Small 1.5 Feet Indoor Fountain

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    Make your living room a replica of paradise on Earth with a beautiful perpendicular stone panel channelizing the water to a mini pond decorated with flower petals.

    This indoor fountain with a modest height of 1.5 feet can transform your surroundings into a land of mythical marvels. The 90 degree stone panel steer the flow of water layer by layer to a micro pond that you can fill with floating candles or petals of flower as per the special occasion. The surface of this cast stone fountain is waterproof and dries up quickly once the fountain is turned off. It prevents the accumulation of algae on the surface in a long run.

    • The entire model is highly durable and requires no maintenance.
    • It comes with a submersible pump and a far better alternative than the fountains made out of wood, ceramic, resin or plastic.
    • It is always recommended to check the water level of this 1.5 feet fountain before switching on the pump, and do not operate it without filling water.
    • Find your own customised ‘stone fountain near me’ from one-stop destination at Stonemart.


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