Redeem Yourself from the Dilemmas of Life with the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha

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The objective of purchasing the Buddha statue for home might vary from person to person. Some individuals bring it home for transforming their lives through meditation, while others to eliminate negativity and vastu doshas from the premises. There is a range of Buddha statues available for purchase from the legitimate online stores assuring impurity-free, authentic natural stone items to fetch the maximum benefits from their divine presence.

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How Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha Inspires the Sacred Gautam Buddha Statue?

The noble eightfold path proposed by Lord Siddhardha helps us enlighten the path that takes us towards redemption. When we closely observe the textures and features engraved over the surface of the statues, then we would find that they reveal a lot of secrets about successfully living an ideal form of life. Buddha statue for home vastu representing the eightfold path can help you disperse the clouds of uncertainties, dilemmas and fears in life and look beyond materialistic and mortal existence.

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As per the Buddhist scriptures, the purpose of understanding the eightfold path in life is to establish a connection with the reality. It is basically an eight-step path to awakening taught by the Buddha to his pupils to end the materialistic causes functioning as barriers, and eventually put an end to suffering.

The eight-step path present the actions and help to make sure that the lives of the individuals are in concord with the dharma. These Buddhist practices are often described as “skilful”, “wise”, “resolute” and “right”.

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  1. The Right View: Getting an insight about how the reality and the suffering are intertwined with each other.
  1. The Right Resolve: Aspiring to always function with the correct intention, and not bring harm to any sentient being.
  1. The Right Speech: The practice of abstaining from the act of lying or addressing someone with an abusive or divisive speech.
  1. The Right Action: Always think before act, and always keep the interests of others at a higher stake than oneself. Never commit the acts of taking someone’s life, stealing someone’s goods, or getting engaged in the acts of sexual misconduct.
  1. The Right Livelihood: Settings ethical and high moral standards of living. Always remain honest in personal life as well as business practices and make integrity the founding stone for every set of affairs associated with the life.
  1. The Right Efforts: The desired outcome of results is somehow directly linked to the amount of efforts invested upon them. It teaches us to renounce all sorts of unskilful habits and bring forth the purity of words and thoughts deeds.
  1. The Right Mindfulness: Being mindful and respectful towards one’s mind, body, feelings, and mental qualities.
  1. The Right Concentration: The concept of practising skilful meditation to bring in control all the senses to successfully practice all the seven above mentioned aspects.
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These eight steps are regarded in three forms: the right resolve and the right view are associated to our development of the wisdom; the right action, the right speech and the right livelihood belong to the ethical conduct; whereas the right mindfulness, the right effort, and the right concentration to the meditation.

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The right Buddha statue for sale can help you assimilate the qualities of the right path at the right time. Whether we are talking about small stone Buddha statue for home or big Buddha statue for garden, accessing 100% authentic, natural stone product shall always remain the priority. Reach Buddha statues to learn how our best-in-class collection can help you out in the same regard.

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