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To ensure the quality of natural stone, some controls are required. Stone Mart, the leading natural stone exporter in India performs several quality checks to ensure that the customers are served with the best quality material. Whenever the stone is imported, we ensure that it is tested properly and has the required markings.

There are certain related coherent Standards that are required to be complied by certain products such as cladding, tiles, masonry and slabs for stairs and flooring, kerbs and setts, external paving etc. The requirements for production control of factory and initial type testing are set out by these standards.

When comes the case of external paving, skid resistance, flexural strength, water absorption, frost resistance etc. are the features provided by us. To test whether the stone is suitable for pavements or not, it is important that it pass the laboratory tests. On the basis of the results obtained, placement procedures and thickness be selected with the defined conditions.

All the stone products offered by Stone Mart undergo relentless external and internal tests for quality to make sure that the customers receive the highest quality material.




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