Sandstone And Its Various Uses

Sandstone And Its Various Uses - Header - SMI

The chemical constitution of sand and sandstone is similar. Sandstone rock is mainly made up of quartz and iron oxide, calcium carbonate, silica, rock grains are the main cementing ingredient. It includes clasts, minerals, pieces and rock fragments. Sandstone company in India produces various sandstone products.

Red, tan, yellow, gray, white or brown are the various colors of sandstone rock. There are many sandstone exporter in India. There is a huge demand of sandstone in India. Hence, sandstone exporter in India is also growing. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh being the major states producing sandstones. Majority of sandstone company in India are in these two states. In the other states too, the sandstone exporters are rising.

Sandstone rocks are compact, hard, fine grained with a nature of sediment. They are widely used in construction purpose as they are resistant to weather. Buildings and houses are built with sandstones. Additionally, they are also used as a paving material. It is also in creating grindstones for blades sharpening.

Sandstone is also used for flooring purpose. Offices, homes, shopping malls, all prefer sandstone for flooring as it is strong. Sandstone exporter in India produces sandstone products of various shades, patterns and style. It is also used in constructing walls. Red Fort and Hawa Mahal are some bright examples of sandstone. These historical monuments are centuries old and shows how strong sandstones are. Sandstone company in India also export sandstones to other countries.

There is a huge demand for red stones too. Sandstone exporter in India export sandstones to countries like Australia, USA, Japan, Germany, etc. Another important fact about sandstone is that they are high temperature resistant. Therefore, it is used to make beautiful fireplaces.

Sandstone company in India exports high quality sandstones. Additionally, they are affordable too. Stonemart India is one of the most renowned natural stone exporters. Get outstanding service from their team of highly experienced professionals. They offer wide range of products like fountains, birdbaths, statues, stone artifacts and many more. You can get products of limestone, sandstone, marble, granites, etc. Get customized solutions as per your demand.

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