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Teakwood sandstone is a creamish-colored sandstone which is fine-grained and comes in beautiful patterns formed by brown veins spread on its surface. There is a brownish color wooden finish kind thing which looks similar to that of aged wood. When used with sandblasting / bush hammered surface, this sandstone gives a luxurious feel.

This teakwood sandstone has a soft texture and extraordinarily smooth surface. Hence it does not require good polish and therefore is used in making garden ornaments. They also make an ideal use for interior as well as exterior flooring both in residences as well as commercial places. These blocks of teakwood sandstones are calibrated and then cut to exact size as required by the clients.

They are classified under the category of Sand Stone. They are also offered in Steps, Palisades, Block, Slab and Tiles etc. The different finishes offered to them are Sawn, Sandblasted, Honed, Polished, Brushed, Bushhammered, Vibrated and Tumbled.

The tailor-made specifications are possible and the carved articles enjoy polished on honed finish. They find recommended applications in interiors. There is a consistent variation seen in its color as per the pictures. It takes 3-4 weeks for standard material to be transported while for non standard sizes, it depends on the the kind of size and finish required.


They are available in all Side Sawn Tiles, Slabs, Profile Tiles, Gangsaw Slabs, Teakwood in process an Gangsaw Slabs Teakwood.
The different tile sizes are available in 6″ X 6”, 12″ X 12”, 16″ X 16”, 12″ X 24” and 24″ X 24”.

Teakwood flagstone

Teakwood Sandstone Paving

Teakwood Sandstone Stair Stepping

Teakwood Sandstone Walling

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