Excellent Guide On Sandstone Cobbles

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Indian sandstone cobbles also known as setts are stunning and highly durable. Cutting pave stones can be avoided by using sandstone cobbles and it can be used to fill spaces. These are ideal for paths, courtyards and patios. Sandstone exporter in India exports variety of sandstone cobbles.

Stone Cobbles:

Give your home a natural look and feel with natural stone cobbles. These stones are highly durable and strong. Cobble stones are available in variety of styles, colors and sizes. You can get these from the professionals of sandstone exporter in India.

Lime Black Cobbles:

These cobbles are hugely used in landscaping projects. These cobbles are made up of black limestone. These are applicable in public walkways, parking, driveways, etc.

Natural Cobbles for Roads:

Because of the durability, these cobbles have high demand for making roads. These are used for making public roads, private roads, driveways, pathways, etc.

Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles:

These are mostly used for making pathways and other similar applications. Most sandstone exporter in India export these cobbles in various colors like brown, green, grey, etc.

These can be used as an alternative for path, patio or driveways. They are durable and weather resistant.

Brown Sandstone Cobbles:

These stunning cobbles are used in making platforms, flooring, parking, etc. These cobbles are processed by experts using quality raw materials. It gives a modern look and can be easily installed.

Kandla Grey Tumbled Cobbles:

These cobbles have a natural finish. These can be used for roads, driveways, pathways, hardscaping areas and porch.

Golden Sandstone Cobbles:

These cobbles are available in beautiful texture. They have a perfect finish and are light in weight. These are mostly used for pool side, pavements and outhouses.

Stonemart India is a leading sandstone exporter in India. We manufacture and export natural stone products in varied designs at industry leading prices. Get excellent quality stepping stones, spheres, cobbles, pebbles, monoliths, birdbaths, buddha statues, stone artifacts and stone articles.

Sandstone Sealer And Their Types

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Sandstones are available in variety of colors and design. Sandstone products are popularly used in both interiors and exteriors of the house. They are used for both domestic and commercial purpose. There is a huge demand for sandstone exporter in India. It is a sedimentary rock that is made of tiny quartz particles and other minerals. It is popularly used in building temples, monuments and cathedrals too. It is an eco-friendly material and saves energy and material as used in making concrete. The sandstone company in India that manufacture stunning sandstone products.

It is the youngest of all stones. It is strong, porous and permeable. Therefore, it is widely used in gardens and outdoors as pavement, birdbath, fountain, architectural ornament, etc. It is a popular choice for flooring, countertops, showers, walls, etc. Sandstone company in India manufacture all these products.

According to Sandstone company in India, sandstone is porous and receptive to stains and damage. Sandstones easily absorb oil and water and can get damaged over time. Hence, sandstone sealer is applied regularly to protect the surface from damage. Sandstone company in India exports sandstone products that are robust and long-lasting.

According to sandstone exporter in India, sandstone’s beauty can be protected by cleaning it regularly as it may get scratch by dust too. Sandstone floors can be cleaned with a dry mop or with warm water. Sandstone cleansers or any cleanser made for stones can be used to clean it regularly. Avoid normal cleansers as they contain chemicals that can damage sandstone surface. Sandstone company in India provides affordable and high-quality sandstone products.

Sandstone sealers are mainly of two types – the topical type and the penetrating type. The location of the sandstone and the surface on which it is applied decides the type of sealer. The sandstone that are of penetrating types are also known as impregnators and these are designed to penetrate the sandstone surface that binds with substrates of stones. This prevents liquids to penetrate from the sandstone surface. Water is colorless, but when it dries, it leaves stain on the surface of sandstone and same is with oil. This kind of protection is used in floors, pavements exteriors as impregnators are resistant to UV rays as compared to topical sealers. Sandstone exporter in India exports both types of sandstone sealers.

According to sandstone exporter in India, topical sealers are either permanent or strippable. These are cheaper and water based as compared to penetrating sandstone sealer. This type of sealer coats the surface of the sandstone and does not penetrates the inside surface. A topical sandstone’s disadvantage is that it gets damaged in areas where there is high traffic such as floor. It is also resistant to UV rays and gets yellow with time. It can get scratches with constant stripping and resealing. Topical sandstone sealers are more resistant to slip as compared to the penetrating sealers.

Stonemart India is a sandstone exporter in India. They have experts who produce high class natural stone products like – cobbles, pebbles, monoliths, birdbaths, fountains, buddha statues, stone animals and birds, etc.

