Facts and Features About Natural Stone Tiles From Natural Stone Exporter

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In the world of natural stone tiles from best natural stone exporter, there are plentiful items with varying shapes, sizes, patterns, textures, shades, etc. Not all the items are suitable for any project work. Each natural stone tile from quality sandstone supplier in India has its own features and offers some sort of distinct purposed satisfaction with respect to the other tiles. Well, if you are hunting for picking up the most suitable and best tile for your home or office project then you must go through the below facts before making a deal.       

Factual Information

There are many options in flooring tiles so that it meets the desires and needs of each customer. By picking a perfect gorgeous natural stone flooring tiles from best natural stone exporter for your home or office, you will get satisfied and happy for a lifetime experience.

The designs and shades of polished natural stones from best natural stone exporter are mesmerizing. People reaching quality sandstone supplier in India are always benefitted. A thorough knowledge of factory outlets and manufacturing details of natural stone is duly provided by best natural stone exporter in India. Mix and match idea related with natural stone interior or exterior appliance is explained by quality sandstone supplier in India.    

Technical Necessities


A crucial concern, while deciding on selecting natural stone tiles from quality natural stone supplier in India, is the strength of tiles which will eventually figure out the durability and application. The strength and stiffness of a tile is rated as per the PEI scale which usually ranges from 1 to 5. A PEI rating only helps to determine the hardness and nothing else. Tiles, having PEI rating as 1, are still stiff and solid to touch but not as thick as PEI of 5.

The Tiles with PEI rating as 1 are best suited for wall applications. Though they are weak but with beautiful appeal.

The tiles with PEI rating as 2 are appropriate for very light weighted traffic area. These tiles are not fit for entryways, walkways or kitchen areas.

The tiles with PEI rating 3 are fit for residential and commercial utilization. These tiles are best for the office areas, interior walls, hallways, etc.

The tiles with PEI rating 4 are most prominent tiles for usual traffic areas. As these tiles are durable, they are suitable for schools, homes, business showrooms etc. any indoor or outdoor application.

The tiles with PEI rating 5 are the most durable tiles providing benefits in the industrial floors with heavy amount of traffic.

Slip Resistance

Best Natural stone exporter offers some suggestions related to natural stones tile features to its clients. Simply by making a judgment based on PEI rating is not enough. You must even go through other specifications such as research on slip resistance of tile. It is sensible to pick up very high slip resistance tiles for the commercial fixings.

In order to estimate slip resistance of tile, you need 2 rating systems.

Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF)

This is an old and traditional way to evaluate slip resistance of tiles. Sometimes, this measurement proves to be inaccurate as it determines the slip resistance of tile when it is stationary (standing still). Due to inaccuracy, quality sandstone supplier in India prefers the other method which is given below.

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF)

This is the latest and popular method as the accuracy in measurement is high. This method is estimated in the technique which is more obviously stands for a human stride. For selecting tiles for wet fields such as bathrooms and pools, this method is fundamentally significant.

Best natural stone exporter gives tips and advices to its consumers regarding all the characteristics and properties of natural stone collection. The catalogue offered by quality sandstone supplier in India can satisfy the hunger of any shopaholic customer. Contact Stonemart India for stunning and affordable products.

White Sandstone By Sandstone Exporters In India And Its Advantages

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Ever imagined how floor finishing is done? For interior and exterior designing, one of the crucial things to consider is floor finishing. Other than giving artistic beauty to the flooring, there are many other factors to be considered, which is not the same in the case of walls and ceilings. The performance and persistence are the most important thing taken care of during floor finishing by sandstone exporters in India.

The best thing is, designers have many options of materials for floor finishing to choose from. These materials are both beautiful and durable. However, the suppliers must choose the best material for flooring, which is a difficult task to do. Sandstone supplier in India make sure they select the best material.

