Dholpur Chocolate Sandstone


Dholpur Chocolate is a kind of marble stone and it has got a mild chocolate color which is why it is called “Chocolate”. This stone is considered as the best one regarding its residential and commercial purpose. This sandstone is best known for its affluent colors and luminous surface. Dholpur Chocolate Sandstone has a crack and stain resistant surface.

The reason behind all these good specifications is that these sandstones are mostly hand cut stones which leads to more sustainability and it makes them pocket-friendly as well. This stone has varying depths. Due to these properties, this stone has gained popularity in national as well as international market.

This sandstone is a perfect pick as it provides a customary as well as contemporary look. It is available in different finishes like cleaned, flaring, normal parted, sharpened, corrosive wash, sawn, collectible, shrubbery pounded and sand impacted to give an altered look. The smoothness and finish of slabs and tiles of this sandstone depends upon the finishing of the edges, which are available in sawn, machine-cut, hand chiseled, chamfered and beveled. Dholpur Stone is extensively utilized as ground surface, bars, framing, window ledges, column curves, divider facings, and clearing. This sandstone is found usually at varying depths and has shades of dark red and brown. It is hugely popular among the clients all around the globe. It is our densest sandstone and is vastly popular in Europe and USA for enormous landscaping projects.

Owing buff, brownish and sometimes reddish hue this sandstone contains Iron oxides. This sandstone can also be used in exterior cladding purpose and is provided in different culminations such as natural, sawn and polished finishes. We also provide other finishes in addition such as bush hammered, flamed and sandblasted etc. Dholpur sandstone provides a brand new as well as traditional décor to your home. Due to this very reason most of the hotels use this sandstone accent to furnish their hotel with a modern yet traditional look. Its color varies from mushy chocolate to gleaming purple. Natural sandstone comes not only with long durability but they are also a visual treat to your eyes. They can be utilized in flooring in the home, on the terrace and outside area like pathways, poolside and gardening area. It gives the room an elegant look along with a style that never gets out of fashion.

Stone Mart India, a renowned exporter, and manufacturer of Dholpur Chocolate Sandstone in India offers this sandstone in the culminations like natural, polished, sawn, bush-hammered, flamed, honed, sandblasted, hand chiseled edges. This red sandstone is offered in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses as per the customer’s requirement. You can buy Dholpur Chocolate Sandstone at affordable prices here. We are among the top 10 reliable sandstone suppliers in India. So what are you waiting for? Get the best quality Dholpur Chocolate Sandstone from Stone Mart India for all your needs and add charm to your interior and exterior home décor.


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