Rainbow Sandstone


Rainbow sandstone or Reddish Sandstone is a combination of astonishing streaks and whirls in various colors such as red, brown and violet. Sturdiness, durability and being able to survive in the extreme weather conditions make this sandstone a perfect fit for indoor and outdoor utilization. Being exemplary for paving, flooring and wall cladding this sandstone is composed of fine fragments of quartz. This Indian Sandstone is named so, due to its lively and vibrant colors. This sandstone is sawn smoothly on all the six sides. This feature makes it totally clean and crisp while it still remains grippy and firm underfoot. Available in the sawn finish, this sandstone is really eye-catching and it always gets people talking. This sandstone is always a great choice to lay around swimming pools as it is non-slippery yet smooth which certainly makes it ideal for the bare feet usage and we can avoid poolside slips to a great extent.

This sandstone stands among the boldest paving styles of all. Due to the presence of veins and intense whirls it really stands out from the pack. Each slab looks unique and if blended together on a wide area it looks like a real feature. Rainbow sawn sandstone paving is available in a huge range of varying colors. We recommend not to use acidic cleaners on this natural stone as it may cause impairing or sometimes permanent damage to its color and structure. We would like to mention an important thing that this sandstone may have an occasional small hole and pitting on its surface. This is not a fault with the product rather it is a natural characteristic of this stone. This pitting might increase over the long duration as the stone is exposed continuously to the environment.

It is one of the most vibrant and unique color ranges. Due to the uniqueness of each slab, we can guarantee you a customized patio area each time. This stone is called Rainbow sandstone because it contains a mixture of distinctive colored veins throughout the area thus you will never see the same pattern again. It is guaranteed to be entirely unique when used in the garden paving. Adding to its features, weather resistance is something that will last for many years if proper measures are followed. Rainbow Sandstone paving goes through an extra process where the edges of the stone are clean cut sawn to have smooth edges. This process gives two-fold benefit-the perfectly straight edges allow the slabs to sit alongside each other in a jigsaw pattern and the visible edges give a contemporary look due to the smooth edges. Tiles made up from Rainbow Sandstone fits for various purposes like porch pavers, sandstone pavers, pool edging tiles, alfresco pavers, wall cladding, stepping stones, pool paving etc.

Being the leading exporter and manufacturer of Rainbow Sandstone, Stone Mart India is able to offer this sandstone in various culminations like diamond sawn, calibrated, honed. You can buy Rainbow Sandstone at very affordable prices here. We are among the top 10 reliable sandstone suppliers in India. It is available in different sizes, lineations and dimensions. So what are you waiting for? Get the best quality Rainbow Sandstone from Stone Mart India for all your needs and add charm to your interior and exterior home d├ęcor.


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