Facts and Features About Natural Stone Tiles From Natural Stone Exporter

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In the world of natural stone tiles from best natural stone exporter, there are plentiful items with varying shapes, sizes, patterns, textures, shades, etc. Not all the items are suitable for any project work. Each natural stone tile from quality sandstone supplier in India has its own features and offers some sort of distinct purposed satisfaction with respect to the other tiles. Well, if you are hunting for picking up the most suitable and best tile for your home or office project then you must go through the below facts before making a deal.       

Factual Information

There are many options in flooring tiles so that it meets the desires and needs of each customer. By picking a perfect gorgeous natural stone flooring tiles from best natural stone exporter for your home or office, you will get satisfied and happy for a lifetime experience.

The designs and shades of polished natural stones from best natural stone exporter are mesmerizing. People reaching quality sandstone supplier in India are always benefitted. A thorough knowledge of factory outlets and manufacturing details of natural stone is duly provided by best natural stone exporter in India. Mix and match idea related with natural stone interior or exterior appliance is explained by quality sandstone supplier in India.    

Technical Necessities


A crucial concern, while deciding on selecting natural stone tiles from quality natural stone supplier in India, is the strength of tiles which will eventually figure out the durability and application. The strength and stiffness of a tile is rated as per the PEI scale which usually ranges from 1 to 5. A PEI rating only helps to determine the hardness and nothing else. Tiles, having PEI rating as 1, are still stiff and solid to touch but not as thick as PEI of 5.

The Tiles with PEI rating as 1 are best suited for wall applications. Though they are weak but with beautiful appeal.

The tiles with PEI rating as 2 are appropriate for very light weighted traffic area. These tiles are not fit for entryways, walkways or kitchen areas.

The tiles with PEI rating 3 are fit for residential and commercial utilization. These tiles are best for the office areas, interior walls, hallways, etc.

The tiles with PEI rating 4 are most prominent tiles for usual traffic areas. As these tiles are durable, they are suitable for schools, homes, business showrooms etc. any indoor or outdoor application.

The tiles with PEI rating 5 are the most durable tiles providing benefits in the industrial floors with heavy amount of traffic.

Slip Resistance

Best Natural stone exporter offers some suggestions related to natural stones tile features to its clients. Simply by making a judgment based on PEI rating is not enough. You must even go through other specifications such as research on slip resistance of tile. It is sensible to pick up very high slip resistance tiles for the commercial fixings.

In order to estimate slip resistance of tile, you need 2 rating systems.

Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF)

This is an old and traditional way to evaluate slip resistance of tiles. Sometimes, this measurement proves to be inaccurate as it determines the slip resistance of tile when it is stationary (standing still). Due to inaccuracy, quality sandstone supplier in India prefers the other method which is given below.

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF)

This is the latest and popular method as the accuracy in measurement is high. This method is estimated in the technique which is more obviously stands for a human stride. For selecting tiles for wet fields such as bathrooms and pools, this method is fundamentally significant.

Best natural stone exporter gives tips and advices to its consumers regarding all the characteristics and properties of natural stone collection. The catalogue offered by quality sandstone supplier in India can satisfy the hunger of any shopaholic customer. Contact Stonemart India for stunning and affordable products.

Natural Stone Facts

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Natural stones like – sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, slate, etc. takes millions of years to form. The most interesting fact about these stones is that their properties are different. There are many natural stone company in India that manufactures natural stone products. The natural stone exporter exports natural stone products to countries all over the world.

Natural stones have a wide range of uses and it is essential to know the following facts about these –

According to most natural stone company in India, the stones have different rate of absorption and they are porous in nature. More absorbent stones have high chances of getting stains and marks. If the stones in the exterior have high absorption rate, they can get damaged easily because of temperature change. The natural stone exporter exports all type of natural stone products.

The natural stone company in India gives grade to the products to rate their quality. The grade is given to the surface, thickness, shape or size of any of the natural stone. Products having grade one are most reliable and have best quality. Grade two products may have some defects or irregularities. Grade three products could be used only for decorative purpose as they may have significant flaws.

If a tile is slip-resistant or not, could be measured by the coefficient of friction. A higher coefficient tile has high friction and are suitable for any setting. The bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor tiles have tiles that are more resistant to slip.

Natural stone products have many benefits. They are popular as they are formed naturally; they are unique, appealing and attractive; and are eco-friendly. Natural stone products can be easily re-installed. Therefore, there is a huge demand for natural stone exporter.

