Limestone Driveway Paving – Benefits

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A pavement adds beauty to a home. The natural stone company in India uses good quality material for pavements. According to most natural stone supplier in India, the driveways should be strong, durable and should require less maintenance. It is important that the material for driveway should be chosen depending on the climatic conditions of the area.

One of the most trusted products used in making pavements by natural stone supplier in India, is limestone. It is extracted from caves and sea beds naturally. People prefer it because of its durability. It adds beauty and charm to the homes.

Driveway pavements made with limestone has following benefits –


Most natural stone company in India suggests making driveway pavements with limestone as is cost-effective. Although, it is cost-effective, it gives a lasting impression and the pavements look expensive. Pavers made of limestones are mostly suitable in high traffic areas.


Areas with extreme weather conditions have slippery pavements. It is not possible for house owners to frequently replace pavements, as it would be expensive. Hence, using limestone for pavement would not cost much in replacement.

Most natural stone company in India suggests using limestones as they are durable and strong.

Color Options:

People love variety as they get more options to choose from. Natural stone company in India like Stonemart India offers limestones of various colors that would complement the house as per client’s requirement. Various finishes can be given to limestones by natural stone supplier in India.

Easily Replaceable:

Most natural stone supplier in India can easily craft limestones into various shapes and sizes. Replacing a broken limestone driveway is easy. Limestones are very flexible and can be easily customized.


According to most natural stone supplier in India, the best feature of limestone is that you get versatile colors and designs. The limestone pavers can be used for both homes and offices.

There are a variety of limestone pavers that are available to choose for your homes and office. Limestone pavers are mostly available in light, dark, gold, gray, white, buff and creamy colors. Most of them have a honed surface. As per the requirement the experts can cut the edges to get the required shape.

A driveway pavement is the first thing people would notice when they arrive at your place, hence it should be attractive and fashionable.

Stonemart India is a natural stone company in India that provides magnificent and stunning natural stone products. Get amazing products at an affordable rate.

Natural Stone Guide

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Firstly, it is important to know what natural stone is. It is a product that is extracted from the earth. It takes thousands of years to form and is widely used in flooring and building materials. It is found in various types and colors. Natural stone’s formation is one of the top reasons for its popularity. It is very strong and durable. It gives a royal look to the offices and houses; these are used in both interiors and exteriors. Natural stone company in India exports beautiful natural stone products. There are also natural stone supplier in India that manufactures and supplies natural stone products to many countries around the globe.

Natural stones are of various types like – sandstone, granite, marble, slate, travertine, limestone, etc. Natural stone company in India produces natural stone products using all of these.  Each of these stones are unique; have different property, color, appearance and texture. They need to be protected from getting damaged. They need regular cleaning and maintenance. Natural stone supplier in India suggests cleaning it regularly.

According to natural stone company in India natural stones cannot be completely restored. If you install tiles of natural stones as floor tiles, they will be done with a coating on surface. With the passage of time, the coating on the surface will wear out and it won’t be very effective. It can get damaged by staining, scratching, etc. You must protect your floor tiles with the help of stone restoration services that is available. These services help the natural stone products restore their effectiveness. Natural stone supplier in India provides effective service.

Tried and tested use of products is a primary element of this process. Many of these are available but it can be dangerous because of their unpleasant odors. Hence, natural stone company in India advices to use naturally extracted products that are not harmful. You can get great finish in these stones without damaging them. Installing natural stone could be expensive, therefore it is important that you clean it regularly and manage it professionally.

To maintain tiles successfully and maintain its durability and longevity, advice on normal cleaning is important. A highly educated approach is demanded here. Make sure that regular and routine cleaning and removal of dirt is done properly. If cleaning is not done, it will not last long and can get damaged by scratches. After getting damaged and scratched, it can act as sandpaper. Routine re-finishing is required in natural stone to protect it from getting stain and damage. Natural stone supplier in India manufactures strong natural stone products that lasts long.

Color enhancers, protector impregnators and sealers are used for finishing natural stones. This also helps in rejuvenating the tile’s natural beauty. It would be great to know how natural stones are formed, how to take care of them and protect it from damage. Natural stone supplier in India manufactures stunning products that would enhance the beauty of both interiors and exteriors.

Stonemart India is a natural stone company in India that manufactures natural stone products. Get outstanding products at an affordable rate.

