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A typical sedimentary rock is limestone having marine creature’s skeletal fractions. The water absorption category of limestone is low and it is hard and impervious. Commonly limestone is white in color but due to the impurities such as iron oxide, organic matter, clay and sand, various other shades are also exhibited by limestone. The iron oxide results in the colors such as red, brown and yellow while the carbon impurities attributes to black, grey and blue color. On the proportion and types of limestone impurities depends the intensity and variations of the color. Limestone might have textures varying from fine to coarse. It is extensively used as dimension stone in the architectural designing and construction industry.

Why to choose limestone offered by natural stone exporter in India, Stonemart?

There are several applications in which limestone is useful. In the construction sector, some of the common applications of limestone are:

  • Exterior as well as interior limestone cladding
  • Limestone Paving
  • Limestone statuary
  • Limestone coping
  • Landscaping 
  • Flooring

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