Follow These Methods To Buy High Quality Sandstone

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People have been using sandstone for flooring and its products for decorating their houses and offices since a very long time. Sandstone are of various colors, like – red, brown, pink and grey. Sandstone company in India produces large number of products to export.

Tiles made of sandstone are available in various textures and finishes, including honed, brushed, tumbled and natural finish.

Since, sandstones are non-slippery, so they are widely used around swimming pools, balconies, verandas and outside areas. However, sandstone tiles must be sealed once in every two to three years as they are porous in nature. If you don’t clean them regularly, it will absorb all the dust and then it will not be possible to clean them. The sandstone exporter in India do not recommend using sandstone in kitchen.

The sandstone company in India advices to choose good quality tiles for swimming pool area. The surface of the tiles must be rough just like a sandpaper, and not chalky and soft. Check the entire surface and the sides of the tiles. When you look at the edges, make sure it does not look like it is made of layers of sand. The tiles made of sandstone that do not have solid edges might cause problems later. The sandstone exporter in India exports high quality long-lasting products.

After purchasing the sandstone tiles, you need to properly maintain them. They need regular maintenance. 5mm grout joint is allowed between the tiles to allow for ground movement. These tiles are not accurate in size, so sandstone exporter in India advices to not butt joint them. The sandstone company in India produces high quality tiles that are exported to many countries in the world.

According to sandstone company in India after grouting the sandstone tiles must be washed a couple of times and can you can leave them to dry for a few days. Right sealer must be chosen for sandstone. The sealer used for granite tiles are not suitable for sandstone. Deep sealer must be used which is available in all hardware stores. To keep the tile clean for a long time you must seal them with two to three coats. Repeat this process in every few years depending on the tile’s quality. Good quality tile can be cleaned in every three years and poor-quality tiles must be cleaned every year. Spending extra money on sandstone product is worth it.

Stonemart India is a sandstone exporter in India that supplies natural stone products in India and abroad. They are known for their best customer service and high-quality products. Their products are highly innovative and have quality finish. Their wide range of products include fountains, bird baths, statues, stone artifacts, etc.

Sandstone And Its Various Uses

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The chemical constitution of sand and sandstone is similar. Sandstone rock is mainly made up of quartz and iron oxide, calcium carbonate, silica, rock grains are the main cementing ingredient. It includes clasts, minerals, pieces and rock fragments. Sandstone company in India produces various sandstone products.

Red, tan, yellow, gray, white or brown are the various colors of sandstone rock. There are many sandstone exporter in India. There is a huge demand of sandstone in India. Hence, sandstone exporter in India is also growing. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh being the major states producing sandstones. Majority of sandstone company in India are in these two states. In the other states too, the sandstone exporters are rising.

Sandstone rocks are compact, hard, fine grained with a nature of sediment. They are widely used in construction purpose as they are resistant to weather. Buildings and houses are built with sandstones. Additionally, they are also used as a paving material. It is also in creating grindstones for blades sharpening.

Sandstone is also used for flooring purpose. Offices, homes, shopping malls, all prefer sandstone for flooring as it is strong. Sandstone exporter in India produces sandstone products of various shades, patterns and style. It is also used in constructing walls. Red Fort and Hawa Mahal are some bright examples of sandstone. These historical monuments are centuries old and shows how strong sandstones are. Sandstone company in India also export sandstones to other countries.

There is a huge demand for red stones too. Sandstone exporter in India export sandstones to countries like Australia, USA, Japan, Germany, etc. Another important fact about sandstone is that they are high temperature resistant. Therefore, it is used to make beautiful fireplaces.

Sandstone company in India exports high quality sandstones. Additionally, they are affordable too. Stonemart India is one of the most renowned natural stone exporters. Get outstanding service from their team of highly experienced professionals. They offer wide range of products like fountains, birdbaths, statues, stone artifacts and many more. You can get products of limestone, sandstone, marble, granites, etc. Get customized solutions as per your demand.

Stone Mart India invites you to attend Stone Mart 2017 and enjoy Jaipur tour!

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Pink City is without any doubt a preferred tourist location that attracts tourists from all around the world. Jaipur is known for handicrafts, culture, semi precious stones and natural stone exports as well. Yes, after handicrafts, stone export, particularly sandstone export contributes a lot in drawing attention of companies dealing with natural stones from all around the world.

