Popular Poses of Buddha and their Relevance in Our Lives- Part II

2 Feet Thinking Buddha Statue

In the previous part, we spoke about some of the most popular stone carved Buddha statues that directly or indirectly influence the lives of the people who believe in Vastu, Feng Shui and spirituality. We spoke about Teaching (Vitarka) Buddha, Laughing (Hasya) Buddha, Protection (Abhaya) Buddha and Meditation (Dhyana) Buddha, and their significance in the vastu remedial measures.

Here, we are going to expand our list to some of the additional popular poses of the Buddha statues that frequently remain in demand and people always seek to have a legitimate deal on them at the right prices. Let us look at some of the most popular poses of the lord ranging from Buddha statue 2 feet to 5 feet Buddha Statue online to help you order from the widest range of bona fide, natural stone products.

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3 Feet Buddha Statue In Black Marble
  • Reclining Buddha: Also termed as the Nirvana Buddha, it represents the final hours of the lord in the mortal world. Here, the lord is showcased lying on the bed with right hand side at the top of the table. The Buddha succeeded in breaking the cycle of birth and death and entered Nirvana. It is a popular Buddha stone statue meant for peace, tranquillity, enlightenment, and salvation. 
  • Medicine Buddha: The perfect Gautam Buddha statue promoting good health. Here, the right hand is facing downward with the fingers extended onto the ground. The palm is going to face out and the bowl of herbs is resting on the left-hand palm. The lord is known for delivering medicinal knowledge to his disciples. The right hand of the statue is facing outwards bestowing blessings on the mankind.
  • Calling the Earth (Bhumisparsha) Buddha: One of the most popular and common forms of Buddha statue, the pose of the lord is depicted with the legs crossed, and the left hand kept on the lap. It is the right hand that points towards the ground with the palm facing inwards. The posture of the statue represents the moment of enlightenment achieved by the Buddha. As per the ancient Buddhist scriptures, the enlightenment was attained by the lord after passing through 6 days of meditation and facing the Demon of Illusion. Once he conquered the demon and enlightenment was achieved by the lord, he called upon Bhumi Devi (Earth Goddess) to witness this transformation and share the same with rest of the world.
  • Walking Buddha: One of the most beautiful statues of the lord showcasing grace and internal beauty. Here, the lord has raised the right hand and does facing the palm outward. The left hand of the lord is simply swinging beside the body featuring the left foot behind. As per the historical context, the appearance of the lord denotes the return of the Buddha to Earth after delivering his sermon in Heaven. The right hand of the Buddha showcases a kind gesture of reassurance.
  • Contemplation Buddha: The stone statue of the lord holding both the arms against the chest. The palms of both the hands are facing in and the right arm onto the outside of the left. This pose of the Buddha symbolises tolerance and silent determination. It is one of the most recommended statues of the lord for those who wish to boost spiritual confidence and humility in life.
Lifecycle Buddha Statue By Stonemart

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