Jodhpur Pink Sandstone

Below are the general properties of Jodhpur Pink Sandstone.

Classification Sand Stone
Quarry Deposit Compact
Quarry Excavation Block
Chisel Splitting Not Possible
Gang Saw Sawing Possible
Offered in Steps, Cobbles, Slab, Tiles, Palisades, Block and Wall Bricks.
Finishes Offered Vibrated, Tumbled, Sawn, Honed , Polished, Sandblasted, Brushed, Bush hammered
Standard Dimensions Steps: 100/150/200X35X15

Palisades: 25/30/50/75/100/125/150/200X12, 100X20X8, 100X25X8

Tiles: Cut to Size 2cm, 3cm 30×30, 60×30, 40×40, 60×40 , 60×60

Cobbles: 10X10X7-9, 14X14X3-5, 14X14X7-9, 14X14X12-14, 14X20X3-5, 14X20X7-9

Patio Pack Set contains 2pcs of 56×84.5 , 2pcs of 56×56 , 4pcs of 27.5×56, 4pcs of 27.5×27.5

As per requirements, combinations are possible.

Tailor-Made Specifications Possible
Carved Articles Possible (For Polished & honed finish)
Recommended Applications Interior and Exterior
Suitability Thicker material for heavy traffic and medium material for low traffic.
Consistency As per pictures, Consistent Variation in colour is possible.
Fragility Sound
Delivery 3 to 4 weeks for standard material

Depending on the finish and size required for non standard material.

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Jodhpur Pink Sandstone is well known for its eye catching and astonishing effect for interiors and exteriors. This earthed toned sandstone are useful for constructing terraces, patios, flooring and various other types of building installations.

It is considered as the perfect and supreme choice for indoor and outdoor paving because of its uniform texture and compact structure. A different variety of looks can be created with the help of these sandstones like cutting them into tiles, splitting into random slabs.

These sandstones can be rough or polished. It possesses a great quality of giving the rugged or refined look as per the requirements. Jodhpur Pink sandstone is very common and easily available in markets across the world .Various varieties of finishes like natural, calibrated, honed, polished, flamed, etc are available.

As per the requirements of the clients these sandstone can be cut into exact size and shapes.

Different type of Finishes in the form of Tiles are available like

• Tiles with all side sawn and top flamed.

• All Side Sawn and Top Sand Blasted, Cut vertically from blocks.

• All Side Sawn and Flamed.

• Cobbles with top sawn and flamed.

• All side sawn and flamed tiles with cobbles, with top sawn and flamed.

• Stone rock face.

• Comparison of Sawn/flamed /Shamfer.

• All side Hand Cut Palisades.

These above tiles are available in various sizes such as 6×6, 12×12, 12×24, 16×16, and 24×24.


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