Pyramid Stone Fountain

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    Artistic marvel crafted from naturally excavated teak sandstone to form single block, pyramid style fountain structure. Order it from most reliable teak fountain supplier now!

    This multi-layered, teak sandstone fountain in a pyramid formation acquires lesser amounts of space in terms of width and length and rise stupendously in terms of height. This pyramid shaped fountain is known for its brown to mahogany colour texture that our sculptors cast out of one single block of stone.

    • Made out of solid, joint-free natural stone with high endurance and durability.
    • It comes with a submersible pump and a far better alternative than the fountains made out of wood, ceramic, resin or plastic.
    • Apart from being a classic choice for garden fountain, it is also a great choice for corporate premises with medium to large landscapes.
    • Read the full description of this unique fountain for garden decor before you buy it. Have a look at the image to get blown away by the flabbergasting workmanship.
    • Available with limited quantity exclusively at Stonemart, the most reputed teak fountain supplier across the globe.


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