To add feathers in the cap, events like Stone Mart help in bringing together a number of countries involved directly or indirectly with the stone industry. Yes, this time Stone Mart is taking place in Jaipur and the dates are 2-5 Feb 2017. Stone Mart India invites you to attend this magnificent event and enjoy Rajasthan tour to make your visit even more fruitful.

It is important to note during the last Stone Mart, as many as 11 countries participated in the event contributing in generating business of approximately 650 crores. This time, it is anticipated to be more successful with more and more natural stone companies, exporters, importers, stone equipment suppliers joining the event. The companies from countries like Germany, Poland, Vietnam, China, Turkey, France, Italy etc are again anticipated to make this event even more successful.

Stone Mart India– leader in supplying natural stone including sandstone, limestone, slates, marble, quartzite and granite looks forward to meet you to understand your requirements and offer business proposal. It is important to note that, the company with years of experience has undertaken a number of complicated natural stone project works including projects that may appear to be impossible like kitchen slab with cutouts in Jak Blak ( highly fragile material with almost 90% chances of chippings and scratches), radial stair steps in Jak black slates and kitchen top in Kandla Grey sandstone with cutouts.

Also we would like to mention our strong hold in sandstone pavings, including mint natural stone pavings, mint sawn tiles with bottom calibrated, tumbled finish and so on. Similarly, you can expect all finishes in Shivpuri modak, Kandla Grey, Buff Brown, Mandana, Agra Red, Dholpur Beige, Raj Green, Kota Honey, Kota lime, Dessert Brown etc.

Along with the pavings, stair steppings, steppers and stellers, Stone Mart India offers washboards, skirting in slates for countries like Sweden. Moreover, the company even offers stone artifacts including stone planters, wallings, wall stones, cobbles, kerbstones, palisades, stone fountains, stone statues, stone railings, pool copings etc.

So, if you are keen in finding a reliable sandstone manufacturer, supplier or exporter based in Jaipur, Rajasthan to supply you quality sandstone with precision,then Stone Mart India is here to assist you. The company understands the aspect of reliability and strict timeline and hence offers project within the stipulated time frame. To ensure transparency, the company offers images of work in progress to be ensured that the work is going on and there’s no scope of any kind of delay what so ever. In order to avoid any issues, the company offers inhouse inspection services under which you can see your material being checked with proper measurements, showing surface and even the rejected material with chippings or marks. Stone Mart India offers packing without iron strips ( to avoid rusting problem) and makes use of only fumigated wood to overrule any kind of problem. Last but not the least, the company is against any kind of child labor and works on following strict code of conduct. All these factors, contribute in making Stone Mart India- a preferred partner for sandstone supplies.

In order to book your meeting, mail us at info@stonemartindia.com or call at +91-9413348979. We are waiting to receive you at Stone Mart 2017 at Jaipur, India. Welcome to the greatest event of the year- Stone Mart!

Where to get customized natural stone project works in India?

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 Mint sandstone 100 x 20 x 3 cm project work by Stonemart

Are you looking for customized natural stone projects in India that are small but you need to have them at any cost? Yes, sometimes it happens that there are few small projects that are though important, you need to drop the idea just because of non availability of professionals for the task. Well, don’t worry now Stonemart is there to help you out. Yes, here you can expect all kinds of project works in stone, be it thick crazy slabs in slates or really small size pebbles. Not just that, even if you need radial steps in slates or slabs in oversize and thickness that is even possible.

                                                     Jack Black slate wallslabs special size by Stonemart

With over 7 years of experience, Stonemart is catering to the demand of overseas customers from countries like Germany, Sweden, USA, UK, Middle East and Australia. Unlike other natural stone companies in India that put a restriction of specific quantity of specific materials in a container that is not the case with Stonemart. It is the only company in India that allows you to put 4 pallets of mint sandstone, 2 pallets of kandla grey, 6 pallets of washboards of kund multi slates, modak stair steppings, cobbles, extra size slabs with thickness in mint sandstone and what not.

                                         Peacock multi slates 40 x 8x 1.2cm washboards by Stonemart

Do Stonemart offer customized stone projects in domestic market too?

Yes, being a professional natural stone exporter in India, the company even accepts stone projects from India as well. The stone project is first of all discussed by the expert team and outlined with the help of Autocad, once done, it is discussed with the team members who tell how it can be executed in the best possible manner. So, either you are looking for a rock with name and address engraved on it or special cut to size slabs, you can order that at Stonemart.

