural stone exporter in India in various finishes like honed, polished, chiseled, sandblasted, etc. Sandstone slab dimension varies from 90 cm to 250 cm length and 60 cm to 120 cm width, sandstone tile varies from 30 cm to 90 cm in length and 30 cm to 60 cm in width.

Common colors of sandstone products are pink landscaping stone, camel dust sandstone, autumn brown sandstone cubes, beige sandstone slabs, pink stone pavers, Jaisalmer yellow tiles, Gwalior mint stone, Kandla grey sandstone, Modak sandstone, Indian rainbow sandstone, etc.

A thin layer of stone that is used on walls of both interior and exterior of a building to give a textured look is cladding. It makes the building look entirely of stone. Garden space can also be made attractive with mint stone cladding.

Mint stone cladding is used to create stunning patterns on wall. Unique feature can be created in both interior and exterior walls. It is favorite among most builders, homeowners and architects. You can make your living area bold and bright with mint stone cladding on walls. These claddings are affordable and can be easily installed by the experts of natural stone exporter in India.

Wall cladding are available in various color and texture. You can easily get it from natural stone exporter in India. You can make your house look dreamy with cladding.

Stonemart India is a natural stone exporter in India that manufactures and exports stone statues, bird baths, fountains, animals, birds, monoliths, gazebo, cladding, etc. We offer excellent products at a cost-effective price. Get in touch for best products and services.

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