Natural stones are popularly used in flooring. They give a royal look the floors. Most natural stone company in India exports natural stone flooring.

Natural stones also have some drawbacks. As the natural stones are porous, they need regular application of sealer. Sealers help to protect the tiles from getting porous. As stone is a natural product, it can get scratches or can get dulled by regular wear and tear.

Stone floor restoration helps the floor and tiles to get its original luster back. The natural stone exporter has experts who clean and restore the floor. This helps the floor maintain its originality.

These facts will help you choose the best tile and natural stone products for your interiors and exteriors. Stonemart India is a natural stone company in India that have its clientele all over the world. The manufacture the best and most reliable natural stone products. Get products like monoliths, cobbles, pebbles, bird baths, fountains, stone artifacts, birds and animals, statues, planters, etc. at an affordable price.

Natural Stone – Advantages And Qualities

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Home construction and renovation is a difficult job. People get frustrated if the quality of the raw material is not good. The best solution to all these problems is natural stone. Natural stone company in India produces strong and durable natural stone products. The raw material used in construction is expensive and there is no guarantee that they are of high quality. Natural stones are naturally strong and is unmatchable to any artificial material. There is a huge demand for natural stone exporter these days. The best thing about natural stone is that they are heat, stain and water resistant too. The life span of the area where natural stones are used also increases. There are many natural stone company in India.

The natural stone exporter of India exports high quality stones that have grace and shine. They export natural stone products to many countries. This is the behind the popularity of natural stone company in India. Natural stone products can enhance the beauty of your house. They make the interiors and exteriors look royal and unique. Marble, slate and granite are natural stones that are mostly popular for flooring. Natural stone is the best option for flooring as they are strong and resistant to rough use. Natural stone exporter exports stone pillars, stone fireplace, stone figures, handicrafts, stalls and many other stone products.

According to natural stone company in India the right choice and proper use of natural stones can give a gorgeous look to your interiors and exteriors. You need to hire the best exporter. The natural stones are extracted from the nature like from mountains; artificial means are not used in their production. This is a tough job and requires experienced and professional workers along with technical machines. However, just like many other products, these could also have adulterations. So, it is essential that you research well and then hire the best manufacturer. Choosing the right exporter and manufacturer is important for the quality of the final product.

Stonemart India is the best natural stone exporter. They have a team of professionals that produce strong and attractive natural stone products. They have years of experience in this industry. They export to many countries like Germany, UK, Australia, Sweden, etc. Cobbles, spheres, bird bath, fountains, monoliths, buddha statues, pebbles are some of the products that they manufacture and export. Contact now to get affordable, premium quality products for your interiors and exteriors.

Natural Stones – Manufacturing And Marketing

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There are three stages in which a business can be managed by natural stone company in India and natural stone manufacturers. In the first stage, stones from mines are quarried by the natural stone exporter; in the second stage, the stones are processed; in the third and last stage, the finished products are taken for marketing and supply.

Marble is a very popular natural stone. The natural stone exporter produces several marble products because of the huge demand. Processing plants are required to process natural stones like quartzite random slabs, granite random slabs by marble exporter, limestone exporters. It should be well equipped with all necessary requirement and manpower who are skilled in this task.

Lots of commitment and teamwork is required to produce quality natural stone product. Staff of various skill sets are required to fulfill this task. The natural stone company in India export their products to several other countries like USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Italy, Dubai, etc. There are many other countries, these being the major ones. These companies import it from natural stone exporter and natural stone company in India. Hence, it is important that the quality of the product is good and satisfactory. Quality management team plays an important role in this. They thoroughly check the quality of the products to be exported.

Marble tiles, granite random slabs, gemstone painting, stone table, quartzite random slabs, marble pillar, etc. are some of the natural stone finished products. Natural stone products are admired by everyone. The list of the countries importing natural stone products from natural stone exporter are the evidence that it is popular worldwide.

The features of natural stone show why people of India and other countries find it so stunning. Marble is resistant to corrosion and germ; granites are known for their durability and are used in ornamental architectural work because of their strength; sandstone is hard, strong and porous. Marble exporters should manufacture high quality product and should be careful while exporting it so that buyers are satisfied with it. Limestone flooring exporters, marble tiles exporters, slate stone exporters and other such exporters should be aware of the three stages mentioned above.

Stonemart India is a natural stone company in India that have clients all over the World. They manufacture high quality, attractive products. They offer wide range of products like statues, fountains, bird bath, stone artifacts, stone benches, birds and animals, etc. The products are available in hand cut finish, machine processed finish and variant edges. They export the natural stone products made of sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, etc.

