It is known to all that the nature of stones is hard but they are subjected to harsh treatment before first hands of client are get on them since through the rough seas, they have miles to go.
Hence secure packaging of these is essential as well as fundamental so that all the harsh treatments are surpassed by them.
Value is given by us being the processors and manufacturer of stones to the hard-work and done by the workers and our production and therefore we make all the necessary efforts to ensure that while in transit, none of our stones break away. For assuring the fact that these stones are nor even damaged or suffer from any type of breakage during the transit, the right processes and procedures are used by our dedicated packaging team.

Standard Packaging

For the protection of stones from the stains of wooden planks or other features like that, polythene is used to inline each of the wooden crate. After this, for protecting stones against the damage from nails or wooden planks, along the horizontal planks it is inlined with the help of foam sheets. Irrespective of the type of stone packed, for all the wooden crates, we make use of this fundamental preliminary packing.

Packaging of Pavers

In the case of rough stones such as landscaping stones, flagstones, circles etc. in the wooden crates, they are stacked directly. Filling material such as hardboard, wood, foamsheet etc. is used for the purpose of filling the loose gaps in between that prevent the collision of stones with each other.

Packaging of Polished Tiles

The surface of each of the tile/slab in case of polished stones is protected by making use of foam or paper cloth while in the wooden crate, they are stacked tightly. The polished surface scratching due to dust particles abrasion between the two tiles is prevented with this.

Packaging of Thinner Tiles

Tiles such as 15mm or 10mm are very lean to break therefore in this case, in the boxes of cardboard, 6-10 of such tiles are packed first. After this, in the wooden crate, these boxes are then stacked tightly. The thin tiles get additional cushion from the cardboard boxes and are therefore prevented from breakage. Styrofoam boxes are used for the packing of costlier and softer stones and then in the wooden crate, they are stacked tightly.

Specialized Packaging

Mint sandstone is peach-yellow to off white in color and retains moisture. The thicker tiles with bullnose, pencil edge or rebated bullnose are packed in polythene bags individually before stacking in wooden crates tightly. For additional protection in the special case, thermocol sheets are used to inline the wooden crates. With experience, this special packing method is used by us.

Customized Packaging

Our customers are also offered with the option of customized packaging by us. The customers can ask for any customized or specialized requirements of packing at the time of placing orders and to the best capacity, these are duly fulfilled.
The feedback from our customers is always welcomed and on the basis of this, we continuously make further improvements in the methods of packing. The quality of stones provided by us is directly reflected by the packing quality.