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2-Tier Fish Grandessa Fountain For Outdoor Garden
2-Tier Fish Grandessa Fountain For Outdoor Garden

Buying a big garden fountain seems to be a daunting task. The reason is these stone fountains are big and hence it’s not possible to order online and return. Well, no need to worry. Here’s the most authentic source to buy big garden fountains for your garden, farmhouse, resort or office establishment.

Buy Big Garden fountains for home with full customization:

If you wish to buy 6 foot garden fountain with 3 or 4 tiers then Stonemart is there to help you. You can order huge grandessa fountain in India. You can select big outdoor fountains that are available in stock. Still, if you want a big fountain fully customized, then it is also possible.

4-Tier Grandessa FountainBig fountain manufacturer in India for more than 15 years:

Stonemart has a team of experienced fountain manufacturers and is rated 1st among the top 10 fountain manufacturers in India. Stonemart is a leading fountain manufacturer in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Thus, if you need a customized outdoor fountain for your home, then you can order online.

How big are the garden fountains?

You can expect grandessa fountains for your garden with size as high as 7 feet to 8 feet or even 10 feet. The diameter of these fountains range from 10 feet to 20 feet and even more. Thus, huge fountains are manufactured by stone artisans having years of experience in the field.

What is the material used in garden fountains for outdoors?

The big fountains for outdoor garden, resorts, farm houses manufactured at Stonemart are prepared out of teak sandstone, beige sandstone and pink sandstone. You can have fountains in red sandstone or even in marble as per your requirement. Thus, all these big fountains for outdoor garden are hand carved out of natural stone block. Hence they are highly durable.

Is installation services of these big fountains is offered at site by Stonemart?

At Stonemart, all big garden stone fountains are prepared in such a manner that you just need to place them. Thus, there’s no requirement of installation services. All pieces are prepared with proper sockets and you just need to place one piece over the other. This can be done by even a layman. However, if installation service is required then Stonemart team is made available at site.

What is the transportation mode of big size water fountain for home?

Matters not, if it is 6 foot outdoor water fountain India or even bigger than that. Transportation is possible all over India and even abroad. All large water fountains for sale are packed in wooden pallets and sent via safest mode of transportation.

Since they are 100% insured, there’s no risk in ordering large outdoor water fountains. Also the delivery charge is nominal considering the heavy weight of these big water fountains for garden.

What is the price of 6 foot outdoor water fountain in India?

2-Tier Stone Grandessa Fountain

It all depends on the type of home décor water fountains. A 6 foot big fountain for home may cost between INR 60,000/- and 80,000/- depending on type, size, weight ( how huge it is) and delivery location. A good grandessa fountain due to extra work may cost above INR 1,20,000/- as stone used is too much and these fountains are generally with weight more than 1 tonnes.

So, due to quantity of stone used, manufacturing cost and transportation, they are above INR 1,20,000. The price may be higher if any statue, sculpture or figure is there.

How to order big size water fountain for home garden?

If you wish to order big stone fountains and look for the best big fountain manufacturer near me, then Stonemart shall be on the top list. Ordering big outdoor fountains for your factory, hotel or hospital. They are preferred for educational institute or even your home garden, just mail at info@stonemartindia.com. You can call/ whatsapp +91-9413348979. What are you waiting for? Order big stone fountain for your garden now.






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