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Looking to buy stone pebbles in India? Yes, now you can have it at best price and that too at your doorstep. Stone Mart is now offering stone pebbles at most competitive prices with delivery all over India. So if you wish to buy just 50Kg of pebbles, then it is also possible as you can buy pebbles online from Stone Mart.

Below are the Most selling color options available in stone pebbles in India:

1. Snow white pebbles: Snow white pebbles are best for gardens as they make a great combination along with green grass. The white glow gives whole garden a very unique look. Available in small size ( 1 to 3 inches) and big size ( 3 to 5 inches) the white pebbles are best for your garden, farmhouse and can be used in interiors and exterior both.

snow white pebbles India

2. Rainbow stone Pebbles: As the name suggests rainbow pebbles look  beautiful for their color variations. They can be used in combination to snow white pebbles to give great look to the surroundings.

rainbow sandstone pebbles by Stonemart

3. Teak or yellow pebbles: Teak sandstone pebbles are beautiful due to veins and wood color. They are termed as teak since they resemble teak wood. Just like other stone pebbles, teak pebbles are best for interior as well as exterior. You can buy teak pebbles online in India at best price from Stone Mart.


4. Agra red Pebbles: If you love colors, you can’t afford to miss Agra Red pebbles. Beautiful red in color they look great when used in garden along with other pebbles like Snow white pebbles and teak pebbles. Agra Red pebbles look great with stepping stones as well and you can order Agra red pebbles online at very cheap price with delivery all over India via Stone Mart.

Agra red pebbles from Stonemart India

5. Forest Brown pebbles: Do you love structures like the roots of trees? What if you get stones with beautiful tree roots like structure on them? Yes, that’s the beauty of forest brown stone pebbles that look great when used in garden along with other pebbles.

Forest Brown pebbles- Stone Mart

There are other stone pebbles available at Stone Mart. Have a look at full range of stone pebbles in India.

Let’s have a look at application of Snow White Stone pebbles:


Snow White Pebbles with grass and small plants

slates and snow white pebble combo

Snow White pebbles with Slate chips


Snow White pebbles as stepping Stone

Rainbow Sandstone Pebbles


Rainbow Sandstone pebbles with flowering plants

Rainbow sandstone pebbles by Stone Mart

Rainbow Sandstone pebbles with rainbow water figure in Garden

If you wish to order pebbles then simply mail at info@stonemartindia.com or whatsapp or call at +91-9413348979. Here you can get even more stone pebbles other than just 5 as mentioned above.


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