Grace For Your Kitchen And Bathroom Natural Stones By Natural Stone Exporter Furnishings

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If you are hunting to fantastically upgrade your kitchen and bathroom then marble and various other stones are your ultimate solution. Numerous stones for selection from Natural stone supplier in India are accessible which can even make your task of choosing the right one a bit confusing. According to the quality sandstone exporter in India, there are infinite ranges of collection of natural stones like granite, slate, travertine, sandstone, marble etc.

Like other trade and commerce companies, designers and remodeling industry have certain certification along with them for marketing highly valuable and quality products which stay lifetime with every customer. If you are a homeowner or commercial entrepreneur starting to look out for details concerning usage of natural materials in kitchen and bathroom you must once find the past project activities of Natural stone supplier in India. Natural stones in various cut and carved designs from quality sandstone exporter in India guarantees regarding the durability and lifetime elegance of the stones.   

You must also check whether the stone company is accredited with Marble Institute of America. An alliance was started many years ago by Marble Institute of America for marble builders and today it developed to comprise of various other natural stone elements like slate, limestone, soapstone, granite and travertine etc. The companies which are affiliated with Marble Institute of America remain strict with the norms of verifying quality and high grade of materials which a building will reflect when completed. More than 2000 members of MIA are concentrating to use the best quality products at affordable prices. Natural stones adhered by the natural stone supplier in India ensures that the same quality at reasonable price will be granted to its customer. Natural stones from quality sandstone exporter in India are available in numerous sizes, shape, textures, patterns, shades etc. which will satisfy the consumer’s hunt for natural stones.

To add style and substance in the interior and exterior of residence is dream of every couple. If you too are hunting for best from authentic company of India, then you are at correct place. From kitchen slabs, bar countertops to bath vanity tops, tabletops and fireplace surround, there is a piece of natural stones for every interior or exterior part of your house. Natural stone supplier in India recommends testifying the stone before making a final decision. A complete guidance with respect to marble, granite, quartz, soapstone and other natural stones is presented to customers from quality sandstone exporter in India.

It is not possible every-time to get an estimate as per one’s financial plan. Due to expensive verification, the ultimate result can arrive with lot more unless the activity is done in righteous manner. An appropriate stone for some specific task at one’s home is important to maintain his or her budget range. Natural stone supplier in India supports the homeowner with guaranteed statement of proper care and maintenance of the natural stone selected. To settle down on the best material from quality sandstone exporter in India is nothing less than climbing heights.

We offer excellent products and services in sensible prices. Our experience has taught us the guts of dealership. If you are planning to fetch the best out of our team of skilled professionals, then log on to

Where to get customized natural stone project works in India?

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 Mint sandstone 100 x 20 x 3 cm project work by Stonemart

Are you looking for customized natural stone projects in India that are small but you need to have them at any cost? Yes, sometimes it happens that there are few small projects that are though important, you need to drop the idea just because of non availability of professionals for the task. Well, don’t worry now Stonemart is there to help you out. Yes, here you can expect all kinds of project works in stone, be it thick crazy slabs in slates or really small size pebbles. Not just that, even if you need radial steps in slates or slabs in oversize and thickness that is even possible.

                                                     Jack Black slate wallslabs special size by Stonemart

With over 7 years of experience, Stonemart is catering to the demand of overseas customers from countries like Germany, Sweden, USA, UK, Middle East and Australia. Unlike other natural stone companies in India that put a restriction of specific quantity of specific materials in a container that is not the case with Stonemart. It is the only company in India that allows you to put 4 pallets of mint sandstone, 2 pallets of kandla grey, 6 pallets of washboards of kund multi slates, modak stair steppings, cobbles, extra size slabs with thickness in mint sandstone and what not.

                                         Peacock multi slates 40 x 8x 1.2cm washboards by Stonemart

Do Stonemart offer customized stone projects in domestic market too?

Yes, being a professional natural stone exporter in India, the company even accepts stone projects from India as well. The stone project is first of all discussed by the expert team and outlined with the help of Autocad, once done, it is discussed with the team members who tell how it can be executed in the best possible manner. So, either you are looking for a rock with name and address engraved on it or special cut to size slabs, you can order that at Stonemart.

