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Natural stones like – sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, slate, etc. takes millions of years to form. The most interesting fact about these stones is that their properties are different. There are many natural stone company in India that manufactures natural stone products. The natural stone exporter exports natural stone products to countries all over the world.

Natural stones have a wide range of uses and it is essential to know the following facts about these –

According to most natural stone company in India, the stones have different rate of absorption and they are porous in nature. More absorbent stones have high chances of getting stains and marks. If the stones in the exterior have high absorption rate, they can get damaged easily because of temperature change. The natural stone exporter exports all type of natural stone products.

The natural stone company in India gives grade to the products to rate their quality. The grade is given to the surface, thickness, shape or size of any of the natural stone. Products having grade one are most reliable and have best quality. Grade two products may have some defects or irregularities. Grade three products could be used only for decorative purpose as they may have significant flaws.

If a tile is slip-resistant or not, could be measured by the coefficient of friction. A higher coefficient tile has high friction and are suitable for any setting. The bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor tiles have tiles that are more resistant to slip.

Natural stone products have many benefits. They are popular as they are formed naturally; they are unique, appealing and attractive; and are eco-friendly. Natural stone products can be easily re-installed. Therefore, there is a huge demand for natural stone exporter.

Natural stones are popularly used in flooring. They give a royal look the floors. Most natural stone company in India exports natural stone flooring.

Natural stones also have some drawbacks. As the natural stones are porous, they need regular application of sealer. Sealers help to protect the tiles from getting porous. As stone is a natural product, it can get scratches or can get dulled by regular wear and tear.

Stone floor restoration helps the floor and tiles to get its original luster back. The natural stone exporter has experts who clean and restore the floor. This helps the floor maintain its originality.

These facts will help you choose the best tile and natural stone products for your interiors and exteriors. Stonemart India is a natural stone company in India that have its clientele all over the world. The manufacture the best and most reliable natural stone products. Get products like monoliths, cobbles, pebbles, bird baths, fountains, stone artifacts, birds and animals, statues, planters, etc. at an affordable price.

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