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Budhpura or Focus Grey stone that is popularly known as Kandla grey has quartz grains that are lined together by the calcite and silica. Kandla Grey Sandstone is extensively popular for the applications such as paving on account of its natural bluish grey color. Due to the strong chemical and physical composition, the natural cleft surface of the stone is also very riven and smooth. In the huge projects of landscaping, lintels, window cills, curbs etc., the Kandla Grey Sandstone is used extensively. For number of other exterior and interior applications of landscaping as well, the Kandla Grey Sandstone is also popular for its use as cladding and several other purposes.

The Kandla Grey Sandstone could be found in number of finishes such as sandblasted, natural, honed, sawn, brushed and polished as per the requirement of the usage. Kandla Grey Sandstone offered by Stone Mart India for providing interesting exteriors or interiors are available in slabs, tiles, blocks, and cobbles.

The paving of kandla grey sandstone is a mix of pale and light blue mellow greys by which the dark areas are brightened. Minimal maintenance is required by the Indian sandstone’s clefted surface detail and to the contemporary and traditional designs, it adds a relaxed feel. Strong floors are resulted by Kandla grey sandstone as it is extremely tough and versatile. For the flooring purpose of both the outside and inside area, these tiles are used on account of their robust nature. Kandla grey sandstone is beautiful to watch and is durable as well. On account of its beauty, strength, and durability, Kandla grey sandstone becomes more and more popular. In approximately all the civil works, the Kandla grey sandstone is used as individual building stone.

The Kandla grey sandstone finds extensive use in the applications such as window and doors sills, beams, wall facings, pillars arches, millstone and fence posts etc. The paving/ flooring of Kandla grey sandstone could be done on the terrace or the outside area such as pathways, gardening area or poolside. It gives timeless style to the room and makes it look elegant. This is the reason why when it comes to paving or flooring, Kandla Grey Sandstone is the most sought material. To salinity, alkalis and acids, this stone offers great resistance and to thermal variance as well, resistance is provided by Kandla grey sandstone and this is why in the building construction that is near to the seashore or for the wall facing and flooring in the chemical industries, it is suitable on account of its alkali and acid resistant properties.

There are number of finishes in which Kandla grey sandstone is available such as flamed, natural cleft, honed, polished, sawn, bush hammered, antique finish, hand chiseled, acid washed and sandblasted so that it can be suitable for the different applications.

So get the premium quality Kandla Grey Sandstone from the leading natural stone supplier in India, Stone Mart India and remain assured of getting the best quality at best prices.


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