                                                           Modak Stairstep 100 x 35 x 15 by Stonemart

What all Stonemart offers?
Stonemart is a professional natural stone company based at Jaipur, Rajasthan that is also popular as one of a kind landscaping company in India. Here you can expect complete range of landscaping products like cobbles, pebbles, circles, setts, stone patio packs, gazebo, garden artifacts, statues and monoliths that are very popular in UK. Stonemart supplies rockery slates, slate monoliths in huge quantity and in good size. In addition, stone panels, stone cladding, pavings etc are supplied by Stonemart.

                                                    Kandla Grey sandstone patio pack by Stonemart

Why Stonemart is among the top sandstone suppliers in India?

Although Stonemart offers almost all kinds of natural stones like sandstone, limestone, slates, quartzites, granite and marble, it holds a very good position when it comes to project works and stock of sandstone. Yes, you can get natural, sawn, honed or polished, tumbled, sandsblasted and almost any available finish in sandstone, including mint sandstone, modak sandstone, kandla grey sandstone, buff brown sandstone, teak sandstone, rainbow sandstone ( no tumbled because of less thickness), Raj green sandstone, dessert brown sandstone and so on. This makes us stand among the best sandstone supplying companies not just in Jaipur rather in India.


What makes Stonemart apart from other natural stone companies in India?

Stonemart is one stop destination for getting stones of almost any color, kind and in any finish. Moreover, it is operated by Mr. Swadesh Rohilla who has years of experience working with European market where he was entrusted with the work of quality check and educating Indian suppliers to fulfill the expectations of European market. It is the smooth on time delivery, timely response to customer mails, work with perfection that has made him count among a very few professionals from stone industry who are required to give their views on the development of stone industry in India. When you are dealing with Stonemart, you can be rest assured you will be getting the best quality natural stone, in extraordinary packing and on time. What else you need? What are you waiting for? Mail us your requirements at: or call +91-9413348979

Sandstone paving applications by natural stone exporter in India

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There is no doubt in the fact that all across the world, the natural stone is preferred the most for  paving applications is sandstone. In origin, the sandstone is grainy and there are number of color palettes and shades in which it is available. When it comes to the outdoor décor, sandstone has way more applications than that compared to the interior decoration applications even though it is fairly used in architectural designing and interior adornment.

There is a great demand of sandstone offered by leading sandstone exporter in India, Stonemart all over the world on account of the charming shades and quality that we offer. Premium quality sandstone articles are offered by us at extremely competitive prices and that too in bulk so as to cater this demand.

For the applications in outdoor, especially paving, sandstone is highly suitable on account of its amazing properties. The surface of sandstone is anti-skid naturally and it is fire resistant as well. This makes it the best pick for the outdoor applications as during the conditions of wet weather, accidents and falls are prevented by this. In addition to this, sandstone is unaffected to harsh weather, durable and its appearance is enhanced by the natural weathering process. It is confirmed by these factors that sandstone is enduring and even after decades of its installation, there is no effect on its appearance and it does not get dull.

Sandstone readily balances with surrounding’s other colorful components on account of its natural and rich shades and to the outdoor spaces, an elegant and classical touch is added by it. Below are some of the most common uses of sandstone supplied by natural stone exports and suppliers in India.

Flooring: The spaces such as balconies, patios, barbeque areas and garden paths etc. can be beautifully decorated with sandstone paving. It can even withstand heavy foot traffic on account of the tough nature. Along with this, without any damage proneness, the heavy statues as well as barbeques could also be hold by sandstone.

Driveways: Usually with sandstone, driveways are constructed in the residential locales. Sandstone can easily bear the moving or standing vehicles load since they are sturdy and rigid in nature. For the purpose of preventing damages due to oil leakages and petrol from vehicles, sandstone must be sealed.

Pool surrounds: when placed around a pool, a captivating look is imparted by sandstone’s natural shade pavers. Since the damages related to water are prevented by sandstone therefore it is chiefly used for pool coping.

Other prevalent uses: sandstones can be used as stepping stones within a garden at different locations or at the property entrance. To make the water features and feature walls as well as to surround the garden beds, use of sandstone is popular.

Wide variety of sandstone articles are used apart from the applications as paving for the purpose of decorating outdoor spaces such as large lawns, front yards, garden and back yards. These are some of the reasons why sandstone offered by Stonemart is regarded as the most versatile natural stone.