Things to Take Care While Ordering Buddha Statues Online

22 Inch Buddha Statue In Meditation Mudra

Your decision to purchase a stone carved Buddha statue might be dependent on various factors. Some people bring the Buddha statue home due to vastu reasons, or as an ornamental sculpture, while others to bring peace and tranquillity to their lives.

In the modern times, the accessibility to online stores have made shopping convenient for the customers in any part of the world. They can simply explore the videos and images, enlarge the photos to observe the texture designs and polished surface in detail. They can choose the most desired items, make the payment through a secured portal, and wait for a safe and secured delivery at the provided address.

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The whole process of ordering the Buddha stone statue for home online can turn out to be quick and hassle-free if you end up on the landing page of the most trusted manufacturer and supplier online. But there are a few things that you can take care at your own level to make sure that you do not get cheated in either one way or the other. Let us look at those points one by one –

3 Feet Marble Buddha Statue In Abhaya Mudra - Stonemart
  • Fully Cast, Not Hollow: Whichever Buddha stone statue that you are ordering is ought to be naturally strong, fully cast, and robust. Never go for the sculptures that are hollow from inside. If it is heavy and extracted out of the natural stone, then it will turn out to be weather-resistant and more durable in nature.
  • Hand-carved: The hand-carved Gautam Buddha statue is more quality-oriented and trustworthy in comparison of the stone statues that are carved out of artificial machines. The usage of machines somehow leaves invisible dents and cracks that adversely affect the life of the statue. Only order from the destinations that are specialised in the work from generation to generation. For example, when you are ordering Buddha statue online India, then make sure that it is prepared in the Indian state of Odisha.
  • Free of Impurities: The durability of the Buddha statue purchased is directly proportional to the quality of the natural stone used. It is strongly recommended to order a stone statue that is made from 100% natural stone and does not carry any sort of catalyst or by-product mixed whatsoever.
  • No Cheap Imports: Never make purchase from an online or offline store that offers you the statue made from resin, ceramic, wood, or plastic. You can find several deals online where what you import from outside turns out to be utterly different from what had been displayed online. Confirm your order after ensuring that the site does feature strong customer ratings and reviews.
  • Safe Dispatch: After confirming the Buddha statue for sale, please make sure that it gets delivered in a wooden crate with a bubble wrap to ensure proper safety of the order at the time of delivery. Please contact and confirm from your supplier about the same in advance, while making the order.

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2 Feet Meditation Buddha Statue

We hope the points that we discussed above would have helped you to make better decisions related to the purchase for the time being. Reach Buddha statues to come across the finest collection of Buddha statues with 100% authentic, quality assurance and legitimate prices. Order now!

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