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There is no doubt in the fact that all across the world, the natural stone is preferred the most for  paving applications is sandstone. In origin, the sandstone is grainy and there are number of color palettes and shades in which it is available. When it comes to the outdoor décor, sandstone has way more applications than that compared to the interior decoration applications even though it is fairly used in architectural designing and interior adornment.


There is a great demand of sandstone offered by leading sandstone exporter in India, Stonemart all over the world on account of the charming shades and quality that we offer. Premium quality sandstone articles are offered by us at extremely competitive prices and that too in bulk so as to cater this demand.

For the applications in outdoor, especially paving, sandstone is highly suitable on account of its amazing properties. The surface of sandstone is anti-skid naturally and it is fire resistant as well. This makes it the best pick for the outdoor applications as during the conditions of wet weather, accidents and falls are prevented by this. In addition to this, sandstone is unaffected to harsh weather, durable and its appearance is enhanced by the natural weathering process. It is confirmed by these factors that sandstone is enduring and even after decades of its installation, there is no effect on its appearance and it does not get dull.


Sandstone readily balances with surrounding’s other colorful components on account of its natural and rich shades and to the outdoor spaces, an elegant and classical touch is added by it. Below are some of the most common uses of sandstone supplied by natural stone exports and suppliers in India.

Flooring: The spaces such as balconies, patios, barbeque areas and garden paths etc. can be beautifully decorated with sandstone paving. It can even withstand heavy foot traffic on account of the tough nature. Along with this, without any damage proneness, the heavy statues as well as barbeques could also be hold by sandstone.

Driveways: Usually with sandstone, driveways are constructed in the residential locales. Sandstone can easily bear the moving or standing vehicles load since they are sturdy and rigid in nature. For the purpose of preventing damages due to oil leakages and petrol from vehicles, sandstone must be sealed.

Pool surrounds: when placed around a pool, a captivating look is imparted by sandstone’s natural shade pavers. Since the damages related to water are prevented by sandstone therefore it is chiefly used for pool coping.

Other prevalent uses: sandstones can be used as stepping stones within a garden at different locations or at the property entrance. To make the water features and feature walls as well as to surround the garden beds, use of sandstone is popular.


Wide variety of sandstone articles are used apart from the applications as paving for the purpose of decorating outdoor spaces such as large lawns, front yards, garden and back yards. These are some of the reasons why sandstone offered by Stonemart is regarded as the most versatile natural stone.

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