Gifting Buddha Statue as a Birthday Gift to Someone Special

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The significance of Buddha statues tends to differ as per their significance in different cultures. When we look at the culture of gifting Buddha stone statue from the perspective of Thai culture, then we would find that it is one of the most common and popular gifts presented to someone on his or her birthday.

Here, there is a culture of offering different forms of Buddha with respect to the day on which someone is born. These days, the culture has been practised not only in Thailand but also in different other parts of the world.

It would be interesting for all of us to learn about this unique cultural practice and what is the significance of the Buddha statue to a person with respect to each day. But prior to that, it is noteworthy that the concept of gifting Buddha is slightly different in case of an individual being born on a Wednesday. There would be two different forms of Buddha, one for the individuals born between 6:00 am to 5.59 pm and another one, for the ones born between 7.00 pm to 5.59 am.

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The Type of Buddha to be Gifted as per the Characteristics of a Person

Monday– The ideal statue to gift is “pacifying the relatives” Buddha, natively known as Pang Ham Yati and commonly termed as the Buddha in his abhaya mudra. It is meant for a person who is serious by nature and has a good memory and fond of travelling. Such a person is prone to be functioning in a skilled occupation. 

Tuesday– The ideal Buddha statue for sale that you can order for a person born on Tuesday is a Reclining Buddha. It is rightly meant for a person who is serious by nature and do feature the characteristics of being brave and active.

Wednesday– It is advisable to gift Receiving Buddha (for morning) and The Blessed One Buddha (for evening) in the time duration that we have mentioned above. An individual born on Wednesday morning is polite, artistic, and emotional by nature. Born on a Wednesday evening? The person is indeed hard-working and honest.

Thursday– It is suggestive to gift Meditating (dhyana) Buddha to one such person as he or she is peaceful, honest, and calm in terms of the personality traits.

Friday– We recommend you gift a Contemplating Buddha stone carved statue, as the individual would be friendly, fun-loving and ambitious by nature.

Saturday– Our ideal suggestion is to go for Protection Buddha, as the person born on this day tend to be relatively logical, composed and slightly recluse by nature.

Sunday– Restraint Buddha is the most popular Gautam Buddha statue ideally gifted to the person born on this day. The person born on Sunday is considered to be wise, respectable, adored by family and friends.

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No one can deny the fact that a Buddha stone statue for home is something a lot more than a mere dust-catching object. When you realise the true meaning behind the different poses of Buddha, you can understand how much they can influence the lives of the people based on their day and time of birth. Visit Buddha statues to come across the widest range of Buddha statues online and gift your beloved one a life-transforming symbol of divinity and spirituality.