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Stone Mart work persistently and passionately, vested by our brand values of excellence, leadership, sustainability and trust to uphold the pillars of labor, human rights and environment. Sustainability is leveraged by us by doing the right thing so as to drive the competitive advantage for the business.

Human Rights

Human right is not a part but the whole
Consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Stone Mart supports the rights for the betterment of humans. These rights are respected by us while we conduct business across the globe and we always seek to preserve, uphold and promote these.


For a better tomorrow, act now
There is a responsibility of each one of us to maintain the balance in nature and environment. For this purpose, Stone Mart performs strict quality checks so as to ensure the fact that no harm is done to the environment in the stone processing. We work with proper strategies so as to maintain a sustainable business commitment.

Child Labor

Child is meant to learn, not to earn
Stone Mart is committed to ensure the fact that what is good for the business is also good for the society and take strict actions to eliminate child labor as well. Every child has the right to learn and no innocent life must be forced to work. This is the approach with which Stone Mart works and always take care to preserve and uphold the human rights.

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