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Pure Pink Slate is a very appealing slate with tonal variations from light to dark pink and it also consists a touch of light grey color on its surface. The curly pattern that goes through its surface further makes it more beautiful. Pink is considered as a color of love and romance and its true elegance is revealed once it is honed. This beautiful pink colored slate can transform any surrounding in no time, thus making it eye-catching and much more lively. When this slate is used in a merger with other stone, it dramatically improves the appearance of any paving or wall covering.

Admirers of beauty prefer pink slate, a slate so enchanting that it would keep you enthralled and captivate for a lifetime. When the color is pure the effect that it generates and transmits is exemplary. This beautiful Pink Slate will transform any surroundings to both glorious and peaceful. The inner ripplings and patterns of its pink color that appears from within its surface has an artistry appeal. The range of this beautiful Pink slate is available in various forms such as blocks, slabs, tiles etc. This slate can be applied to different construction purposes like flooring, walling etc.

Use of Pure Pink Slate Stone in the building can result in the form of good compliments from your neighbors. This slate is in a huge demand as it is attractive as well as fireproof. These slates are easy to get installed thus you don’t need to spend much of your budget on labor. This slate is durable and available in various colors as well. The best thing about this slate is that you can buy it at very effective rates. This natural slate is water resistant which makes it suitable for bathroom applications. This beautiful slate has an exquisite dimensional tolerance and is easy to maintain.

Being the leading exporter and manufacturer of Pure Pink Slate, Stone Mart India, is able to offer this slate in culminations like natural split, polished, honed, honed and then sandblasted, natural + brushed, both sides natural, one surface natural and one surface calibrated, one surface calibrated and one surface polished etc. This slate is available in different sizes, lineation’s and dimensions. You can buy Pure Pink Slate at affordable prices here. We are the among the top 10 natural stone suppliers in India. So what are you waiting for? Get the best quality Pure Pink Slate from Stone Mart India for all your needs and add charm to your interior and exterior home d├ęcor.

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