                                                           Modak Stairstep 100 x 35 x 15 by Stonemart

What all Stonemart offers?
Stonemart is a professional natural stone company based at Jaipur, Rajasthan that is also popular as one of a kind landscaping company in India. Here you can expect complete range of landscaping products like cobbles, pebbles, circles, setts, stone patio packs, gazebo, garden artifacts, statues and monoliths that are very popular in UK. Stonemart supplies rockery slates, slate monoliths in huge quantity and in good size. In addition, stone panels, stone cladding, pavings etc are supplied by Stonemart.

                                                    Kandla Grey sandstone patio pack by Stonemart

Why Stonemart is among the top sandstone suppliers in India?

Although Stonemart offers almost all kinds of natural stones like sandstone, limestone, slates, quartzites, granite and marble, it holds a very good position when it comes to project works and stock of sandstone. Yes, you can get natural, sawn, honed or polished, tumbled, sandsblasted and almost any available finish in sandstone, including mint sandstone, modak sandstone, kandla grey sandstone, buff brown sandstone, teak sandstone, rainbow sandstone ( no tumbled because of less thickness), Raj green sandstone, dessert brown sandstone and so on. This makes us stand among the best sandstone supplying companies not just in Jaipur rather in India.


What makes Stonemart apart from other natural stone companies in India?

Stonemart is one stop destination for getting stones of almost any color, kind and in any finish. Moreover, it is operated by Mr. Swadesh Rohilla who has years of experience working with European market where he was entrusted with the work of quality check and educating Indian suppliers to fulfill the expectations of European market. It is the smooth on time delivery, timely response to customer mails, work with perfection that has made him count among a very few professionals from stone industry who are required to give their views on the development of stone industry in India. When you are dealing with Stonemart, you can be rest assured you will be getting the best quality natural stone, in extraordinary packing and on time. What else you need? What are you waiting for? Mail us your requirements at: info@stonemartindia.com or call +91-9413348979

Sandstone paving applications by natural stone exporter in India

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There is no doubt in the fact that all across the world, the natural stone is preferred the most for  paving applications is sandstone. In origin, the sandstone is grainy and there are number of color palettes and shades in which it is available. When it comes to the outdoor décor, sandstone has way more applications than that compared to the interior decoration applications even though it is fairly used in architectural designing and interior adornment.

There is a great demand of sandstone offered by leading sandstone exporter in India, Stonemart all over the world on account of the charming shades and quality that we offer. Premium quality sandstone articles are offered by us at extremely competitive prices and that too in bulk so as to cater this demand.

For the applications in outdoor, especially paving, sandstone is highly suitable on account of its amazing properties. The surface of sandstone is anti-skid naturally and it is fire resistant as well. This makes it the best pick for the outdoor applications as during the conditions of wet weather, accidents and falls are prevented by this. In addition to this, sandstone is unaffected to harsh weather, durable and its appearance is enhanced by the natural weathering process. It is confirmed by these factors that sandstone is enduring and even after decades of its installation, there is no effect on its appearance and it does not get dull.

Sandstone readily balances with surrounding’s other colorful components on account of its natural and rich shades and to the outdoor spaces, an elegant and classical touch is added by it. Below are some of the most common uses of sandstone supplied by natural stone exports and suppliers in India.

Flooring: The spaces such as balconies, patios, barbeque areas and garden paths etc. can be beautifully decorated with sandstone paving. It can even withstand heavy foot traffic on account of the tough nature. Along with this, without any damage proneness, the heavy statues as well as barbeques could also be hold by sandstone.

Driveways: Usually with sandstone, driveways are constructed in the residential locales. Sandstone can easily bear the moving or standing vehicles load since they are sturdy and rigid in nature. For the purpose of preventing damages due to oil leakages and petrol from vehicles, sandstone must be sealed.

Pool surrounds: when placed around a pool, a captivating look is imparted by sandstone’s natural shade pavers. Since the damages related to water are prevented by sandstone therefore it is chiefly used for pool coping.

Other prevalent uses: sandstones can be used as stepping stones within a garden at different locations or at the property entrance. To make the water features and feature walls as well as to surround the garden beds, use of sandstone is popular.

Wide variety of sandstone articles are used apart from the applications as paving for the purpose of decorating outdoor spaces such as large lawns, front yards, garden and back yards. These are some of the reasons why sandstone offered by Stonemart is regarded as the most versatile natural stone.