The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism Reflective in Modern Art Buddha Statues

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Buddhism is one of the major religions of the Indian subcontinent, which influenced its followers for over 2,500 years. The teachings of the Buddha are solely aimed to emancipate the sentient beings from the sufferings of the mortal world. The teachings of Siddhartha Gautama revolve around some of the core pillars of Buddhism. The teachings revolve around the Four Noble Truths, the Three Universal Truths, and the Noble Eightfold Path.

When we look at the creation of ancient to modern art Buddha statues, then we would find that their architecture, expressions, and postures are inspired by these noble truths. That is the reason why, before you bring the next Buddha stone statue for home, it is suggestive to learn about their significance in terms of these four noble truths.

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  • The First Noble Truth: The first truth reflects the realities of the life. The suffering is inevitable till the time a person resides in this mortal world. Here, the person is not only required to overcome physical but mental sufferings as well. These sufferings function within a cycle and there is always a beginning and an end to it. It is important for the individual to realise this truth and work to overcome the reasons behind the suffering.
  • The Second Noble Truth: The second truth ascertains the reason behind the suffering. Here, according to the Buddha, desire and ignorance are two of the key reasons behind most of the sufferings. The desire for materialistic needs and the lack of capacity to focus and insight mentally, the mind of the individual stays underdeveloped. The vices like envy, greed, anger, and hatred result in the rise of ignorance. Controlling them shall remain one of the key steps to uplift an individual from the vicious cycle of desire and ignorance.
  • The Third Noble Truth: In this penultimate truth, one can overcome suffering by reaching the stage where there is no existence of suffering at all. As per the Buddha, there are two ways to overcome these sufferings. One is to wait for the end of life in this world, and the second is attaining salvation through Nirvana. Once the enlightenment is achieved by the mortal, he or she can eliminate the factors from the life that eventually result in suffering.
  • The Fourth Noble Truth: The ultimate noble truth from the Buddha suggests the ways through which one person might end the suffering in his or her life. The Buddha lectures his disciples to follow the noble eightfold paths that are somehow integral to different stages of our lives. The exploration of this truth helps in the creation of an atmosphere where one can move closer to the righteous Buddhist path.
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We are going to discuss about this eightfold path of the Buddha in one of the upcoming pieces of blogs. There, we are going to tell you how the selection of the right Buddha stone statue can pave the path to explore the truth about redemption in life.

In the modern collection of stone carved Buddha statues, the exploration of the four noble truths can be done by different mudras of the lord. These include dhyana mudra, bhumisparsha mudra, dharmachakra mudra, vitarka mudra, abhaya mudra, etc. Visit Buddha statues to come across an exquisite collection of Buddha statues for sale as per the ancient lessons on the noble truth revealed by the lord. Get in touch with our service representative online to learn more!

The Artistic Legacy of Odisha- The Birthplace of Stone Carved Buddha Statues

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The Indian State of Odisha is widely venerated and acknowledged around the world due to its stunning artistic heritage, exquisite temples, rich landscapes, and a diverse array of wildlife. The state is home to some of the aesthetic jewels of Indian art and architecture. Some of the most spiritually respected sites include Lord Jagannatha Temple, Lingraj Temple, Mukteshwara Temple, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, and not to mention, the majestic Sun Temple of Konark.

When it comes to the world-renowned artistic traditions of the state, then it features the most gifted artisans in the field of Pattachitra mural paintings, wood carving art of Puri for divine annual Ratha Yatra and artistic stone carving of the Buddha statues. The state of Odisha is the leading suppliers of stone carved Buddha statues to not only India, but across the globe due to the sheer magnitude of the design that is engraved and embossed on the natural stone surface inch-by-inch. It is the artistic marvel of the native sculptors of Odisha that brings the statues of the great lord to life, a seldom feat achieved by even the most gifted artisans in any other part of the world.

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How the Industry of Natural Stone Buddha Changed the Lives of these Artisans Forever?

The native artisans of Odisha are known for dedicating their lives for generations to this pious act of bringing the most venerated poses of the Buddha to life. Earlier, these artisans were neglected in terms of the price for the master work they truly deserved. Besides, the artists carving Buddha statues for sale tend to sustain it as a seasonal business, with lack of proper cutting and grinding tools and manufacturing set-up. The state had also been known for enduring some of the highest cases of respiratory infections across the country due to extreme silica exposure.

But the things rapidly changed after the advent of the most respected leader of the natural stone industry in the form of StoneMart India. Here, the gem of talent composed in these artisans was not only identified, and nurtured, but duly rewarded as well. The company is credited to not only give excellent livelihood and consistent work to the Odishi artists, but also take care of their health by supplying them with reliable silica-proof equipments and gears. The manpower of the state is well-equipped with the finest manufacturing set-up and assembly line at par with the international standards. With the special efforts of StoneMart India, the great legacy of Gautam Buddha statue manufacturing of the state is now unanimously recognised, acclaimed, and demanded in all parts of the globe.

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How can you Help to Preserve the Rich Heritage of this Beautiful Indian State?

Indeed, you can help by ordering 100% authentic Buddha statue stone products from the authorised online store of the company that genuinely care for its native Odishi sculptors. The most comprehensive range of Buddha stone statue can be visited at Buddha statue at the prices that are extremely fair and transparent.

So, no more faux imports, and no more accessibility issues! Get Buddha stone statues online in all shapes and sizes right under one roof to not only secure bread and butter for the most accomplished artists of the soil, but also help protect centuries old aesthetic heritage.