Sandstone is a widely used product for flooring. It is composed of rock grains and tiny mineral. The most commonly found minerals on Earth’s surface are quartz and feldspar, which make them the most common component of sandstone. Best thing about sandstone is that it is weather resistant as it is composed by nature. Additionally, sandstones can be found in various colors, the most common ones being white and yellow, white, and brown and yellowish shade. Fossil patterns are found on sandstone with exclusive print and design on it as it is composed in in-land rivers and lakes. Therefore, Sandstone exporters in India use different types of sandstones.

Sandstone exporters in India extract sandstones from the deposit. The sandstones are extremely popular and in have huge demand all over the world. Large blocks of sandstones are extracted which is then finished for various applications. The Sandstone exporters in India construct variety of sandstone products such as benches, archways, large columns, door surrounds, etc.

Golden Palimo, Green Sandstone, White Sandstone, and Yellow Palimanan are some typical varieties of sandstone. Golden Palimo has smooth and neat surface as it has tiny particles. Yellow Palimanan also has small particles but it is more yellow as compared to Golden Palimo. Similarly, Green sandstone also has tiny particles and unlike others, it is green in color. White Palimo has a creamy white color. The Sandstone supplier in India use sandstones for flooring, pool coping, and impressive wall application. Honed, sawn cut and bush hammered are different finishing types they are available in. White Palimo and White Sandstone are most popular sandstones used by Sandstone supplier in India.

Stonemart India is a Sandstone supplier in India, their excellent team of experts craft stunning sandstone products that would definitely enhance the beauty of your house.

Stone Mart India invites you to attend Stone Mart 2017 and enjoy Jaipur tour!

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Pink City is without any doubt a preferred tourist location that attracts tourists from all around the world. Jaipur is known for handicrafts, culture, semi precious stones and natural stone exports as well. Yes, after handicrafts, stone export, particularly sandstone export contributes a lot in drawing attention of companies dealing with natural stones from all around the world.

To add feathers in the cap, events like Stone Mart help in bringing together a number of countries involved directly or indirectly with the stone industry. Yes, this time Stone Mart is taking place in Jaipur and the dates are 2-5 Feb 2017. Stone Mart India invites you to attend this magnificent event and enjoy Rajasthan tour to make your visit even more fruitful.

It is important to note during the last Stone Mart, as many as 11 countries participated in the event contributing in generating business of approximately 650 crores. This time, it is anticipated to be more successful with more and more natural stone companies, exporters, importers, stone equipment suppliers joining the event. The companies from countries like Germany, Poland, Vietnam, China, Turkey, France, Italy etc are again anticipated to make this event even more successful.

Stone Mart India– leader in supplying natural stone including sandstone, limestone, slates, marble, quartzite and granite looks forward to meet you to understand your requirements and offer business proposal. It is important to note that, the company with years of experience has undertaken a number of complicated natural stone project works including projects that may appear to be impossible like kitchen slab with cutouts in Jak Blak ( highly fragile material with almost 90% chances of chippings and scratches), radial stair steps in Jak black slates and kitchen top in Kandla Grey sandstone with cutouts.

Also we would like to mention our strong hold in sandstone pavings, including mint natural stone pavings, mint sawn tiles with bottom calibrated, tumbled finish and so on. Similarly, you can expect all finishes in Shivpuri modak, Kandla Grey, Buff Brown, Mandana, Agra Red, Dholpur Beige, Raj Green, Kota Honey, Kota lime, Dessert Brown etc.

Along with the pavings, stair steppings, steppers and stellers, Stone Mart India offers washboards, skirting in slates for countries like Sweden. Moreover, the company even offers stone artifacts including stone planters, wallings, wall stones, cobbles, kerbstones, palisades, stone fountains, stone statues, stone railings, pool copings etc.

So, if you are keen in finding a reliable sandstone manufacturer, supplier or exporter based in Jaipur, Rajasthan to supply you quality sandstone with precision,then Stone Mart India is here to assist you. The company understands the aspect of reliability and strict timeline and hence offers project within the stipulated time frame. To ensure transparency, the company offers images of work in progress to be ensured that the work is going on and there’s no scope of any kind of delay what so ever. In order to avoid any issues, the company offers inhouse inspection services under which you can see your material being checked with proper measurements, showing surface and even the rejected material with chippings or marks. Stone Mart India offers packing without iron strips ( to avoid rusting problem) and makes use of only fumigated wood to overrule any kind of problem. Last but not the least, the company is against any kind of child labor and works on following strict code of conduct. All these factors, contribute in making Stone Mart India- a preferred partner for sandstone supplies.

