Jodhpur Pink Sandstone Grandessa Fountain


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  • 1 Pcs/Hand Crafted
  • Material: Natural Stone (Rainbow Sandstone)
  • Perfect for outdoor decor, garden decor, exterior decor
  • Can be placed in the garden of home, office, spa, restaurant, farm house, hotel, or hospital
  • It is highly durable and easy to install
  • Comes with a submersible pump
  • Requires no maintenance and comes with waterproofing
  • Make sure to check the water level before switching on the pump, do not operate it without filling water
  • Better than plastic, resin, ceramic, or wood
  • Can be customized as per your requirement


Jodhpur Pink 2 tier grandessa stone fountain by Stonemart is perfect for those longing for a 5 feet tall fountain that can be placed at the center of their garden. Suitable for all climate types of India and overseas, this stone fountain is highly durable, requires zero maintenance and can be used as bird bath by birds too.

The stone plates of this fountain are prepared in such a manner that you can hear the flowing water sound from top to first plate and then to the next before it falls on the water tank gradually.

Divided in 6 parts, all you are supposed to do is to just make them stand in the right order. It can be delivered all over India and many countries like USA, UK, Australia, Middle East.