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Stone Birdbath

Planning something different for your garden? People have misconception that only big garden have possibilities for extraordinary decoration. Here you will get to know top 10 garden décor ideas or tips that go well with even a small garden. Additionally, these garden decoration ideas won’t go high on your pocket. That’s a promise from Stonemart. Let’s see how you can make your garden beautiful and where to find garden décor products in India.

1.5-Feet-Stone-Buddha-With-Garland - Stonemart

  1. Plan a Zen Garden with Zen Garden accessories or products from Stonemart, India :

Even if you have a space of 10 * 5 Feets, then too you can give a great look to that small space. Yes, you can prepare a Zen Garden. Here you can make use of very small Buddha Statue ( less than 12 inches), some plants, Stone chips, pebbles and stone fountain. The best part with Zen garden is that, it looks great as you have all elements statue, fountain, plants, decorative together.

Sphere Fountain - Stonemart

2. Buy a beautiful Stone fountain for your home or garden ( outdoor) balcony, terrace: 

Gone are the days when it was difficult to afford a durable fountain that is made out of stone. Earlier the only option was resin fountain or artificial fountains out of fiber that were not at all good for outdoors and get destroyed in a couple of days or months. Today, you can buy garden fountains that are highly durable and even affordable. A decent 2 feet fountain may cost INR 10,000/- – INR 50,000/- including shipping cost. Guess that’s indeed a good deal when that fountain is likely to work for more than 30-40 years or even more.Rainbow Boulder Planter For Balcony Garden - Stonemart

3. Give an extraordinary look with stone planters:

Earthen pots look good but they are used in almost any garden in India. Have you noticed gardens in UK, USA or other countries? You get carried away by urns and pots and feel that’s because of the climate or because of good purchasing power of the people. But that’s not correct. It’s because they want to have these planters as they are the real admirers of stone art. Now, you can also make use of these beautiful stone urns and pots ( planters) and give an extraordinary look to your garden. You may feel stone planters a bit expensive but just multiply them with number of years you can use them without any issue. Not to mention, the look and feel you get from stone planters, urns and pots is beyond words.

rainbow curved benches-StoneMartIndia

4. Place garden furniture, sittings / seating and benches:

Again, garden seating or benches is not just for big gardens. Even for a small garden, you need a seating arrangement and imagine what else could be better than stone furniture that could withstand rain, summer, winter and remain in the same look and feel. A small 2 seater stone bench would cost approx INR 10,000/- Don’t you think this is much cheaper as compared to wooden or wrought iron bench that may have issue with rain, rust and termite.

Stone Statue Of Dancing Lady

5. Stone statues or sculptures for your garden, rooftop garden or balcony garden:

Gardens with stone statues or stone sculptures are truly great. You must have noticed beautiful statues or stone sculptures and must have admired the stone art. However, you feel those statues are expensive and so you just can’t afford the one for your garden. But again, its a myth. Today, you can have stone statues starting with INR 25000/- only and that’s isn’t a big amount keeping in mind the longevity of the statue and the appreciation your garden would get from everyone. You can easily afford such statues by paying emi of say 5000 per month and that way in 5 months the statue would be completely yours. You can order stone statues or stone sculptures online from Stonemart India.

SMI Stone Animals And Birds 001

6. Go for stone artifacts, stone animals, stone birds etc for your small garden from Stonemartindia:

Yes, if you can afford a nice stone duck for INR 5000/- or a turtle for such a price, then where’s the big deal? Its a piece of stone art and could actually make a difference for your garden. Again, here you are not required to go for ceramic or resin or fiber miniatures or animals, rather you can order stone animals, reptiles or other stone artifacts to make your garden look beautiful. As stated earlier too, its not at all expensive and what all required is a proper planning.

Stone Birdbaths For Garden

7. Place beautiful bird baths in your garden, rooftop or balcony:

Matters not you are living in an apartment or have a small space garden, you can easily arrange a space for a beautiful 2 feet bird bath out of stone. Yes, placing any earthen pot or utensil would help bird quench their thirst, but have you even noticed a bird taking a dip in such utensils? Well the answer is no, since birds are afraid of depth and so, what maximum they could do is to put their beak and soak water in there. As contrary to that, stone bird baths are manufactured in such a way, that the same depth is maintained from the outer edge to the inner part. That depth is sufficient to keep water for a day or two and birds can stand and play in water and get rid of summers. Unlike cast stone, stone bird baths are natural and highly durable, along with being so beautiful.

Monolith Outdoor Fountain - Stonemart

8. Beautify your small, medium or big garden with monoliths:

Monoliths help a lot in giving a natural look to any garden and makes it so attractive that you would love spending time in your garden again and again. Stone monoliths are available in various sizes and shapes and so you can place them anywhere in garden, balcony or even terrace. Generally, people feel that big rocks of stone constitute monoliths, but again that’s not true. Monoliths are available in the form of 6-8 inches thick pillars too that can be installed in less space with ease.

Rainbow sandstone pebbles

9. Make use of stone pebbles, stone chips and cobbles:

Stone pebbles, stone chips and cobbles are very common, cheap and best in changing the overall look and feel of any garden, small space or corner of your balcony. You can make beautiful arrangement by using sandstone, marble, granite or natural river pebbles. Same is the case with slate chips, cobbles that look so beautiful that any pattern would go with them.

Buddha Dhyana Mudra Stone Statue

10. Beautify your garden with special bonsai planters, Buddha Stone statues and other stone artifacts:

Though we have included stone statues and sculptures in above list, the role of Buddha Stone statue is beyond words. Yes, today most of the gardens are beautified with stone Buddha statues that are known for bringing positive vibes and peace in the surroundings. You can meditate, do yoga or enjoy light music while sitting in your garden with a small, medium or large Buddha stone statue. Similarly you can use stone planters for bonsai ( not ceramic) that are unique, long lasting and best for bonsai plants.

So, the above mentioned are the top 10 garden décor ideas to make your garden beautiful. You can apply these top 10 tips to decorate your garden yourself without engaging a landscaping expert. Also now if you wish to know from where to buy all these stone products, then just one destination is sufficient to stop your search. Yes that’s Stonemart, India. You can have a Live chat or whastapp at +91-9413348979 or mail at and you will get all products within your budget, delivered to your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Visit now and have a look at products offered by the company.

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