Sandstone Sphere Fountain


This huge rainbow sandstone sphere fountain is a blessing for garden lovers who wish to see flowing water with great sound. Since the water tank is huge and sphere is out of rainbow sandstone, you can clearly see the veins of rainbow due to the water effect on it. Yes, it is the specialty of this sandstone to change color when in contact with water. Due to the huge storage tank, it is best for you to place lotus plants or other water plants. Best only as garden fountain since it is too heavy to be placed at terrace or balcony. The 2 spheres give a stable base and the overall height is approx 4 feet. The diameter of water storage is 2 feet and so you can be rest assured to enjoy beautiful garden fountain and the sound of flowing water. Available with the water pump, it is available in 3 pieces and can be delivered in India and countries like USA, UK, Australia, Germany and Middle East.


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