Ways To Maintain Granite Countertops

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Granite is a popular natural stone that is widely used in bathroom and kitchen flooring and countertops. Granite are more durable than marble and you can easily care granite floors and countertops. Most natural stone company in India manufactures high quality granite products that are cheap and effective. They are available in various color and design. Natural stone exporter in India exports granite to many countries across the globe.

Granites are formed naturally. It is available in many colors such as pink, grey, black and much more. According to most natural stone company in India, it is easy to maintain, therefore people prefer using it in their kitchens and bathrooms.

About Granite:

Granites are found in various colors because of the minerals in rock that are found naturally. Granites are found in many regions around the world. Therefore, its unique property depends on the region in which they are formed. Natural stone exporter in India exports variety of natural stone products.

One of the main components of granite is quartz crystal, additionally it also has mica, copper, iron and some other metals. Some granite also has silver or gold. All of these together form hard stone by getting pressure and heat. Minerals are added in granite by rain. The formation of granite depends on the region where it is formed. Most natural stone exporter in India exports stunning granite products. Natural stone company in India generates authentic granite products.

Taking Care of Granite:

The best quality of granite is that they are resistant to scratch, stain and heat. It is very durable, and you do not need to worry about replacing it in every couple of years. You still need to care about it to make it last for a lifetime. Natural stone exporter in India have professionals who advice to clean it regularly.

Natural stone company in India applies sealant coating that keeps the granite stain free. This coating also protects it from getting porous.

As it is scratch resistant, it does not show much wear and tear. But if not used properly, it can get scratches.

Granite is also resistant to heat, but you must take care of it. For example, you can place a thick towel under a hot bowl when placing it on the granite countertop. Experts from natural stone exporter in India can help you keep the countertops clean.

Proper care will make the granite last for several years. Clean it on a regular basis with a mild cleaning soap or solution.

Why Should You Use Granite?

It is one of the most popular natural stone that is attractive, beautiful and durable. It can be protected by heat, scratch and stain if properly sealed. If you clean it regularly and take proper care, it will last forever.

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