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Marbles are very popular and are used for various applications. Most natural stone company in India manufacture beautiful and attractive marble products. Marble is a popular natural stone that is used by most natural stone exporter in India. Marble can be used at various corners of your house, be it your kitchen countertop or bathroom floor.

But you need to take proper care of marble otherwise they will wear out. According to experts of most natural stone company in India, people have a misconception that marble can be cleaned just like any other natural stone, but that’s not true. Marbles are softer stone and easily get stain, chemical etching, etc.

Follow the below methods to take proper care of marble –

Cleaning schedule:

It is important to clean the marble surface regularly. It can get tarnished by rubbing of dirt and sand. If the marble surface becomes wet, it needs to be wiped immediately as it is susceptible to water.

As per the experts of natural stone exporter in India, avoid using any acidic solution like vinegar to clean marble as it may cause chemical etching. Use detergent or PH neutral soaps.

Spills should be taken care of:

Any acidic substance like juice, soft drinks, etc. if spilled over the marble surface, must be cleaned immediately. The experts of natural stone exporter in India recommends blotting and absorb the area instead rubbing and wiping with the help of a soft towel.

Don’t place heavy objects on marble:

Marbles are soft and fragile. They get easily scratched by metals. The experts from natural stone exporter in India advices to not place hot and heavy objects on the marble surface.

Polish marble regularly:

To sustain the life of marble, it is recommended by most natural stone company in India to polish it regularly. You can take help from experts of natural stone exporter in India for this. There are many polishers available in market. This polish acts as a protective layer and keeps the marble safe from stains and spots.

Restore marble:

Get affordable market restoration services from experts of natural stone company in India. You can also purchase cleaning kits that contains almost everything that you need to clean marble. Marble is soft as compared to other natural stones. Therefore, it is important that you are well educated about the right cleaning procedure to make it last for many years.

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