Dholpur Pink Sandstone

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The Dholpur Pink Sandstone has its origin from Dholpur in the state of Rajasthan and is available in the form of slabs, tiles as well as blocks in the polished and natural sawn surfaces. There are many other remarkable properties of Dholpur Pink Sandstone that makes it highly preferable for interior and exterior home décor. Stone Mart India provides the finest quality Dholpur Pink Sandstone that is widely famous for the construction and décor purposes.

The properties like durability, regular bedding, suitable nature and uniform size of the grain make it highly useful and popular sandstone. The building or hotel or house could be provided with a new look if in combination with Beige/Red sandstone, the Dholpur Pink Sandstone is used. For the construction and purposes like making the decorative items and artifacts, the Indian sandstone has become the highly preferred material on account of its properties like resistance to abrasion, durability, environmental weathering, strength, ease of handling, alkali and acid resistance and availability.

There are varieties of applications of Dholpur Pink Sandstone such as paving, roofing, paneling, flooring, pillars, beams, window sills and doors. For the purpose of carving the screens, the Dholpur Pink Sandstone is preferred as the most suitable item. For the purpose of both interior as well as exterior décor, the Dholpur Pink Sandstone is perfect on account of its excellent workability.

In the construction purposes, the Dholpur Pink Sandstone is widely used. For the geologists, the sandstone is very important as the indicator of depositional processes and erosion on account of its diversity, abundance and mineralogy.

Some sandstone have the property of weathering resistance but are still easy to work. This is the reason why the Dholpur Pink Sandstone is widely used as a common material for the paving and building purposes. In fact, some of the sandstones prove to be excellent materials due to the grain size uniformity, individual grain hardness and structure friability.

The Dholpur Pink Sandstone assures for a timeless, elegant, pleasant and naturally beautiful look wherever it is used. Stone Mart India offers exquisite range of Dholpur Pink Sandstone to all its national and International clients.

In a number of European countries such as Germany, Austria, France etc. and other countries like U.K., Australia, U.S.A. and even in middle east countries, the sandstone offered by Stone Mart India are highly popular.

The artifacts such as troughs, mushrooms, vase, benches, table, arch and fountains of Dholpur Pink Sandstone offered by Stone Mart India are highly popular and are in great demand. The blocks of superior quality are used in the manufacturing of this variety of artifacts and this is the reason why it widely famous among the clients. Another property of the Dholpur Pink Sandstone that makes it so very useful is that it is easy to maintain as well as to install. Stone Mart India offers the Dholpur Pink Sandstone at amazing prices.

So if you are also planning for a chic home décor than the best options available is the Dholpur Pink Sandstone that is stylish, affordable and easy to maintain as well


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