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Pot Planter

The ringing bells could be heard everywhere as the wedding season is on our breezy and warm doorsteps. For all the couples, here is the list of top 10 gift ideas for wedding that are unique and set as best gift for the loved ones on their D day.

Ball Fountain


Love is in the air and this ball fountain by StoneMart is the perfect pick to be gifted on wedding. Couples can enjoy the soothing sound of water from this ball fountain that serves as best item for interior décor.

Buddha face statue


This small Buddha face statue is the best item to be gifted on wedding as the blessing for a happy and contented wedding life. Gift it to your dear couples extending your blessings for their wedding life full of fun, prosperity and love.

Buddha statue


This is yet another master piece by StoneMart that you can buy as a wedding gift for the soon to be couple.

Ganesha Statue

Ganesha Statue


What could be better than the blessings of Lord in the beginning of a new life? This Ganesha statue by StoneMart serves as the perfect wedding gift to bless the couple with a happy and full of love wedding life.

Heart shape planter


Gift the symbol of love-heart to the couple that spreads the vibes of love and positivity in their life. This heart shape planter not just serves as symbol of love but also brings goodness of nature in the form of beautiful plants and flowers planted in it.

Teak Sandstone Duck


This cute teak sandstone duck can serve to be a unique wedding gift to your loved ones so that they can remember your love every time with the sight of this stone masterpiece from StoneMart.

Teak Sandstone Birds


Gift these teak sandstone birds to the lovebirds and bless them with a wedding life filled with love, happiness and togetherness just like this pair of birds.

Stone frog


These small stone frogs not just look cute but can also add brilliance to the interior as well as garden décor. So take this unique wedding gift for the couple that serves as the perfect pick in the start of a new life.

Woodlog Rainbow Sandstone Planter


This is another wonderful wedding gift idea that you can give to the couples. In this, they can plant beautiful flowers that fill positivity and love in the environment.

Bonsai planter


Bonsai plants are considered to bring good luck and success. So this small and beautiful looking bonsai planter by Stone Mart can serve as the perfect gift for the newlywed couple to bless them with luck and success in life.


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