Gifting Buddha Statue as a Birthday Gift to Someone Special

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The significance of Buddha statues tends to differ as per their significance in different cultures. When we look at the culture of gifting Buddha stone statue from the perspective of Thai culture, then we would find that it is one of the most common and popular gifts presented to someone on his or her birthday.

Here, there is a culture of offering different forms of Buddha with respect to the day on which someone is born. These days, the culture has been practised not only in Thailand but also in different other parts of the world.

It would be interesting for all of us to learn about this unique cultural practice and what is the significance of the Buddha statue to a person with respect to each day. But prior to that, it is noteworthy that the concept of gifting Buddha is slightly different in case of an individual being born on a Wednesday. There would be two different forms of Buddha, one for the individuals born between 6:00 am to 5.59 pm and another one, for the ones born between 7.00 pm to 5.59 am.

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The Type of Buddha to be Gifted as per the Characteristics of a Person

Monday– The ideal statue to gift is “pacifying the relatives” Buddha, natively known as Pang Ham Yati and commonly termed as the Buddha in his abhaya mudra. It is meant for a person who is serious by nature and has a good memory and fond of travelling. Such a person is prone to be functioning in a skilled occupation. 

Tuesday– The ideal Buddha statue for sale that you can order for a person born on Tuesday is a Reclining Buddha. It is rightly meant for a person who is serious by nature and do feature the characteristics of being brave and active.

Wednesday– It is advisable to gift Receiving Buddha (for morning) and The Blessed One Buddha (for evening) in the time duration that we have mentioned above. An individual born on Wednesday morning is polite, artistic, and emotional by nature. Born on a Wednesday evening? The person is indeed hard-working and honest.

Thursday– It is suggestive to gift Meditating (dhyana) Buddha to one such person as he or she is peaceful, honest, and calm in terms of the personality traits.

Friday– We recommend you gift a Contemplating Buddha stone carved statue, as the individual would be friendly, fun-loving and ambitious by nature.

Saturday– Our ideal suggestion is to go for Protection Buddha, as the person born on this day tend to be relatively logical, composed and slightly recluse by nature.

Sunday– Restraint Buddha is the most popular Gautam Buddha statue ideally gifted to the person born on this day. The person born on Sunday is considered to be wise, respectable, adored by family and friends.

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No one can deny the fact that a Buddha stone statue for home is something a lot more than a mere dust-catching object. When you realise the true meaning behind the different poses of Buddha, you can understand how much they can influence the lives of the people based on their day and time of birth. Visit Buddha statues to come across the widest range of Buddha statues online and gift your beloved one a life-transforming symbol of divinity and spirituality.

Delving into a Brief History of the Buddhist Art

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The uniqueness of the Buddhist art is highly reflected in the stone carved Buddha statues in different postures, dhyana mudras and expressions of the lord. The art that we occasionally witness to be eloquently carved and embedded and embossed to perfection. The stages of the life of Siddhartha Gautama are depicted in various forms in the Buddhist art. These forms somehow bear relevance to the challenges, complexities, and opportunities of our daily lives.

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The teachings of the lord motivate us to bear a perfect balance in between self-mortification and self-indulgence. We can relate to the fact that those who have not achieved enlightenment would finally be reincarnated. The Buddha achieved a higher level because he rejected physical and mortal desires, as well as the asceticism of the modern world.

The Story that Sown the Seeds of the Modern Art

Siddhartha Gautama, later to be called as Buddha, was born to a royal family at Kapilavastu in Lumbini. He was personified as the next leader with exemplary display of battle skills and critical thinking. During his growing years, Siddhartha came across an affluent upbringing, but somehow unable to find the path to higher purpose. He left his family in search of a new path and practised self-restrain and experimented with asceticism. Eventually, he succeeded in exploring the path of meditation to reach the horizons of enlightenment. It is primarily because his experiment with asceticism helped him realise the fact that to understand the real meaning of life, one needs to break the cycle of reincarnation.

The origin of the first Buddhist artwork is as old as the 1st Century BCE. Earlier, these artworks were primarily revolving around caskets and stupas. The proliferation of the new kinds of Buddhist arts dates back from 1st century CE to the present. When we carefully look and analyse the Buddha statues in various forms, then we would find that they reflect wisdom, consciousness, and enlightenment. They inspire us to imbibe the qualities of the Buddha to our lives to make free of doubt and restlessness.

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The Historical Mudras Reflecting Modern Vastu Needs

The spiritual value of stupas drove the sculptors to create Buddha stone statues in the forms that are still pervasive in the modern market. Irrespective of the fact whether we are talking about the Buddha statue for home decor or Buddha statue for garden, the artisans fill up the negative space left while carving the statue. The creativity works upon symbolism or aniconic symbolism to represent the core ideas of the religious figure.

When we look at the modern Buddha statues for home vastu, then we would observe them to be inspired from different life stages of the Buddha. It can be attaining enlightenment through bhumisparsha mudra, attaining peace through dhyana mudra, imparting wisdom, and knowledge through dharma chakra mudra, clearing the minds from doubts through vitarka mudra or offering protection from fear through abhaya mudra. There can always be the right Buddha statue for the discovered needs.

Reach Buddha statues to explore Buddha statue for sale from the most legitimate and trustworthy manufacturer and supplier with an unparalleled goodwill in the market.