Ways To Select The Right Natural Stone

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Various natural stones are available in India, like – sandstone, granite, marble, travertine, slate, etc. Stone should be chosen based on the area and its usage. There are many natural stone company in India that exports the products made of natural stone.


Limestones are harder than sandstones. It is more brittle but is used as sandstone. Polished finish and natural finish exterior are recommended in flooring. Cladding could be polished or natural. Natural stone exporter recommends the use of limestone in benches, natural steps, etc. because it is smooth. It is also available in tiles. Lime black, lime grey, lime yellow are few names.


It is a type of limestone. It gives a charismatic look to the floors and walls. It is a very smooth stone. It is also available in brushed and polished finish. It is available in gangsaw size slabs and tiles. Rainforest Green is a marble that has a finish of classic brushed antique. Natural stone company in India manufactures many marble products as it has huge demand in India. Wide variety of marble is available in India. Jaisalmer Yellow, Rainforest Brown, Root Yellow are some of the popular marble names.


Granites are very hard. These are used in interiors and exteriors. It is available in gangsaw slabs and tiles. It has variety of finishes like – polished, brushed, honed, leather, etc. Natural stone exporter exports some popular granites, like – Black Galaxy, Copper Silk, Imperial Red, Ruby Red, Kashmir White, etc.

Slate Stone:

The softest stones are Slate Stones. It can be easily pealed out with normal pressure. Natural stone company in India recommends it in low activity floors with sealing and wall cladding. These are available in tumbled, natural and polished finish. It looks best in natural finish. It is available in small slab size and tile. Natural stone exporter exports some popular slate stones like – Jack Black, Jack Multicolor, Indian Autumn, Madras Multi, etc.

Quartzite Stone:

It has quartz particles in it which makes it harder than slate. Natural stone company in India recommends using it in flooring, interior cladding and tabletops. It is available in polished, brushed, tumbled and natural finish. Different finish gives different but beautiful look. It is available in tile and small slab size. Natural stone exporter exports some popular quartzite stones like – Silver Shine, Green Gold, Ocean Green, Himachal Black, Zeera Green, etc.

Travertine Stone:

It gives a royal and antique look to the walls at offices and homes because it is a soft stone. It is available in various sizes.

Stonemart India is a natural stone exporter. They manufacture stunning products to make your house and office look attractive and beautiful.

Natural Stones – One Stop Solution For Decorating Your Home

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Natural stones are very stylish and long-lasting because of their uneven size and variety of compositions. It is also called as thin stone because of its light weight. It is available in variety of colors and textures. It does not get affected by climatic conditions and is very durable. Home builders prefer it the most. There are natural stone company in India that provides stunning natural stone products.

Four main types of natural stones are –

  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Marble

For an elegant, graceful and stylish appearance of homes and offices, people are very fond of natural stone products and natural stone company in India. Because of increase in demand, natural stone exporter is producing large amount of products and are gaining huge profit.

Natural stone company in India and natural stone exporter design various natural stone products that can be used for the following purposes –

Kitchen Countertops –

Granites are widely used in kitchen countertops. They are very durable and have good heat resistance. It is the best for kitchen countertops. Granites can be easily cleaned and are cheaper than other stones. Additionally, it is resistant to bacteria, hence popularly used in kitchen countertops.

Fireplaces –

Get a sophisticated fireplace build with natural stones. It is easy to cut natural stones and install without worrying. Display the beauty of the stone in this area of your home. It adds beauty to your home. Natural stone company in India and natural stone exporter suggests the use of any type of stone for a decorative fireplace.

To Enhance the Beauty of Homes and Offices –

Because of low durability, marbles are widely used for decorating homes and offices to enhance their beauty. As they are reactive to acidic foods, hence they are mainly used in the exteriors.

To Construct Houses –

The stones are strong materials but because they are expensive, hence no longer used for building purpose. Egyptian pyramids are the best example to prove how excellent and strong stones are.

Roofing and Ceiling –

Natural stone exporter suggests using slate for roofing as it is water resistant. It can be carved beautifully and used in areas that frequently comes in contact with water. It has a dark color, hence easily hides stains.

The natural stones have several other uses other than the ones mentioned above. They are used in swimming pools too. They can be used for several purposes, therefore maintaining it is also important to sustain its beauty.

To give an ever-stylish look to your home and office, contact Stonemart India. They have stunning natural stone products and their clients are all over the world.