Popularity Of Limestone Floors

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Flooring at your house and office plays an important part. Granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slate, etc. are used in flooring. Among all these, limestone flooring is most popular. They give an elegant and royal look to the floors. Most natural stone company in India suggest using limestone for flooring as they are strong and durable. It gives a matte finish to the floors. But according to natural stone exporter in India, you need to maintain it properly to make it last for years.

Create a vibrant setting:

Limestone floor is an excellent choice to turn your dull and boring house into a vibrant and appealing area. It is the best choice for your home décor. Most natural stone company in India manufacture amazing limestone products. The natural stone exporter in India exports natural stone products to many countries. It goes well with wooden cabinets. Limestones can be honed, antiqued, brushed, polished or tumbled. It makes the houses and offices looks royal and stylish. It is available in most natural stone company in India in variety of colors.

Limestone floors needs care:

In recent years the use of limestone floor has increased. It is the first choice of many people. It starts looking dull if proper care is not taken. It is important that you maintain it and take proper care.

Most natural stone exporter in India suggests not using acid for cleaning limestone floor, as calcium carbonate is used to make limestone. It will start looking dull, if acid is used. As many food items contain acid, hence it is not used in kitchen. You must clean the floor immediately if acid is accidentally dropped.

How to take care of limestone floors:

It is recommended using limestone sealant after every few years. It can be done by the professionals from natural stone exporter in India. It is essential to use right quality of sealant to block the pores. Use gentle cleaning agent and warm water to clean the floor. Limestone floors must never be cleaned with bleach or acid.

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