In order to book your meeting, mail us at info@stonemartindia.com or call at +91-9413348979. We are waiting to receive you at Stone Mart 2017 at Jaipur, India. Welcome to the greatest event of the year- Stone Mart!

Where to get customized natural stone project works in India?

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 Mint sandstone 100 x 20 x 3 cm project work by Stonemart

Are you looking for customized natural stone projects in India that are small but you need to have them at any cost? Yes, sometimes it happens that there are few small projects that are though important, you need to drop the idea just because of non availability of professionals for the task. Well, don’t worry now Stonemart is there to help you out. Yes, here you can expect all kinds of project works in stone, be it thick crazy slabs in slates or really small size pebbles. Not just that, even if you need radial steps in slates or slabs in oversize and thickness that is even possible.

                                                     Jack Black slate wallslabs special size by Stonemart

With over 7 years of experience, Stonemart is catering to the demand of overseas customers from countries like Germany, Sweden, USA, UK, Middle East and Australia. Unlike other natural stone companies in India that put a restriction of specific quantity of specific materials in a container that is not the case with Stonemart. It is the only company in India that allows you to put 4 pallets of mint sandstone, 2 pallets of kandla grey, 6 pallets of washboards of kund multi slates, modak stair steppings, cobbles, extra size slabs with thickness in mint sandstone and what not.

                                         Peacock multi slates 40 x 8x 1.2cm washboards by Stonemart

Do Stonemart offer customized stone projects in domestic market too?

Yes, being a professional natural stone exporter in India, the company even accepts stone projects from India as well. The stone project is first of all discussed by the expert team and outlined with the help of Autocad, once done, it is discussed with the team members who tell how it can be executed in the best possible manner. So, either you are looking for a rock with name and address engraved on it or special cut to size slabs, you can order that at Stonemart.

                                                           Modak Stairstep 100 x 35 x 15 by Stonemart

What all Stonemart offers?
Stonemart is a professional natural stone company based at Jaipur, Rajasthan that is also popular as one of a kind landscaping company in India. Here you can expect complete range of landscaping products like cobbles, pebbles, circles, setts, stone patio packs, gazebo, garden artifacts, statues and monoliths that are very popular in UK. Stonemart supplies rockery slates, slate monoliths in huge quantity and in good size. In addition, stone panels, stone cladding, pavings etc are supplied by Stonemart.

                                                    Kandla Grey sandstone patio pack by Stonemart

Why Stonemart is among the top sandstone suppliers in India?

Although Stonemart offers almost all kinds of natural stones like sandstone, limestone, slates, quartzites, granite and marble, it holds a very good position when it comes to project works and stock of sandstone. Yes, you can get natural, sawn, honed or polished, tumbled, sandsblasted and almost any available finish in sandstone, including mint sandstone, modak sandstone, kandla grey sandstone, buff brown sandstone, teak sandstone, rainbow sandstone ( no tumbled because of less thickness), Raj green sandstone, dessert brown sandstone and so on. This makes us stand among the best sandstone supplying companies not just in Jaipur rather in India.


What makes Stonemart apart from other natural stone companies in India?

Stonemart is one stop destination for getting stones of almost any color, kind and in any finish. Moreover, it is operated by Mr. Swadesh Rohilla who has years of experience working with European market where he was entrusted with the work of quality check and educating Indian suppliers to fulfill the expectations of European market. It is the smooth on time delivery, timely response to customer mails, work with perfection that has made him count among a very few professionals from stone industry who are required to give their views on the development of stone industry in India. When you are dealing with Stonemart, you can be rest assured you will be getting the best quality natural stone, in extraordinary packing and on time. What else you need? What are you waiting for? Mail us your requirements at: info@stonemartindia.com or call +91-9413348979