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All over the world, the use of stone in the exterior and interior applications is widely gaining popularity. For the exterior décor of home, office, hotel, farm house etc. stone wall cladding is becoming the primary choice of most of the people. The natural beauty offered by stones is the reason why people prefer to use stones to enhance the beauty of the building be it a private house or a commercial building.


In number of businesses such as restaurants, traditional hotels, showrooms etc., key role is played by architecture and this makes use of stones popular in these areas. Stonemart is the leading natural stone exporter in India offering premium quality natural stone wall cladding in India. There are number of reasons why wall cladding is gaining popularity for the purpose of interior and exterior décor.

An external layer of stones could be defined as stone cladding that offers shield against the components and both in outdoors or indoors, crafts the anticipated feature as well. In the warmer seasons as well, it works exceptionally well as the heat built up inside the home is not trapped by it. Owing to its versatility, it could be used for installation in renewals or constructions and could also be applied to nearly any surface.


Numbers of applications are there in which wall cladding could be specifically used such as fireplaces, pool features, chimneys, waterfalls, pillars, kitchens, interior and external feature walls. At present, for enhancing and adding value to the home appearance, the use of wall cladding is in trend. Wall cladding that initially was used for pillars or feature walls to offer them a look distinct from the rest is now being used all through the house and has got a place for the exterior décor as well. The natural stone wall cladding offered by Stonemart provides number of benefits that acts as the key reason behind its increasing success. This product not just adds to the visual appeal but could also be used for the applications including high temperatures as it is not vulnerable to such conditions.


When used for the applications such as pools or water features as well, distinctive advantage is provided by wall cladding. Stonemart offers wall cladding in wide range of colors that makes it a perfect pick for living area in outdoors or home. It is easy to install and adds great appeal to the place making it distinct from other places. Select the best stone cladding that suits your needs from the wide range of natural stone wall cladding offered by leading natural stone exporter in India. The climate in which the cladding is to be applied also has its impact in its selection.

Stonemart offers best quality wall cladding in wide range of textures and colors making the selection easier. So get mint sandstone wall cladding, natural stone wall cladding in India that best suits your demands and match your taste from the leading natural stone exporter in India.

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